1963 Free Press

January 4th – Goytre Village Hall

Goytre Village Hall committee held a poultry whist drive at Usk Memorial Hall, when the Christmas draw resulted: 2236 Strachan, Raglan; 10282 Stanley, Southampton; 14675 Price, Trevethin; 14589 Halliday, Croesyceiliog; 6182 Laramy, Griffithstown; 12455 Davies, BNS; 14725 Collins, Nantyderry; 6006, Strangward, Pontypool; 3595 Spence, Blaenavon; 11270 Hughes, Blaenavon; 4432 Gulliver, Goytre; 14303 Bath, Goytre; 5359 Rosser, Cwmtillery; 13707 Hemphill, Crickhowell; 13792 Price, Crickhowell; 4304 Price, Little Mill; 11812 D. Casey, Pontypool; 14029 Jones, Newport; 4175 Lucas, Pontypool; 12347 Watling, Southampton; 24126 Jenkins, Nantyderry; 5601 Pritchard, BNS; 3270 Askey, Pontypool; 2412 Cook, Pontnewydd; 14790 King, Abertillery; 5469 Jones, Panteg; 9585 Henderson, Usk; 11912 Powell, Goytre; 10644 Jones, Goytre; 13141 McCarthy, Goytre; 8409 Howells, Monmouth; 8197 Brant, Llanover; 11280 Price, Blackwood.

House for sale – GOYTRE

(Midway between Abergavenny and Pontypool, 2 miles from British Nylon Spinners)
A modern detached Bungalow in this popular residential district and situated on the newly developed PARKLANDS ESTATE with hall, lounge, dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, etc. All main services. Power points all rooms. Garage. Lawn and garden. R.V. £22 Freehold.
Full particulars from the Agents Messrs BUNNING & RUSSELL, Estate agent, WAVERLEY CHAMBERS, Tel. PONTYPOOL 39.

January 18th – Goytre Women’s Institute

January meeting at the village school was presided over by Mrs Swinnerton.
Mr Stephan Jung gave a most interesting and enjoyable talk about hairdressing and brought along three of this charming models to demonstrate the latest techniques and Styles practiced in his salons.
He complimented British women on the care they took with their hair, which he said was much better groomed than that of women on the Continent.
Tea hostesses were Mrs A. Bath, Mrs Cook, and Mrs A. Davies.
Mrs O. Morgan had a lucky evening winning the box of chocolates in the raffle and the prize for the prettiest plate in the competition.

February 1st – Did not declare earnings.

A Goytre man, Ronald Henry Edwards, of Frondeg, was fined a total of £20 at Pontypool at Pontypool Magistrate’s Court on Friday for obtaining unemployment benefit on two occasions when in fact he was a self-employed as a window cleaner.
In court Edwards, who was said to have had many previous convictions, said he thought he was allowed to earn up to £2 without having to declare it.

February 8th – Penperlleni Man narrowly avoided crash

FACE-TO-FACE with a grey Jaguar car approaching him on the wrong side of the road, a Goytre journalist, Owen James, of Penperlleni House, drove his sports car on the grass verge to avoid a collision.
Abergavenny magistrates last week fined the driver of the Jaguar, David Ian Kyle Morgan (23), of Newtown, £10 for driving without due care and attention. His licence was endorsed and he was ordered to pay £1/10/5 costs.
A charge of dangerous driving against Morgan was dismissed.

James told the court that he was driving towards Abergavenny at about 50-55 mph, or “possibly a little more.”

As he approached a bend he saw the Jaguar alongside a bus, in the process of overtaking it.

“I realised there was not much chance of the Jaguar stopping,” he went on, “although I had braked fairly hard.

“I swerved on to the grass verge. If I had done my duty I would have reported the incident, but I intended to do nothing about it.


“I avoided a collision because there was a verge. If there had not been one there would have been an almighty bang.”

Inspector Wilfred Evans said that on Christmas Eve a queue of vehicles headed by a double-decker bus was travelling towards Pontypool.

Near a left-hand band at Porthmawr Lodge Morgan pulled out to overtake the other vehicles and a sports car coming the other way had to drive onto the grass verge.

Other drivers in the queue told the court that Jaguar moved out to overtake on the apex of the bend. When the Jaguar was alongside the bus it was completely blocking the road and the sports car had to swerve violently to avoid a head on collision.

Mr J. C. Prole, for Morgan, submitted that the cause of the incident was the speed at which the sports car was driven.

February 22nd – Late Mr J. W. Shepherdson (In Obituaries)

March 8th – Local Estates – Mrs Constance Robinson

Mrs Constance Robinson, of The Nurseries, Nantyderry, formerley of The Highway, Panteg, wife of Bernard C. Robinson, electrical engineer, died on November 22 leaving £795 gross, £745 net. Probate has been granted to her husband, of the same address, the sole executor.

April 12th – Goytre VPA stage seventh Spring show

This year’s arctic winter had a noticeable effect on the number of entries for the Goytre Village Produce Association’s seventh spring Show, But although there were less entries than in previous years, standard of the exhibits was very high, particularly in the children’s section.

The judges for the show, which was held at the Goytre Arms clubroom, were: Industrial, Miss C. Phillips; children’s, Miss N. Mortimer; horticultural, Mr C. Jenkins, all of Usk VPA.


Daffodils, or narcissi, anyone variety in 7” pot, Mrs R. Burgess, Mrs J. Rees; daffodils, or narcissi, any one variety in 6” pot, novice class, Graham Owen, A. O. Morris; daffodils or narcissi, any one variety grown in bowl not exceeding 10” diameter, A. E. Messenger; bowl of tulips, Mrs R. Burgess, Mrs Lambert; one hyacinth in bowl, novice class, Graham Owen, A. O. Morris; three hyacinths in bowl, Mrs J. Simmons, Mrs W. Owen; vase of cut daffodils or narcissi, A. E. Messenger, Mrs R. Burgess; pot of cyclamen, no entries; flowering plant of any kind in pot, A. E. Messenger, Mrs C. F. Lewis; pot a azalea, A. E. Messenger, foliage plant in pot, A. E. Messenger;

three kinds of root vegetables, three of each, Graham Owen, Mrs lambert; twelve brussels sprouts, Gordon Vimpany, A. E. Messenger; apple, 5 culinary, 5 dessert, Gordon Vimpany, A. E. Messenger, Certificate and voucher, A. E. Messenger.


Fruit cake, Mrs D. V. Morris, Mrs W. A. Jenkins, Mrs E. James; Victoria sponge, Mrs J. Simmons, Mrs Willson, Mrs D. V. Morris; loaf of home-made white bread, any shape, Mrs R. K.Dibble, Mrs W. A. Jenkins; 12 Welsh cakes, D. V. Morris, Mrs W. A. Jenkins; 1lb. jar lemon curd, Mrs L. Owen, Mrs R. K. Dibble; 1lb. jar marmalade, Mrs R. K. Dibble, Mrs J. H. Bath; 1lb. jar blackcurrant jam, Mrs L. Owen, Mrs D. V. Morris; cold sweet, Mrs D. V. Morris, Mrs Willson; miniature floral decoration, 4” overall, Mrs J. Simmons, Mrs D. V. Morris; container of spring flowers for frontal effect, not to exceed 2′, Mrs R. K. Dibble, Mrs R. Burgess; any garment, double knitting, Mrs Thomas, Mrs J. A. Bath; matinee coat, knitted, mrs Meadowcroft, Mrs R. K. Dibble; six hen’s eggs, tinted, Gordon Vimpany, Mrs W. A. Jenkins; bottle of home-made wine, Mrs D. V. Morris, Mrs R. K. Dibble; certificate, Mrs J. Simmons.


Bulb in pot or bowl, age under 15, Richard James, Anthea Kimber; freehand drawing, black and white, age 11 and under 15, fairground scene, Timothy Fielding, Glyn Price; freehand drawing, coloured, age 7 to 10, village scene in Goytre, Irene Kimber, Michael Way; nursery rhyme or fairy tale, illustrated, under 7, no entries; six fancy cakes, under 15, Robert Willson, Judith Sturley; craft work, age under 11, not kits, Janet Bath, G. Gulliver; craft work, agents Mrsmrsover 11 and under 15, not kits, Clive Litten.

Other prizes: M. J. Webley, Simon Mason, G. Owen, Brooks, Stan Pring, Mrs Bryan, Dick BNS Sybil, Mrs Cleaver, Mrs James,, Thompson, Mrs Sturley, Mrs j. Conway, Mrs F. Messenger, G. Davies, Cueson, Martin, Miss H. Messenger.

The organisers wish to thank the ladies who served refreshments and all who made this event possible.

April 15th 

Susan Draper

SUSAN DRAPER, 13-years-old daughter of Mr and Mrs Ernest Draper, of Belfont, Newtown, Goytre, is pictured with the Ivor Screen challenge cup and plaque presented to her on winning the juvenile champion solo at the Abertillery Orpheus Eisteddfod. Susan attends Abersychan Grammar/Technical School and is a pupil of Madam May Lucas.

Goytre Youth says: “I hate bluebottles”

When told by a police officer to turn off a transistor radio set, a Goytre youth replied: “I hate bluebottles,” Pontypool magistrates were told on Friday.

Raymond Geoffrey Webb, an 18-years-old sawmill worker from Frondeg, was fined £2 for using obscene language and £3 for playing the wireless set on the road at night.

PC R. Morgan said he saw Webb leave a cafe with the radio turned on. He told him to turn it off and Webb replied: “I hate bluebottles.”

Webb was asked again to turn it off, and he did so he said: “I will do it again and you won’t stop me.” As he went away he made use of several obscene expressions.

April 26th

Goytre Wedding

The marriage took place at St. Peter’s Church, Goytre, of Thomas Anderson, only son of Mrs T. A. Inglis and the late Mr T. Anderson Inglis, of Dollar, Clackmannanshire, Scotland, and Margaret Jean, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs John Kennedy of “Chadstowe,” Goytre. The Rev. A. L. Davies officiated, and the organist was Mr L. Chard.

The bride wore a full-length gown of crystal satin. Her veil was held in place by a circlet headdress and she carried a spray of multi-coloured freesias and maiden-hair fern.

Bridesmaids, Miss June Veronica Kennedy (sister) and miss Jean Hiddleson Inglis (sister of the groom), wore flame coloured short dresses and carried sprays of lillies-of-the-valley and maiden-hair fern. The flower girl, Ann Inglis, carried a posy of mixed anemones.

The bride’s mother wore a biscuit-shade two-piece with light brown accessories; the groom’s mother a navy blue two-piece suit with matching accessories.

Best man was Mr George Stewart, who (like the bridegroom) is an officer in the Merchant Navy. Ushers were Messrs G. Kennedy, B. Edwards and B. Davenne.

Reception at the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny. Honeymoon in Cornwall. The bride travelled in a pale green dress under a dark green coat with brown accessories.

Photo by William Tribe, Ltd., Raglan.

May 17th

Usk Sawmills assault: Goytre youth fined.

19-years-old Goytre youth claimed at Usk Court that the chair on which he had been sitting in a sawmill canteen was set alight after a workmate had tipped over a portable fire.

The youth, Raymond Geoffrey Webb, unemployed, of Frondeg, denied that he afterwards struck the other man and threatened him with a stick.

The magistrates found him guilty of assaulting and beating David John Jones, of Wellesley House, New Market Street, Usk, and fined him £2.

Jones, a sawyer, told the magistrates he was sitting in the canteen with a sandwich in one hand and a cup of tea in the other when Webb pushed the fire, built in a milk churn, towards him.

“he kept on pushing the churn, so I put my foot against it and it tipped over, but not in the direction of Webb. He jumped up and struck me three or four times and then picked up a stick and said; ‘I will mark you for life’.”


Webb said jones kept pushing the churn towards him and he pushed it back. It eventually fell over and the fire set his chair alight.

“I jumped up and warned him, but I did not hit him,” he told the court.

His brother Keith John Webb, also of Frondeg, Goytre, said Jones was not struck, but he threw a cup of tea over Webb and called him outside after the accident.

The chairman, Mr A. D. Pollock, told Webb: “There may have been some provocation, but you are a young man and you must learn to keep your hands to yourself.”

May 31st  Mr J. H. Goode, Goytre (In Obituaries)

July 5th  Capel-Ed keep Scripture trophy

The William Williams Memorial Shield for the most successful Sunday School in the pontypool and District Union in the annual Scripture examination was retained by the holders, Capel Ed, Goytre, with 89.85 per cent.

They were followed by Crane Street, 88.4 per cent; Hafodrynys 86.7 per cent; Twyn, Usk, 83.3 per cent.

Certificates were presented at Hafodrynys (where Mr Michael Gregory presided and the Rev. A. J. Frost gave an address) and Pontypool (where the president, Mr Frost, presided and the Rev. A. E. Jones gave the address and presented the prizes).

Key to detailed results: Merchants Hill MH; Crane Street CS; Capel Ed CE; Zion Hill ZH; Griffithstown Methodist GM; Twyn, Usk T; Hafodrynys H; Penygarn P; Griffithstown Baptist GB; Nicholas Street NS.

Teachers’ division II: Colwyn Tovey (H); Ernest Lewis (GM).

Young people’s A: Dianne Meredith (P), Roger Essex (CE), Pamela Carne (P).

Senior Division D: Vauna Jones (T), Horace Norris (GB), Christine Southern (H), Eileen Johns (H).

Senior division B: Barbara Davies (GB), Patricia Lake (GB), Linda……

July 19th

Goytre Church memorial to General Rees

A PLAQUE at St Peter’s Church, Goytre, to the memory of the late Major-General Thomas Wynford Rees of Goytre Hall,–commander of the 19th (“Dagger”) division of the Indian Army which captured the fort at Mandalay in March 1945–was dedicated by the Archbishop of Wales, Dr Edwin Morris, on Monday.

A Union Jack which was run up after the fort been taken by the 19th division was used to drape the plaque.

Major-General “Pete” Rees died in 1959 the age of 61. He was 17 when he joined the Army during the First World War, and became a captain in the Welsh Regiment gaining the DSC and MC.

He also fought in the frontier wars of North West India, where he was mentioned in dispatches.

After his retirement in 1948 he became the first manager of the Cwmbran Development Corporation and many Corporation members were present at Monday’s service. Also present were officers of The Welch Regiment and Boy Scouts. Major-General Rees was scout commissioner until shortly before his death.

Wedding Evans – Williams

At St Peter’s Church, Goytre, by the Rev. A. L. Davies, Raymond, younger son of Mr and Mrs T. J . Evans, Cilfeigan Bungalow, Llanbadoc, and Patricia, only daughter of Mr and Mrs S. E. Williams, Refreshment Rooms, Nantyderry. The bride wore a full-length gown, with train of white brocade. Her bouffant veil was held in place by a crystal coronet, and she carried a bouquet of red roses. Bridesmaid, Miss Elizabeth Jenkins (cousin), in a full-length gown of lemon nylon, with matching head-dress and gloves. She carried a posy of sweet peas. Best man, Mr R Cornish; groomsmen, Messrs N. Evans and B. Williams. The bride’s

mother wore a matching coat and sheath dress of slate-grey lace, with white accessories; the groom’s mother a brown silk suit with matching accessories. Both wore corsages of orchids. Reception at the BNS Sports and Social Club. Honeymoon in Torquay, the bride travelling in a matching dress and coat of French blue and white, with white accessories.–Photograph by Romley Marney, FRSA, Abergavenny.

August 9 – ‘One-arm bandit’ illegally used for private gain

A 47-years-old Goytre cafe proprietor, who allowed a “one-arm bandit” to be used on his premises, was fined £3 at Pontypool on Friday for an offence against the new Betting and Gaming Act.
The magistrates were told that the case was the first of its kind in Pontypool and the second in Monmouthshire.
Peter Bernard Carpenter, of Bryn View, Penperlleni, was charged with allowing gaming by means of a machine to be used for private gain on premises known as pete’s Coffee Bar, to which the public had access.

A Cardiff man, Gerry Wass (45), of Southey Street, who rented the machine to Carpenter, was also fined £3 for causing the machine to be on the premises. He pleaded guilty.

Prosecuting, Mr Lawrence Allen said that PC R. Morgan saw the machine in a corner of the main public room of the cafe which was much frequented by teenagers.

Carpenter told the officer he thought it was all right to have the machine in his cafe, and said he had seen six similar machines in another cafe. He added that the gaming machine had been on the premises for only two days.

Wass, when interviewed at Little Mill police station, said he did not think that Carpenter was allowed to have a machine on his premises.


Mr Allen told the magistrates that the prosecution could apply for the machine to be confiscated, but they were not doing so in this case.

“If this sort of offence continues in the county the prosecution will not take such a lenient view in the future,” he said.

In court Carpenter said the machine was only on his premises for two days before the police removed it. They had not told him it was illegal.

Wass had nothing to say.
The chairman, Lt-Col. H. Hughes, MBE, told the men: “It must be made quite clear that this is a new Act and as it becomes better known heavier penalties will be inflicted in such cases.”

August 23rd – Late Mr Josiah Owen (In Obituaries)

Goytre man was unfit to have charge of a car

After being taken home by a man who found him slumped forward in a car, a Goytre man was seen by a special constable staggering back to the vehicle.
Pontypool magistrates were told this on Friday when Bryn Edwards (29), a ward orderly, of The Caravan, Ty-Coch, Goytre, pleaded guilty to being drunk in charge of a motor car.
He was fined £25, disqualified from driving for a year and his license was endorsed.
Mr Laurence Allen, prosecuting, said that at about 4:40 pm on July 10 a Mr James of Goytre was driving his car towards his home when he saw a large black car blocking the roadway.

Mr James saw Edwards sitting in the car with his head dropping forward and his eyes half closed. He shook him and after while Edwards woke.
Mr James then asked if he could move the car and Edwards pulled the starter but it would not work.
The two men then pushed the car to the side and Mr James took Edwards home because he thought he was ill.
Later, a special constable saw Edwards coming back towards the car. He was staggering about then got into the vehicle and tried to start it.
The constable spoke to Edwards who said he had had a few drinks. He had to be helped out of the car, then supported when standing.


Edwards was put in the constables car and when told he was being taken to the police station he began to cry and pleaded not to be taken there.
He was seen by other police officers, who soon came to the conclusion That he was “well away,” said Mr Allen. Tests were made and they showed Edwards had taken at least the equivalent of 6 1/2 pints of beer or 12 1/2 single whiskeys.
Mr Peter Bishop, defending said that that at the time of the offence Edwards was suffering from a nervous complaint and was under the doctor.
On the day in question he had received his National Health Insurance payment and he went to the post office to cash the order. He did not remember going to a public house, but did recall drinking.
The treatment for his nervous complaint included a tonic, and the combination of lack of food, drugs and drink had disastrous results.
Mr Bishop added that the car would not have worked anyway, because of a fault in the wiring.

August 30th

Jalopy racing thrills at Goytre

More than 2000 people turned up at the Goytree horticultural show, fete and jalopy race meeting on Saturday, and ensured the success of the event.
It also brought the fete committee nearer to the £8000 target they have set to build a new village hall in place of the one which was destroyed by fire three years ago.
The past two years over £4000 has been raised by various events and the Ministry of Education have promised to grant towards the new hall.

Land for the building has already been purchased, and if everything continues as a present it is hoped that the money will be raised before the end of the year.

The Rev. Gordon Lang, well-known television personality and former MP, opened the fete and was introduced by Mrs T Wynford Rees, president of the fete committee.
As well as the horticultural show and jalopy races there were side-shows, a barbecue and a fancy dress carnival, and on display were a scale model and plans of the proposed new hall.
The fete Queen, Miss Janet Hayes, was crowned by Mrs Rees and in attendance were court ladies Patricia Evans, Sally Arthur, Jill Askew, Christine Meadowcroft, Teresa Jones and Kathryn Jones, together with pages Alton Jenkins, Kevin Starmore and Wayne Jenkins.
Winners of the fancy dress competition were: 1. Shirley Knox (mail robbery); 2. Gail Elsley (Robin Hood); 3. Richard Meadowcroft (Yogi Bear); 4. Jane Topham (witch).


In the jalopy meeting there were 51 competitors in five events.


Up to 1,300 c.c.: 1, G. Richardson (Caerleon); 2, M. Powell (Hereford); 3, A. J. Powell (Abergavenny).

Over 1,300 c.c.: 1, A. G. Davies (Clydach); 2, B. Limb (Ledbury); 3, D. Allen (Mitcheldean).

Not having won a prize before, up to 1,300 c.c.: 1, C. Thomas (Usk); 2, W. Millard (Newent); 3, H. Duggan (Grosmont). Over 1,300 c.c.: 1, J. Harris (Mardy); 2, D. Allen (Mitcheldean); 3, V. Price (Clyro).

Women: 1, Mrs J. Orchard (Newbridge); 2, Mrs J. Millard (Newent); 3, Mrs D. Evans (Mordifford).


Chief awards in the flower show were:

Rose bowl for the competitor living in Goytre with the highest points: E. F. Draper.

Silver cup for highest points: A. E. Messenger.

Rose bowl for the highest points in industrial classes: Mrs V. Jones.

Girl under 15 with most points: M. J. Davies. Boy under 15 with most points: Robin Langdon.

Bronze medal for best collection of vegetables: A. E. Messenger.

Blue ribbon for best vegetable exhibit: A. E. Messenger. Certificate of merit for the next best: E. F. Draper.

Certificate of merit for best fruit exhibit: A. E. Messenger.

Diplomas for best flower exhibits: R. Maisey and E. F. Draper.

Bronze medal for best exhibit in industrial classes: Mrs D. V. Morris.

September 27th

Goytre Gardeners

Goytre VPA at their annual meeting (Mrs W. Rees presiding) elected the following officers: Chairman, Mr A. O. Morris; vice-chairman and secretary, Mr J. Lambert; assistant secretary, Mrs M. Shorthouse; treasurer, Mr B. Meadowcroft; Committee, Messrs Shorthouse, Vimpany, Dawson, Harper, Mesdames Lambert and Wilson. Meetings are held monthly. The topic for October 3 is “General pruning.”

November 22nd

Goytre Womens Institute

November’s meeting was held in the new classroom at the village school. Our membership has increased so much this year that we all welcome the extra space and enjoy our new surroundings.

Mr F. Griffiths of Chepstow talked about “colour in the home.”

There was a record entry of twenty-nine for the cherry cake competition. Mrs Hilary Thomson kindly judged, and after giving some expert advice awarded the first three prizes to mrs draper, Mrs V. Harris and Mrs Welsh.

A lovely bowl of Christmas flowering bulbs was raffled and won by Mrs John Whittingham.

Tea hostesses: Mesdames Thompson, Whittingham, Wilding and Williams.


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