Collectors of Land Tax


The Names of Persons that have been Appointed Collectors of Land Tax
1828 Richard Jones
1830 Richard Miller Penpedairheol & Phillip Morgan for Jas Morgan Carp’r
1831 John Jones for the Lodge & John Watkins Ty hir
1832 Charles Lewis & Thomas Prosser
1833 William Jeremiah Vedw & John P Smith Goytrey House
1834 William Jenkins & Henry James
1835 John Lewis New Barn & John Jenkins Penstair
1836 William Lloyd Church Farm & William Evans Trewaelod
1837 Vaughan Jones Ty Llwyd & Walter David for Llwyn Celyn
1838 James Williams for Lan Wysg & William Jenkins Melin Coed
1839 John Rosser Pant glas & James Gwatkin Pen twyn
1840 Thomas David Pentre bach & William Vaughan Wern
1841 Thomas Watkins Goytrey Hall & John Watkins Ty hir
1842 Phillip Morgan & Thomas Prosser
1843 Thomas Newman & Thomas Jenkins Lan
1844 William Williams Goytrey Wharf & John Williams Carp’t for his lease
1845 John Prosser for Pellenig Hse & Charles Lewis Berllan Dywyll
1846 David Davies Royal Oak Penped & Thomas Evans Half Way House
1847 Thomas Lewis & Owen Davies
1848 William Jones Maes y beren & Henry Plaisted Pydew
1849 William Jenkins Canal Bridge & William Jeremiah Park y brain
1850 William Lloyd Church Farm & Richard Jones Penystair
1851 Jn Walt Davies Llwyncelyn & John Rosser Pantglas
1852 Walter Morgan Pentywyn & Mordecai Jones Coed robin



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