John Meyrick 1631

NLW Ref: LL/1631/18

In the name of God Amen the tenth daye of May Anno dni 1631 I John Mericke of the pishe of Goytre wthin the County of Monmoth and dioce of Landaff beinge sicke in body but whole and pfect memory God be praysed doe make and ordayne this my last will and Testam’t in man’r & forme followinge (that is to say)

First and principally I doe comend my soule into the hands of Allmighty God my only maker and redeemer and my body to the earth whereof it is made.

Ite I give and bequeath iiiid towards the Cathedrall church of Landaff

Ite I give and bequeath iid for my miste & forgotten teythes wthin Goytre.

Ite I give and bequeath three acres of barly and one acre and a haulf of wheate to be devided betwen Johan my wieff, my cozen Margaret ach Rees and my brother Morgan Mericke to be equally devided between them three.

Ite I give and bequeath unto my cozen Margaret ach Rees my best bead steat & one feather boulster.

Ite I give & bequeath unto the said Margaret one Iris Roughe upon condicon that she the said Margaret doe redeli’e unto Johan my wief one Roughe or coverled wch shee had of me the said John Mericke.

Ite I give & bequeath unto Johan my wief my leasser coffer.

Ite I give & bequeath unto my cozen Margaret two paire of sheatts one iron pott or crocke, one great stouder? one great pewder platter, one friin pan and one sacke of foure bushels.

Ite I give unto Ann the daughter of John Mericke my brother one yeareling yew and my great coffer & one pewter platter one caudrone and one paire of sheatts.

Ite I give unto Margaret ach Rees one brand iron one broche & one cleau’? Item I give & bequeath teen pound of flaxe wth all my houshould stuffe unbequeathed to be equallye devided betwen Johan my wieff & my cozen Margaret.

Ite I give all the p’ffitts & comodityes of the gardens to be betwen Johan my wief and Margarett ach Rees and yf it happen that there be anye sheape after my decease to be devided betwen the said Johan my wief & Margaret ach Rees.

And finally I doe nominat & apoint my loveing cozen Margaret ach Rees to be executrixe of this my last will and Testam’t.

In wittnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand & seale yeoven the daye & yeare above written. Sign John Merick

Sealled and delivered in the p’sence of William Jones, Cler; Robert Jenkins

The true inventory of the goods cattell & chattells of John Mericke late deceased prayssed the eight & twentieth day of June 1631 by Watkin Jon Thomas, Robert Jenkin


s            d

Imp            Three acres of barly                                                      xiii            iiii

Ite the moytie of one acre & a hulfe of wheate                              vi            viii

Ite one bead steate                                                                               ii            vii

Ite one feather boulster                                                                        i

Ite one Iris Roughe                                                                              vi            viii

Ite one litle coffer                                                                                   i            viii

Ite eleven sheetts                                                                                xiii            iiii

Ite one iron pott or crocke                                                                   ii

Ite foure pewder platters                                                                    iiii

Ite one stander one friin pan & a sacke                                            ii            viii

Ite two yewes & two lampes                                                              viii

Ite one great coffer & one caudron                                                     ii

Ite one brandiron one broch & one cleaver                                        i            vi

Ite tenn pounds of flaxe                                                                        vi            viii

Ite two other coffers & one boxe                                                         iii            iiii

Ite all his working toules fittinge his trade beinge a houpper      viii

Ite all his weareinge clothes                                                                        x

Ite one spade one mattocke one hedge bill one hachett and one axe & three

litle stoules                                                                                    iii

Ite one grind stone                                                                                   vi

Ite one table cloth & three table napkins                                              i            vi

Ite one trind one stander & three payles                                             ii            vi

Ite the moytye of five stocke of bees                                                      v

Ite all the comodityes of a beane garden                                              i

Ite al the p’ffitts of a poott garden                                                         x

Ite all the residue & implomeny of house hould stuffe                     ii


Summa tot            £iiii            xv            iii


(Latin) Exhibited 7 July 1631


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