Highways Board 1871

January 28th

Goytrey- there is quicksand upon the road leading from Goytrey Church towards Nantyderry Station, caused by a large quantity of water flowing from the Rev. Thos. Evan’s land into and alongside the above road for some distance. Man now spreading stones on Wern Road.

The roads in this parish are more broken up than any others in the district.

Men are now repairing them.

There is a large quantity of mould stripped from the banks on Star-road, which I intend to remove as soon as possible.

I have written several letters to order for new fences. The Rev. Thomas Evans has not yet stopped the water flowing on the church road; but will do so as soon as he can procure the necessary labour.

May 1st

The greater proportion of the Land road has been repaired. The land slips in the Star-road will be removed as soon as possible.

Mr Isaac Lewis (Glan Wysk) wishes me to ask the Board to put up a wall to secure the banks on this road.

The Board directed that £10 should be expended for manual labour and dry walling on the road in question.

The matter of the alleged encroachment in the parish was also adjourned and a committee was appointed to inspect the place.

June 10th

Man now sloping near Nantyderry. The Rev. Thomas Evans has offered to drain the road near the church provided the parish find the pipes and hauling.

Henry Williams, Surveyor:

The Chairman read a letter from the Rev. Thomas Evans, an ex-officio member of the Board, stating that in his opinion £30 should be struck out of the year’s estimate for the parish of Goytrey and appropriated for the widening of a road leading from the Plough Inn to the Walnut Tree Farm.

The Board decided not to alter the estimate, as it would be a bad precedent to do so after it had been duly considered and allowed by the Board.

July 3rd

I beg to report that these roads are now in tolerably good condition. The Rev. Thomas Evans has not yet put in the drain near the church, but will do so in a few days.

August 12th

A plan and estimate for widening the Plough road in this parish I lay before you. I have obtained permission in writing to take the land required from the Rev. Thomas Evans; and William Nicholl Esq., will be in Usk on the 15th inst., when do doubt I shall get his land given to widen up the road.

These two gentlemen are the only proprietors of land adjoining this road.

September 9th

The surveyor stated he had not obtained permission from Mr Nicholl for the widening of Plough-road, Goytrey.

October 2nd

I have written to Mr Nicholl Esq., asking for the land to widen the road from Penpetterheol to Penpellenny but have not yet received his reply.

Mr John Ham has gone down to Ham to-day and promises to write immediately.

Mr Williams said some sloping was wanting on the Star-pitch and the surveyor was instructed to get it done. He also said it had not been done because the parish was in debt and was not in a position to do it.

November 6th

The walling on the side of Star-road and the draining on the same road will be done immediately.

I have had the quick planted in most of the new hedges.

The horse-way has been made on the hand-road as ordered by the Board.

A Mrs Davies, of Goytrey, came forward and asked for payment of 5s for stones. She had hauled out twenty five loads at 1s per load, but as the loads were rather small she had intended to charge only £1 for the twenty five.

The person (she did not know who it was) that made out her bill, however, charged £1 5s, but she only received £1.

The Surveyor, on being asked to give an explanation, said he engaged a Thomas Jenkins to haul out the stones. Fifty loads were hauled out and he paid Jenkins £2 10s. He knew nothing about Mrs Davies.

The chairman said there was no doubt the woman had been done out of her money and referred her to Jenkins.

December 4th

The slopes on the lower part of the Star-road have been all well cleaned and the walling ordered by the Board has been done.

Henry Williams,



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