Well Poisoning 1876


The Chairman wished to call the attention of the Superintendent of Police to a proclamation the address of which “Town Hall, Pontypool, had led to the supposition that it had the authority of this Court, and he wished it to be understood that this was not the case.

Mr Phillips was taken unawares, not having known anything of the matter till he had heard it from the chairman.

Mr M’Intosh, “ shall I publicly explain to you? my office is in the Town Hall.

After a few more remarks, in which the word “diabolical” was quoted from the proclamation.

Mr M’Intosh said he could give an explanation if they required it, and continued “Am I to explain now.”

The Chairman:

“You had better defer the explanation.”

Later on during the sitting the magistrate retired and invited Mr M’Intosh into their private room.

On the magistrate’s return into court, the Chairman, {Col. Byrde} said that having ascertained that the bill was issued under instruction there could be no doubt the superintendent was quite justified in issuing the bill, and no reflection could be cast upon him.


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