George Williams – Goytre Lad Summoned for Assault 1914

April 1914 – Goytre Lad Summoned for Assault

George Williams, a young Goytre labourer was summoned by Bridget Williams a married woman for assault on April 19th.

Complainant said the lad had offered her great insults and annoyance for some time.

On the day in question he came to her house to and commenced to annoy her. She opened the garden gate and as about to go out to attend to her chickens when the lad struck her a violent blow across the back with a stick, seriously bruising her. Defendants mother; she will persist in running her poultry on our land.

Defendant on oath said he and his brother were sent to drive the complainant’s fowls off their parents land.

While they were doing that Mrs Williams ran after them. She had a stick in each hand and she threw one of them at witness and a stone at his brother striking him on his back.

Witness picked up the stick and took it home but he did not strike Mr Williams with it. He was on his own parents land during the whole of the time.

The mother of the boy gave corroborative evidence.

The bench dismissed the case and ordered defendant to pay costs 8s


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