1943 Free Press

January 8th – Goytrey Husband and Wife Injured.

Mr and Mrs Alfred Williams aged 28 and 21 respectively of Star Road Goytrey were admitted to Pontypool Hospital suffering from severe injuries received when the motor-cycle on which they were travelling to work collided with a motor car at Monkswood.
Mr and Mrs Williams suffered severe head injuries and shock, his wife has a compound fracture of the right thigh and shoulder.
Mr Williams is employed by the Monmouth War Agricultural Executive Committee and Mrs Williams is a member of the Land Army.
The Machine on which Mr and Mrs Williams was riding pillion came into a collision with a car driven by Mr Edmund Clissett of 84, Alexander Road, Abertillery.
The cycle was not badly damaged, but damaged was caused to the off-side front wing, running board and door of the car. Mr Clissett escaped injury.

January 22nd

Edwin Edgar, Goytre farmer fined for failing to make his agriculture returns.

February 11th 1943 at Hay Meadow, Goytrey.

Flossie May, aged 32 years. Dearly loved daughter of Mr and Mrs Harry Vimpany.
Her Smiling face, her cheery ways,
are pleasant to recall,
She had a smile for everyone,
and died beloved by all.

February 19th – Miss Vimpany

The funeral took place on Monday at St Peter’s Church Goytrey, of Miss Flossie May Vimpany, aged 32, who died the previous Thursday night at Hay Meadow, Goytrey, where she resided with her parents, Mr and Mrs Harry Vimpany. The deceased was well known and popular throughout the countryside and her early demise, after a long illness, was regretted by a large circle of friends. She was a member of St Peter’s Church and had been employed at a local factory.
Mourners: Mother and Father; Harry, Ernest, William, Ivor and Harold, brothers; Ena, sister; Tom and Elsie, brother in law and sister in law; Mr & Mrs W Taylor; Mr & Mrs E Arnold; uncles and aunts; Mr F Pritchard, uncle; Mr T Taylor, cousin.
Bearers: Messrs H W Gwatkin, D Williams, W Powell, and Douglas Price.
Flowers: Mam and Dad; Harry Ern and Ivor; Ena, Tom and baby Jill; Harold and Elsie; Bill, Violet, Ron and Peggy; Uncle Fred; Uncle Will; Auntie Florrie and family; Tom and family; Auntie Georgina and Uncle Eddie; Gordon and Eileen; Mr & Mrs Gwatkin and Con; Gwyn, Bill and Ann; Trevor, Amy and children; Mr & Mrs D Williams, Esme, Gwyn and Jack; Customers and friends, Pontypool Market; Mrs Watkins, senior and junior; Mr & Mrs Wilcox; Workmates, section 5; Mrs Jones and Evelyn; Mrs Rosser, Horace and Eunice; Mrs Court, Louie, Linda and Miss Osborne; Bobbie; Mr & Mrs Hatchley; Les and Joy; Mr & Mrs Doug Price; Mrs Williams, Lal and Masie; All at Pyddu; Mr & Mrs Morris, Vine Tree; Mr & Mrs Lewis and family; Mr & Mrs Messenger and family.

July 16th – For sale – nanny goat, Hatchley,  Porth Gwyn, Goytrey.

August 20th – Mrs Watkins

The funeral of Mrs Elizabeth Watkins aged 65, wife of Edwin Watkins, Lan Farm, Goytrey took place on Saturday at Goytrey Churchyard.
Mrs Watkins died on August 11th after a long and painful illness borne with great fortitude. She was a native of Carmarthen and had resided at Goytrey for 60 years, formerly at Ty Coch. An ardent church woman she was well known and loved through a wide area.
There was a large attendance of farmers and friends at the funeral and much sympathy was extended to Mr Watkins and Mrs Ivor Jones, who had lived with Mr & Mrs Watkins since childhood.
Messrs; R Arnold, New Barn, A Jenkins, Monachty, R Hames, Goytrey House Farm, and D James, Cefn Mawr.
Husband; Plezzie, Ivor and Marion; All at the Weir; Jim, Laura and family; Mr D Thomas and Molly; Jane, Charles and Leonard; Mr & Mrs Howard, Cwmbran; Mr & Mrs Logan and Donald; Mr & Mrs H John and family, Wharf; Mr & Mrs D James and family, Cefn Mawr; All at Estavarney; Mr & Mrs G Stinchcombe; Mr & Mrs Davies and family, Cardiff; Mr & Mrs Cliff Lewis and Walter; S Jenkins, Brynwern, Pontypool; Mr & Mrs Long, Mrs Herbert, Miss Mathews, Pontypool; Mr & Mrs Powell and family; Mr & Mrs Williams and all at Twyn Mawr; Mr & Mrs C Smith, Usk.

September 10th – Wilks – Price

At Chapel Ed, Goytrey, by the Rev E Simmons, Mr Harold A Wilks, only son of Mr John Wilks, of the Foundry Engineering Works, Little Mill and the late Mrs Wilks, to Miss Mabel A Price, the local district nurse.
Among the guests were Mrs Whitehead, Goytrey Hall and Mrs Birchenough, Pantygoitre House, and the Matron of Nantyderry Nursing Home, Mr A F Stock and others.
Matron of honour, Mrs Exton, Llanvair.
Best man, Mr Stuart Garland, Pontypool. Mr and Mrs Stichcombe had decorated the church, Miss Frances Wilks was at the organ.
Honeymoon at St David’s, Pembrokeshire where Mrs Whitehead kindly placed her residence at their disposal.
The bride, in the execution of her duties, has endeared herself to all by her professional ability and adaptability. The bridegroom comes from a respectable family.

July 8th – Died in N. Africa

Mrs V Morris, Ashley Cottages, New Inn, late of Goytrey, has received news of the accidental death of her 31 year old eldest son, Gnr. Albert Victor Morris, RA, after only eight days in the country. His wife and only son reside in London.
He joined up from the Metropolitan Police Force and before that he was in the service of the Royal Family.
Mrs Morris, a widow, has three other sons and one daughter servicing, and there are two married daughters who’s husbands are serving in the Navy and Home Guard.
The serving sons are: LAC Edwin Morris and Flight Mech. Leslie Morris RAF, and DVR William Morris RA. The daughter, Miss Joan Morris, is a staff car driver in the ATS.
The husband of a daughter, Winifred is a sub-lieutenant in the RN and another daughter’s husband is a sergeant in the Home Guard.

October 22nd – Mr T Williams

The funeral took place at Saron Baptist Chapel of Mr Thomas Williams aged 41 of Coed Trey, Goytrey, who passed away at Pontypool Hospital on October 8th.
Mr Williams who is survived by a wife and two small sons, aged 8 and 1, had for the past 22 years been employed as a Gardener for Mrs L D Whitehead, Goytrey Hall.
He was the second son of Mr J and the late Mrs Williams of Cefn Mynog. Mr Williams brother-in-law, the Rev C A Rees officiated at the house and graveside, assisted by Canon Morgan and the Rev. J Thomas.
Ted and Jim, brothers; S Mathews, father-in-law; W & L Williams; J Barnet, H Prosser, cousins;
At The House: Wife and children; Mam, Ethel and Aubrey; Mam and Dad, Tredegar; Anne, George and boys; Ted and Irene; Jim, Mary and children; Harry and Mabel; May and Maurice; Rebecca, Horace, Harry and Eunice; All at Hawthorn Cottage; Miss Jenkins; Mrs James; Cliff and Dad; Saron Baptist Church; Mr & Mrs J Lewis; Staff at Goytrey Hall; Maud, Charlie and family; W James; Will, Daisy and Joan; Mrs L D Whitehouse and family; Mr & Mrs E Rouse; Mr & Mrs G Hobbs; Mr A Jones; Mrs Court, Louie, Linda and Mrs Osborne; Cecil; Ike Powell and family; J and L Rosser; Jill and Dulcie; Mr & Mrs Gaskin; Mr & Mrs Jones; Mr & Mrs Logan and Donald; Mr & Mrs Herbert and Gordon; Mr & Mrs JAmes and family, Pentre; Mr & Mrs D Williams; Miss Rogers and brother; All at Pyddu; Lilian and Dad; Mr & Mrs Bullock and Aubrey; Mrs G Williams; Mr & Mrs Hall;
The Eastern Valley Cooperative were the undertakers.

November 5th – Bull at Large

For allowing a bull to be at large in a field through which there was a public footpath William Henry Powell, Gelli Farm, Goytre, who pleaded guilty was fined 20/-.
PS J Richardson said Powell told him there is not a public path through the field as far as I know.
Powell said he did not know there was a public footpath in the field when he put the bull there.


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