1886 Free Press

February 28th  – Claim for Wages

Thomas Jones (who did not appear) was summoned for no-payment of £1 12s 6d money alleged to be due to George Church of Goytrey, for work done. The time elapsing between the service of the summons and the court day not being sufficient, the case was adjourned to allow of the defendant being summoned again.

March 5th
For sale, Tartarian seed oats – apply to Mr John Jenkins, Farm Bailiff, Goytrey.

March 12th

A very successful entertainment (the second since Christmas) was held at Saron Baptist Chapel, o Thursday evening the 4th inst., when the following programme was very efficiently rendered:- Prayers; anthem by the choir; recitation, Charles Evans; song, Mrs Evans; recitation, Annie Jones; recitation Eva Edmunds; quartet, Miss Carpenter and party; recitation, John Edmunds; recitation, Willie Evans; anthem, Choir; recitation, Polly Williams; recitation, Willie Francis; song, Miss Morgan; recitation, Ellen Davies; recitation, James Edmunds; song, Miss Carpenter; recitation, Annie Jones; anthem, Choir; recitation, Eva Edmunds; quartet, Miss Carpenter and party; song, Mrs Evans; anthem, Choir; The accompaniments were Miss Carpenter and Mr Wilks, jun. Despite the severity of the weather, the chapel was well filled and a very enjoyable evening was spent. The performance reflected on the teachers and scholars of the Sunday school, which is now i a flourishing condition. A good collection was made towards the funds. The meeting was presided over by the pastor, the Revd. W. G. Vaughan.

April 2nd

On Monday evening a concert was held in the Goytrey British School, when, notwithstanding the unfavourable state of the weather, the room was fairly well filled. Col. Byrde occupied the chair. Although the programme was unusually long, the interest of the audience was kept up throughout. The performers acquitted themselves admirably and the committee feel deeply obliged to them for their kind services.

The concert consisted of glees by the Goytrey choir, and duets in which the following ladies and gentlemen took part:- The Misses Hunt; Henry Williams, Pontypool; Redfero and Collier, the Rev. C H Cook, Messrs Lawrence, Hill, W Byrde, Wilks, Walkley, G. Meyrick and Eos Ondu.

A little variety was caused by a humorous dialogue by Miss R Wilks and party; and amusing recitation by Miss L Evans; and a violin solo by Mr England. The accompanists for the evening were Mrs Alexander, Miss A Byrde, Messrs Lawrence, England and J Wilks. The choir was ably conducted by Mr. W Wilks.

April 9th

On Monday last, an inquest was held at the Old Stores Goytrey by Mr E. D. Batt, coroner, respecting the deaths of David and Elizabeth, the infant children of Thomas Morgan, roadsman of Goytrey. The children were twins and died suddenly on the 4th inst., one having lived 28 and the other 49 hours. A verdict of “prematurely born” was returned by the jury.

April 16th – Affiliation Case

Thomas Roberts, Penystair Farm, Goytrey, was summoned to show why he should not pay towards the support of the illegitimate child of Ann Neate, of which he was alleged to be the father. It appeared that the complainant lived at Elm Tree Cottage, Goytrey, about half a mile from the residence of the defendant, who is an elderly married man. The complainant stated that he had promised to contribute towards the child’s maintenance, and had offered her £20 if she would go to a place in Newport which he would procure for her, so no one should know where she was. He gave her 5s to provide clothing for the child, and on the night of her confinement gave her half a pint of whiskey, at the same time promising to bring her some brandy the next time he went to Newport.

The defendant was her brother-in-law. The defendant called his wife, Martha Roberts, who proved that on May 15th last (a day on which the complainant alleged he was in her company) she and her husband went with their family to Abergavenny to see a daughter who was in the asylum. Defendant did not get out of the cart either coming or going. – The bench dismissed the case for want of corroborative evidence; but the complainant was given to understand that, if she could summon fresh witnessess to her aid she was at liberty to make a second application to the court.

April 30th

On Thursday week the mortal remains of the Rev. Thomas Evans who had been for about forty years the esteemed rector of the parish, were interred in the church, which was suitable draped in black cloth for the melancholy occasion. Though the funeral was a strictly private one, the sacred edifice was filled by the sorrowing parishioners, who desired to pay their last tribute of respect to the memory of their departed rector.

The service, which was fully choral, was conducted by the Rev. P. Powell, Mr W.H. Haskins of Pontypool, officiating as the organist.

The chief mourners were Mrs Evans, the Misses Evans and Dr. French. The coffin was covered with numerous choice wreaths. The funeral arrangements, which were efficiently carried out, were trusted to Mr E. Fowler of Pontypool, who was assisted by Mr T.H. Lewis and Mr H. Evans, builder.

June 11th – Rate Case

John Rosser (who did not appear) was summoned for non-payment of £1 19s 71/2 poor rates due to the overseers of Goytrey. Mr Gwatkin, assistant overseer, proved the case. The bench made an order of payment of £1 in a month, the remainder to be remitted.

July 23rd  – School Attendance Cases

Joseph Williams, of Goytrey (whose wife appeared) was summoned for not sending his child to school, Mr R. Derrett gave evidence, an order already having been made on the defendant, he was now directed to pay the costs 5s and to send the child regularly in future.

William Prosser of Goytrey was similarly summoned; the usual order being made.

James Rosser (no appearance) and Mary Watkins, both of Goytrey were also summoned in respect of the non-attendance at school of their children. – Having been ordered to send their children previously, they were now fined 5s each.

August 27th – Before the Rev J.C. Llewellin – Orchard Robbers

John Powell and William Reed of Abersychan were charged with stealing a quantity of pears the property of Richard Hewlett, at Goytrey on Sunday. – PC Davies said that, in consequence of complaints he and prosecutor were watching at 3 o’clock on Sunday morning in one of the orchards some distance from the house. They saw the prisoners, with three other men come out of the orchard and go into another orchard. In about an hour’s time they came out with a quantity of small pears in their possession which were identified by prosecutor as his property. –

Prosecutor gave corroborative evidence and stated that he had suffered great loss on the past three Sundays by gangs of men pillaging the orchards and damaging the trees. – Prisoners said they had picked up pears on the road.

Superintendant Whitfield said Reed had been twice previously before the court. Prisoners were fined 10s each or 7 days hard labour, and were warned that if they were again brought before the Bench they would be more severely punished.

October 15th – Non-payment of poor rate

Thomas Roberts, farmer Goytrey, was summoned for non-payment of £3 6s 3d, arrears of poor rates due to the overseers of the parish of Goytrey. – Defendant was represented by his wife, who stated that she only disputed certain arrears amounting to 19s 8d, the property in respect of which was levied having been assessed at £8 per annum when the rental was only £6. – The assistant overseer said the defendant occupied two premises in Goytrey and one of these, it is true, had been too highly assessed; therefore he did not press for payment of the sum of 19s 8d which was disputed, being content with an order for the balance. – The Bench made an order for payment of £2 6s 7d in a fortnight.

James Rosser (no appearance) was summoned for non-payment of £2 6s 7d, poor rates due to the overseers of the parish of Goytrey. – An order for payment was made.


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