Morgan, Mrs Tom – 1939

April 7th – Octogenarian’s Fall
Goytrey Woman who complained of Giddiness.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was recorded at the inquest at Pontypool on Friday on Mrs Mary Jane Morgan, aged 88, of Pwllmerric, Goytrey, who died as a result of shock caused by bumping her head when she fell down at her home on March 19th.
Thomas Morgan, the 85 year old widower, said he thought his wife fell from giddiness. She had enjoyed wonderful health until a few years ago, when she started complaining about giddiness and pains near her heart.
Dr J F Blaine, Pontypool, said that when he examined Mrs Morgan she had a large bruise over her temple.
Death was due to shock following fall, which aggravated the condition of her heart.
Mr D J Treasure, the South Monmouthshire Coroner, who conducted the inquest said that with an old lady of that age shock was always fatal.


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