Ann Twissell Assault – 1874

Free Press Saturday July 18th 1874

Police Court


Ann Twissell was charges with assaulting Emily Phillips, at Mamhilad.

Mrs Phillips said that the defendant’s children were breaking a hedge, and she reproved them, when defendant rushed out and struck her, threatening to rip her guts out.

Elijah Gethany deposed that Mrs Twissell struck Mrs Phillips with such violence as almost to send her down.

Defendant said she merely pushed Mrs Phillips for calling her children thieves.

Jane Roberts was called for the defence, but she said she did not go out of the house when she heard the row, and therefore did not see whether any blows were passed.

The Bench said that the woman acted in a very sensible manner by remaining indoors.

Samuel Twissell, the husband of the defendant, came forward and made a round-about statement, in which he admitted that his wife pushed Mrs Phillips. It appears that Mrs Twissell was jealous of Mrs Phillips.

Fined 15s.


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