St Peter’s Church 1903

Friday June 12th 1903


A very interesting service was held at St Peter’s Church Goytrey on Monday afternoon, when the Lord Bishop of the diocese was present for the purpose of dedicating a new cast window in memory of the late Rev Thomas Evans, formerly rector of the parish for a period of 44 years.

The widow is a beautiful work of art, representing in the centre, the Lord Jesus Christ as the good shepherd with St John and St Peter on either side.

The Rev Joseph Davies, who has lately been appointed to the living, but has not yet taken up his residence in the parish, was in the desk, while the lesson was read by the Rev Mr Fisher.

Appropriate hymns were sung by the choir, Mr C Williams of Goytrey Hall, presiding at the organ.

The Bishop, in the course of his address, spoke of the interest which Mr Evans always manifested in the welfare of the people, not only in his own parish, but also of the whole of the diocese. He related several instances of Mr Evans public and private benevolence and said the thanked God that he had put it into the hearts of the ladies (the daughters of Mr Evans) to present such a beautiful window for the glory of God and the adornment of his house, as well as to the memory of their beloved father.


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