1881 Free Press

January 7th
Funeral of the Rev. Isaac Richards of Goytrey.

On Tuesday last the remains of the beloved pastor of Saron Chapel were conveyed to their last resting place in the graveyard attached to the chapel, attended by a large concourse of relatives and friends.
Some two weeks ago he was attacked with pleurisy and bronchitis, which led to inflammation and caused his death.

April 29th – To Let
A very good cottage residence and excellent garden, with or without land, of the Upper Village, Goytrey, vacant on 11th May next: – apply at Nantyderry House.

May 6th – Goytrey
On Thursday evening, the 28th ult, the last of the winter series of entertainments, for the benefit of the day school, was given.
The programme was of superior merit and every one of the performers did their part well.
The “Laughing Song“ sung by Mr Vaughan of Pontypool, caused roars of laughter.
The accompanists were Miss A Byrde and Mr H J England.
The object of these concerts is two-fold, to train the younger generations of the parish in music and to amuse the elder, and also to support the day school of the parish, there being no other qualified school near.

July 15th To Be Let
Railway Inn, Nantyderry.
A Cottage and garden at the Upper Village, near Ty Cook in Goytrey. Rent £1 a year, apply to Mr Ralph, Nantyderry refreshment rooms.

September 16th – Goytre
The annual tea meeting in connection with Saron Baptist Church was held on Thursday week. The weather was not very favourable.

September 21st The Alleged Fraudulent Bankruptcy Case
Edward Jenkins, farmer, Goytrey (on bail since August 19th) was charged with an offence under the debtors act – that his late bankruptcy was a fraudulent one.
On the report of Mr J H George, which stated that in his opinion prisoner withheld some of his goods and removed, or caused to be removed, some of his property.
He subsequently applied to the court for an order to prosecute Jenkins.

October 3rd – A Light Penalty
Alexander Edgar was charged with cruelly ill-treating a horse by working it in an unfit condition on the 20th August.
PC Basham said that on that date the animal was passing the police station. The off fore foot was badly swollen about the fetlock and there was also a large sand-crack in the hoof.
The mare was in great pain and flinched every time she put her foot to the ground.
Supt. Whitfield and Insp. Fair of the RSPCA corroborated, the latter stating that the mare was totally unfit for work of any kind, since to walk on soft ground caused her pain independent of any load behind her.
The Bench having viewed the matter a fine of 10s was imposed.

October 21st Parkybrain Farm
Within one mile of Nantyderry Station and Midway between Abergavenny and Pontypool.
Highly attractive sale of high class farming stock, implements etc.
Messrs Phillpot & Wingfield have been favoured with instruction to sell by auction by the executors of the late Mr Edward Charles, upon the above farm on Tuesday the 10th day of November 1881.

Well selected farming stock.
Pure Bred Hereford Cattle:

8 Hereford cows in calf – Curly, Tulip, Blossom, Dairy-Maid, Brownie, Cherry, Primrose and Beauty.
2 three year old heifers in calf;
2 two year old heifers;
2 ditto steers;
6 ditto yearlings;
2 year old bull;
yearling bull;

Chestnut horse, over age, Captain;
Mare in foal, aged, Darby;
Ditto 3 off;
Bunting, ditto, aged;
Very useful cob mare in foal;
2 horse colts, not broken;
yearling horse colt, ditto, Sucker;

Sow and 6 pigs;

Root Crops:
Three acres swedes;
Half acre turnips;
1.1/2 acres mangolds;

Hay and Clover:
2 ricks of prime clover, about 30 tons;
ditto, lattermath about 10 tons;
Rick of well ended hay, about 12 tons;
Rick of black oats;
Ditto barley;
Bay of barley;
Rick of wheat straw about 30 tons;
All to go off with the exception of one rick.

October 28th – Goytrey
On Wednesday evening, the 19th inst., the annual and general harvest thanksgiving of the neighbourhood was held in Col. Byrde’s service room which had been very tastefully decorated for the occasion.
After the ordinary evening service had been gone through an able sermon was preached by Col. Byrde. The choir, under the leadership of Mr William Wilks sang two very appropriate anthems. Miss Annie Byrde presided at the harmonium.

On Thursday evening the 20th inst., the first of the series of winter entertainments in aid of the school funds was given by the scholars of the British School, assisted by two friends.
The programme was a very lengthy one, including three action songs and the audience was kept amused. The singings and recitations were very good on the whole. There was a large attendance.


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