Whitehead, L D – 1938

April 3rd – Mr L D Whitehead

Tragic Death, Collapsed at Car Wheel.
The news of the tragic death of Mr L D Whitehead of Goytrey Hall came as a great shock to the district, his friends, business associates and employees. While returning alone in his car from his estate in St David’s Pembrokeshire on Sunday evening and when some three miles from Sennybridge side of Brecon, he was discovered unconscious in his car by a passing motorist and died soon afterwards.
Mr Whitehead’s car was on the side of the road with it’s lights on and he had apparently collapsed at the wheel. (A great deal more about his life in the Free Press)

The Inquest
A verdict of “Death from natural causes, due to a ruptured aorta,” was recorded at the inquest, conducted at Brecon on Tuesday by Mr M F Thomas.
Mr George Whitehead “Mallwyd” Abergavenny, engineer, said he last saw his father on Friday morning when he appeared to be in excellent health.
His father told him he was going later in the afternoon to St. David’s Pembrokeshire for the weekend. He always motored alone.
Miss Elizabeth Cottle, waitress at the Ivy Bush Hotel, Carmarthen, said Mr Whitehead called at the hotel on Sunday at 8.45pm and asked for a meal to be served quickly as he wanted to be on his way.
He had some soup and cold tongue but nothing to drink and left at 9.30. He appeared to be in his usual health.
Frank Davies, electrician, Sennybridge, said he was travelling in a car to Sennybridge and when about three miles from Brecon he saw a car across the road facing Brecon, with it’s lights on.
He found the driver lying on the front seat with his head nearest the left hand door of the car. He appeared to be dead.
Police Sergeant Bannister and other police moved the body from the car and tried in vain to revive life. There were no external marks on the body. Mr Whitehead’s pipe was lying alongside him almost full of fresh tobacco.
Police Sergeant Martin said the brakes and steering of the car were perfect.
Dr C L Davies, Brecon, said he examined Mr Whitehead and found him extinct. On Monday he communicated with the Coroner and with Dr Humphrey’s, Abergavenny and Dr Morrell Thomas, Newport.
They could not suggest any cause of sudden death, with the result that the Coroner requested him to carry out a post mortem examination, the result being as stated.


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