Jackson, Mrs A – 1952

28th February 1952 – Mrs A Jackson, Goytre.

The funeral took place of Mrs Annie Jackson, Laburnums, Goytre, widow of Mr W Jackson and mother of Doris. The service was conducted by the Rev. C W Kelly at St Peter’s Church. Organist Mr C W Merrick.
Flowers: Doris, aunt Tilly, Alfred, Dora and family; Ernie, Madge and family; Cousin Ellen and family; Aunt Elsie; Ray, June and family; Jum, Elsie and Gertie; John Wilks and family; Jen, Howard, Reg and Janet; Maxine and Jack Williams and Wendy; Mrs Squire and Francis; James and Powell; Mrs Court and Lou; Mr & Mrs Kennedy and family; Mr & Mrs J Jones, Dunedine; R & I Deakin and Jean; Mr & Mrs Imm; Joan and Ben Wilding; Mr & Mrs R Burgess and David Owen; Mr & Mrs Stinchcombe and family; Mr & Mrs A Messenger and Betty; Mr & Mrs Owen and Graham; Mrs Williams and Lal; G H Mathews and Des; Mr & Mrs I Hobbs and family; Annie and Fred Titcombe; A Friend; June, Malcome and Margaret Watkins; Mr & Mrs W Griffiths and family.


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