Richard Thomas 1635

NLW Ref: LL/1635/43

In the name of God Amen the fowerteeneth daie of August in the yere of our Lorde God one thowsande six hundreth thirtie fower I Richard Thomas of the pyshe of Goytrey in the Com of Monmoth and dioces of Landaffe yeoman beinge of good and perfecte memorie thanked be God doe make my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge that is to saie

First I comende my Soule to God and my bodie to be buried in Christian buriall. And as touchinge the disposicione and devise of all my landes and tenements sett lienge and beinge in the pishe of Goytrey and Countey of Monmoth I give and bequeath the same and every pte and pcell thereof togeather wth all and all maner of houses and buildinges scituate lyeinge and beinge in and upon the sayd lands and tenements wth all and all maner of comodities and rights belonging and appteyninge to the same and all and singular theire appurtenances to William Phillipp one of the sonnes of my brother Phillipp Thomas and his heires forever.

And I will and my last minde and testament is that Marie vergh John my wiffe shall duringe her naturall liffe quietly and peaceably enioye the foresayd lands and tenements wth all and singular theire appurtenances.

And of this my last will and testament I die nominate and ordayne the fore named Marie vergh John my wiffe and William Phillipp my nephewe to be my verie and lawfull executors. In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my seale given the daie and yere first above written.


Richard Thomas

Sealed and deliv’ed in the p’sence of Phillipp Thomas; John Thomas Powell; James….?

Proved at Usk 4 August 1636….. Phillip Thomas … ……

Philip George 1635

NLW Ref: LL/1635/42

In the name of God Amen I Phillipp George of the pishe of Goitre and Diocs of Landaff beinge sick in bodie but in pfect memorie (praised be Almightie God) doe make my Will nuncupative in forme followinge vizt. First I comend my Soule to Almightie my Creator and to Jesus Christ my redeamer & my bodie to be buried in Christian buriall. Item doe give and bequeath to Johan George my … sister all my goods and cattell whatsoever…. of the … of the date hereof……….   I nominate…. executrix of this my last will and Testamt. Dated the ixth day of August 1635

Wittness hereunto


Richard Prichard

(Latin) Proved at Christchurch 12 August 1635 by Johan George

A true inventarie of all the goods and cattel of Phillipp George late of Goitre wthin the Dioces of Landaff deceased prized by Roger Morgan, Thomas Watkin, John Thomas, Wm Morgan Rosser, Morgan Wm Richard and Robert Jenkins the 10th day of August 1635


Impris 1 dust bedd & bolster prized att      0            ii

It.            2 coorse sheetes at      viii

It.            2 peeces of old …?         xii

It.            2 coffers or chests at     ii

It.            The dec’ts wearing cloaths at    v

It.            1 cawdron or kettle    ii

Item            1 stander at         iiii

It.            The hands of Wm Morgan Rosser    ii

It.            The hands of Rowland laborer          vi            viii

It.            The hands of Morgan Wm Richard      i            ?


Suma            1            3            4


Exhibited 12 Aug 1635

Margaret Gryffyth 1640

NLW Ref: LL/1640/40

In the name of God Amen the xxith daye of …. of our Lord God one thousand sixe hundred …. I Margarett Gryffyth of Goytrey in …. Landaffe widdowe callinge to rememberance … life not knowinge whear nor when these … shalbe disolved & ended and mindinge by Gods … order of such transitorie things as God hath … to the intent my mynde maye be un… then … …. ….. …… …… …… ….. God therfore doe make & …. … my last will that is to say first & princip…. soule unto Allmygthtye God my creator & to Jesus Christ … redeemer thorowe whose meritts bitter death & passion I hop…be saved & to have forgivenesse of all my sinnes & my bodye to be buryed in Xrian buriall. Item I give & bequeath xiid towards the Cathederall Church of Llandaffe. Item I give & bequeath iis? to the pson of Goytrey towards my forgotten tythes. Item I give & bequeath three powndes to my three grandchildren the children of Jenkin Rosser equally to be devided betweene them & to be payed unto Elizabeth the wife of the sd Jenkin Rosser shee giving my executor heerin after to be named a lawfull dischardge for the sd some of three pownds. Item I give & bequeath to my nephew the grandchild of Mr David RobertLewis the some of fortie shillings. Item I give & bequeath fortie shillings unto Anne Edward my grandchild. Item I give and bequeath twelve pownds wch I have in the hands of Wm Jones, Clear, pson of Goytrey unto Jane Jenkin my grandchild when she doth accomplishe the adge of one & twentie yeares and not before neyther to anie tutor or gardian. Item I give & bequeath five pownds wch I have in the hands of Henry Watkin of Goytrey unto Mauld Edward my grandchild when shee doth accomplishe the adge of xxitie & not before or to anye tutor or gardian. Item I give and bequeath three kine to be sold & imployed towards the helpinge of the maintenance of the sd Mauld untill shee doth accopmlishe the adge of xxitie yeares. Item I give & bequeath to my executor herein after to be named the sume of fortie shillinges to be payed to my sonnes in lawe Jenkin Rosser, he givinge my sd executor a lawfull dischadge for the sd summe. Item I give and bequeath all my howse hould stuffe & implemen’ts therof unto Jane Jenkin & Mauld Edward my fore saied grandchildren equallie to be divided betweene them. Ite I give & bequeath nine pownds wch I did lend unto Jane Jones widdowe? late of Goytrey wife unto Walter Jones of Lanvayre ..Gedyne late deceased unto Jenkin Rosser. Alsoe I doe give … authoritie to the sd Jenkin to sue & ympeach? … Administer of the sd Jane Jones, my will is that my … Jenkin Rosser shall not question my executor…. of nine pownds lent as afore saied. Item I … towards my fun’all expenses one kowe wch … hands of Watkin Treharne of Goytrey. Item I give … one mare & colte of twoe yeares ould unto Jane JenkinEdward my sd grandchildren to be sold & the value … … devided betweene them. Ite I give unto the sd … goates?. Item I doe nominate & appointe … made. In wittenes wherof … put my hand & sealle the daye & yeare above written 1638

It ..? Further is that the mare & colt before menconed be sold & the worth thereof to be payd by even & equall porcon between Tom William & Catherin Jenkin. It my will is that Jane Jenkin & Mauld Edward shall not question my sd executor the worth thereof

Sealled & deliv’ed in the presence of us Tom Jones, Cler; Mary Wm: Elenor Tom: Jane Jenkin

(Latin) Proved at Christchurch xxi May 1640 … … Herbert Jones

Mem..m probacois testa… suid ult … uluutatis Margrete Griffith … dum vixit de Goitre in … Monmoth et dur Landaue … prouiot per Georgum Williams executore testa’ti sue ult voluu dictae desi con Elizabeth Richards in spe ceserosqr oues et suairules uis ti tu l… aut interee in baus in ribus aut cre… dicte dest habeu … … uden in genere

Ombus die et … ilarpur noie prucur ato eio ac … procurator ltuuis … villi auis executoris testam… ultuiae volumtatis Margaret … nuper dum vixit de Goitre de… desst pu’tibus auexi et adoume airis et facti effectum exuide … sequi valen omniq indliori mode … airis forma qui bus uidlius aut … …………….. debet decit allegat et in … scri p… proponit co de ac de quolebt ar lib put

Imprimis quod dicta Margedta Griffith nuper dam vixit de … in Con Monmoth et dioc Landaneu defunta meutis con… in sua sau a et por facta induieia existeus suid rite et ltu… co… dit testanentu suie ultima voluntatem declarauit pro… in testamento suie schedula testamenta a dictis dess … (vt p’fertur auex) contuie fur ac in aodem suie eade inter Cetera per dam pue et salubriter dat et … p’fatum Georgiu Williams suid et dicti suit testamenti suie ult volun p’d uoi auit ordina uit fecit et constituit exequtore Ceteraq oiu a et singula voluit leg auit reliquit dedit et disposiut prout in huioi testamento suie schedula testamenturia (ut p’fertur p… tibus auex) cutuiepir ac pouit co de et de quolibs.

Item quod heuor testamentu suie ultui.. volun dicte Margarete Griffith desst am exhibit et p’tibus (ut p’fertur) auex die mandato et ca assensu et consensu ein sidem desstae testatrice an dict in vita sua caq eratmentis compos et in sue et p’ferta induioria existens in sceixtis redacte fuit et est ac Corcun eadem testatrice lect et recitat pq dam in telloct ratificas appbat public at et confiriuat proq testamento suo suie ult volautate sua aquit tradit et deliberat pq ea subscr… suae subsuryat ac sigillat Ac testes putes ad phibendu testmiouiu requisit ac pouit ut suprei

Item quod p’uicssa oui a et singula fuer et suit vera publica in anifosta parafer ac famosa ac desuper labora et labor ac publica vox et faura vude facta fide &c pe… pars ista ias et in sticiam &c proq viri bus valore … valud fate dicti testamenti suie ultimae voluutatis p… puunciari decerui et declarari ari nec uo euud Elizabeth Richard in expeuts Georgii Williams prouco forie h… aegofii aud dict in hui negotio suie ca factis et fac eude condeum aud fore debere prouidciari daterui et declarari puissa propouneu et fidri p’ten co de no arctaus … … pro bandu omnia et singula puissa … ad omit …. probacius de quo pro testatur &c sed quatus … in p’auiss eateuus obtindat in p’tits uiris … in omnibus semper saluo vru officiu due … huui liter iuplor ando &c

George Morgan Bevan 1631

NLW Ref: LL/1631/16

George Morgan – Goitre

A true inventarie of all the goods and cattell moveable and unmoveable of George Morgan late of Goitre wthin the Countie of Monmoth and diocs of Landaff deceased prized by Jenn John; John Morgan; William Phillipp and Thomas Jones the xxvth daie of Aprill 1631

£            s            d


Imprimis two milch kyne and one calf                                       iii

Itm one steere                                                                                    v

Item one mare                                                                                 xxv

Itm one sow pigg                                                                               iii

Itm two suckinge calves                                                                  iiii

Itm 1 cok 2? henn & 8 checkings                                                   xii

Itm 1 flockbedd 1 bolster 1 coverleete & 5 sheetes                      xii

Itm 1 standinge bedd                                                                          ii

Itm 4 coorse sheetes & one pillow                                                  iii            i

Itm 1 table cloth                                                                                                  vi

Itm 1 other bo..? tike                                                                                          vi

Itm 2 coffers                                                                                       xii

Itm 1 crock or pott & i pann                                                                               iii

Itm 2 platers                                                                                                          viii

Itm 2 stands                                                                                                            viii

Itm 1 milk cherne                                                                                                  iiii

Itm 3 payles                                                                                                              vi

Itm 1 strawn cask                                                                                                    vi

Itm sixe woodden dishes                                                                                        ii

Itm 1 pewter salt                                                                                                       ii

Itm 1 candlestick of brasse                                                                                     ii

Itm 1 pewter …?                                                                                                        ii

Itm 1 pewter bottle                                                                                                  ii

Itm 2 corne baggs or sacks                                                                                    viii

Itm 1 axe & 1 hattchett wthall the rest of iron tooles or implem’ts of husbabdrie                        ii

Itm 1 iron plate to bake bred                                                                                   vi

Itm 1payre of potthookes wth linkes                                                                    iiii

Itm 1 brandiron                                                                                                          iii

Itm 1 table bord                                                                                                           vi

Itm 3 acres of wheate growinge uppon the ground                                            xx

Itm 2 acres of oates                                                                                                     x



Suma Total                        vii            xviii            xi


Debts owinge to the testator

Impr to William Thomas by specialtie                                                                        xxxii

Itm to Phillipp the sonne of Catherine the testators reputed sonne                     v

Itm to Elend’r William, spinster                                                                                    xx

Itm to David Rosser                                                                                                xii            v

Itm to Simon John Edward                                                                                    iii            ix

Itm to Margaret Wm widow                                                                                    iii

Itm to Richard Phillip                                                                                                3

Itm the testator’s fun’all expences                                                                                    xx


Suma mde?                        ix            iiii


Suma total the testators debts and funerall expences deducted

Jenn John; John (I) Morgan; William Phillipp; Thos Jones


(Latin) Inventory exhibited 9 June 1631…? Herbert Jones

Catherine Williams 1632

NLW Ref: LL1632/35

Catherine Williams Goytrey – May

In the name of God Amen the two and twentieth daye of November Anno dni 1630 I Caterin William of the pishe of Goytre and Con of Monmoth & wthin the dioce of Landaffe beinge sicke in bodye but whole and pffect memorye God be praysed doe make and ordayne this my last Will and Testamt in man’r and forme followeinge, that is to saye:

First and principally I doe comend my soule into the hands of Allmightie God my only maker and redeemer hoppeinge assuredely that through the merritts of Jesus Christ my saviour to be made ptaker of lief ev’lastinge and my body to the earth whereof it is made.

Item I give and bequeath xiid towards the Cathedrall Church of Landaffe

Item I give and bequeath xiid for my forgotten tyeths to the pson of Goytre

Item I give and bequeath unto Thomas Probert my grandchild fieftye pounds for and towards the satisfaction of such legacs as came to my hands by force of the last will and Testamt of William John of Bettus Vach wthin the diocs of Landaffe lat deceassed.

Item I give & bequeath unto my daughter Gwellian Thomas wief unto Robrt Jenkin three kyne and one hayffer of two yeres ould for and towards the maintenance of Morgan Thomas my son n’rall brother to the said Gwenlian dureinge his lief tyme.

Ite I give and bequeath to my said daughter Gwenlian forty shillings for & towards the maintenance of the said Morgan for terme of his lief.

Item I give alsoe to my said daughter the beed where my sonn Morgan doe ly wth his furniture for terme of his lief towards the maintenance of the said Morgan.

I give and bequeath unto my daughter Jane wief unto Mathew David one cowe coloured blacke wch is in the possession of Watter John Wm of Kemis Comander.

Item I give & bequeath unto Johan Mathew my grandchild one lambe.

Ite I give unto John Mathew my grand child one lambe.

Ite I give and bequeath unto Richard Mathew my grandchild one lambe.

Ite I give & bequeath unto Cyssill Mathew my grandchild one lambe

Item I give & bequeath unto Caterin John daughter unto John ap John one lambe.

Item I give & bequeath unto Alce verch John one yereling lambe.

Item I give & bequeath unto Alce verch William my grandchild one lambe.

Ite I give & bequeath unto Marye the daughter of Wm John my grandchild one lambe.

Ite I give and bequeath unto Thomas Robert my grandchild one lambe

Ite I give & bequeath unto Margaret Robert my grandchild one bull of two yeres old and one lamb.

Item I give and bequeath unto Rees Robert my grandchild one steere of two yeres ould & one lambe.

Itm I give and bequeath unto Harry Robert my grandchild one lambe.

Ite I give and bequeath unto George Robert my grandchild one lambe.

Ite I give and bequeath unto Mathew David foure pounds wth interest thereof wch is due unto me by his Bond or Obligacon of the penaltye of eight pounds, the said obligacon to be redelivered unto the said Mathew David.

Ite I give and bequeath unto my daughter Gwenlian wief unto the fore said Robert Jenkin all my goods chattels cattels & houshould stuffe and implements thereof it unbequeathed.

Item I doe nominat and appoint Thomas Robert my grandchild to be my sole executor of this my last will and Testamt and doe by this my Will and testamt appoint William Jenkins and George William to be ov’seers of this my last will & testamt. In wittnes whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and seale heaven the daye and yere above written.

Signum Caterin Wm

Sealled and delivered in the psence of:


Wm (X) Howell;

signum Thomas (X) James;

signum Wm (X) Jenkins; George Williams


(Latin) Proved at Christchurch? 31? May 1632 by Robt Jenkins … … … …. Herbert Jones, Surrogate

Christian Herbert 1631

NLW Ref: LL/1631/17

Christain Herbert Goytrey – 1631


A true inventory of & singular the goods and cattels of Christian Herbert widdowe of the pishe of Goytrey in the County of Monmouth, deceased taken the xxiiith Daye in the seaventh yere of the raigne of o’r Sovraigne Lorde Charles by the grace of God Kinge of England. Scotland France & Ireland defender of the faith &c.

Imprimis one cow and a yeerely bull xxxiiis

Itm fowre sheepe viiis

Itm one feather bed & twoe boulsters xs

Itme sixe sheets one coverhall & a case of a bedd xs

Itm one brasse pott two bottles one pewter dish & one frying pan xs

Itm twoe and irons iis

Itm two coffers iis

Itm fowre pounds of woole iis vid

Itm three little stands & two payles is iiid

Some total£iiixixsiid



Roger Morgan

William Richlley?

Roger Morgan by mark

Exhibited xxvi January 1631

John Meyrick 1631

NLW Ref: LL/1631/18

In the name of God Amen the tenth daye of May Anno dni 1631 I John Mericke of the pishe of Goytre wthin the County of Monmoth and dioce of Landaff beinge sicke in body but whole and pfect memory God be praysed doe make and ordayne this my last will and Testam’t in man’r & forme followinge (that is to say)

First and principally I doe comend my soule into the hands of Allmighty God my only maker and redeemer and my body to the earth whereof it is made.

Ite I give and bequeath iiiid towards the Cathedrall church of Landaff

Ite I give and bequeath iid for my miste & forgotten teythes wthin Goytre.

Ite I give and bequeath three acres of barly and one acre and a haulf of wheate to be devided betwen Johan my wieff, my cozen Margaret ach Rees and my brother Morgan Mericke to be equally devided between them three.

Ite I give and bequeath unto my cozen Margaret ach Rees my best bead steat & one feather boulster.

Ite I give & bequeath unto the said Margaret one Iris Roughe upon condicon that she the said Margaret doe redeli’e unto Johan my wief one Roughe or coverled wch shee had of me the said John Mericke.

Ite I give & bequeath unto Johan my wief my leasser coffer.

Ite I give & bequeath unto my cozen Margaret two paire of sheatts one iron pott or crocke, one great stouder? one great pewder platter, one friin pan and one sacke of foure bushels.

Ite I give unto Ann the daughter of John Mericke my brother one yeareling yew and my great coffer & one pewter platter one caudrone and one paire of sheatts.

Ite I give unto Margaret ach Rees one brand iron one broche & one cleau’? Item I give & bequeath teen pound of flaxe wth all my houshould stuffe unbequeathed to be equallye devided betwen Johan my wieff & my cozen Margaret.

Ite I give all the p’ffitts & comodityes of the gardens to be betwen Johan my wief and Margarett ach Rees and yf it happen that there be anye sheape after my decease to be devided betwen the said Johan my wief & Margaret ach Rees.

And finally I doe nominat & apoint my loveing cozen Margaret ach Rees to be executrixe of this my last will and Testam’t.

In wittnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand & seale yeoven the daye & yeare above written. Sign John Merick

Sealled and delivered in the p’sence of William Jones, Cler; Robert Jenkins

The true inventory of the goods cattell & chattells of John Mericke late deceased prayssed the eight & twentieth day of June 1631 by Watkin Jon Thomas, Robert Jenkin


s            d

Imp            Three acres of barly                                                      xiii            iiii

Ite the moytie of one acre & a hulfe of wheate                              vi            viii

Ite one bead steate                                                                               ii            vii

Ite one feather boulster                                                                        i

Ite one Iris Roughe                                                                              vi            viii

Ite one litle coffer                                                                                   i            viii

Ite eleven sheetts                                                                                xiii            iiii

Ite one iron pott or crocke                                                                   ii

Ite foure pewder platters                                                                    iiii

Ite one stander one friin pan & a sacke                                            ii            viii

Ite two yewes & two lampes                                                              viii

Ite one great coffer & one caudron                                                     ii

Ite one brandiron one broch & one cleaver                                        i            vi

Ite tenn pounds of flaxe                                                                        vi            viii

Ite two other coffers & one boxe                                                         iii            iiii

Ite all his working toules fittinge his trade beinge a houpper      viii

Ite all his weareinge clothes                                                                        x

Ite one spade one mattocke one hedge bill one hachett and one axe & three

litle stoules                                                                                    iii

Ite one grind stone                                                                                   vi

Ite one table cloth & three table napkins                                              i            vi

Ite one trind one stander & three payles                                             ii            vi

Ite the moytye of five stocke of bees                                                      v

Ite all the comodityes of a beane garden                                              i

Ite al the p’ffitts of a poott garden                                                         x

Ite all the residue & implomeny of house hould stuffe                     ii


Summa tot            £iiii            xv            iii


(Latin) Exhibited 7 July 1631

John ap Bowen 1640

NLW Ref: LL/1640/39

The true inventorie of all the goods cattells & chattles of John ap Bowen of Goytre wthin the Diocesse of Landaffe late deceased prised and valued by George Jenkins & James Herbert Anno dni 1640

Impr All his wearinge clothes prised                                             xs

Ite twoe litle cawldromes prised                                                    ii         vid

Ite one skillet prised                                                                        vid

Ite one litle cubboord prised                                                          vs

Ite twoe coffers prised                                                                     is         vid

Ite three stands prised                                                                1s

Ite one kilderkin prised                                                                        vid

Ite one bed steed and a bed case prised                                             iiis

Ite twoe payre of course lynnen sheetts prised                                             iiiis

Ite one payre of lynnen sheetes prised                                             vis         ?d

Ite one rugge                                                                        iis         vid

Ite five acres of oates                                                               xxs

Ite one litle boxe wth band laces prised                                             xxxxs

Item twoe payre of skaylles wth theyre weyghtes prised


Ite the residue of all the howshold stuffe beinge small wooden vessells prised         iiis

Suma tot                  £5         5s         2d


Prisors Geo Jenkins; James Herbert