Ty Port

Ty Port is now in the parish of Llanover.

Mary Port of Ty Port died aged 56 and was buried at Llanover church on the 5th August 1837.

I am quite sure it is the niece of Georgina Ann Port who married Benjamin Waddington. Georgina Waddington (photo) is shown as the owner of Ty Port on the 1841 tithe, the land adjoining Ty Port is 8 acres 2 rood and 17 perches, she is paying 5s 10d tithes to the Rector of Goytrey.

On the census of 1841 living at Ty Port is Catherine George and her 15 year old daughter Georgina, Temperance Deakin 20, Jepsey 2 months, Pheobe 6, Hannah Adler 30 and Elizabeth Phillips 85.

By the census of 1851 Miss Maria Collins aged 63, annuitant, is residing at Ty Port along with her widowed sister Charlotte Warne and her 13 year old niece  Georgina Warne, they all came from Middlesex.

An undated document in the name of Mrs Warne says the rateable value of Ty Port was £7 15s.

Maria Collins died in April 1852 and was buried at Llanover Church. Her will, stated that all interest, dividends, profits to be given to her sister Charlotte, then to her niece Georgina.

On the 1861 census Isaac Edwards 35, his wife Susannah 33, and Ann Jones a 17 year old servant born in Goytre were in residence. Isaac Edwards was Chaplain to Lord Llanover, he and Susannah came from Cardiganshire.

From 1865 the occupier was John James and his family, he had several children baptised at Llanover Church, John in 1865 and a second child in 1866, he was also called John, so I assume the first son John had died.

I’m not able to find who was living at Ty Port on the census of 1871.

In 1876 Lady Llanover wrote from her London residence “Dafydd Williams is welcome to settle at Ty Port.”
This was followed a few years later by another letter from Lady Llanover whilst residing at her Mayfair house to Dafydd Williams telling him to take the things out of the house, she also tells him to send Mrs Evan Jones and Mrs Chubb and that they are to send for Mrs Watkins.

In 1877 E. Bevan, the rector of Llanellen wrote to Turner (Lady Llanover’s agent) informing him he had employed Mrs Parker for 4 weeks to look after Ty Port.

A second letter written in 1878 from the Rev. Bevan said that he had repaired a window at Ty Port at  his own expense when it should have been done by the previous tenant, David Evans, when he had the loan of the place and that he was expecting Mr Watkins to have everything delivered up in good order.

On December 10th 1879 Thomas James paid the income tax for Ty Port.

The Minister of the Calvanistic Church was in residence in 1881, he was 39 year old Thomas Miles and his 37 year old wife Evelyn, they were both from Glamorgan. They had a son Stanley in 1882 who was baptised at Llanover Church.

On the 3rd  of June Turner wrote to Lady Llanover informing her that damage was done to the property by ladders.

The 1891 census  census shows John Prys, his wife Katie and their two year old daughter Myfanwy in occupation of Ty Port, John is a Presbyterian Minister.

John Prys remained at Ty Port through the censuses of 1901 and 1911. On the 1911 census he is aged 52 and was born in Brecon, he had been married to Catherine for 23 years and had one child, Myfanwy who was now 22 years of age. The family was still in residence at the time of the 1914 poor rate. John Prys is listed on the Electoral register until 1924, after this date I cannot find any reference to Ty Port.


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