Workhouse Burials

Evans Thomas buried Llanover aged 78 from Goytrey poorhouse 1814 3rd May
Gunter Clare Buried Llanover aged 67 from Goytrey poorhouse 1821 14th Feb
Thomas William buried Llanover aged 32 from Goytre poorhouse 1821 15th July
Charles Mary buried Llanover aged 88 from Goytrey poorhouse 1828 17th Dec
Edwards Thomas buried Llanover aged 79 from Goytrey 1833 5th Feb
Edwards Wm bur Llanover found dead in the parish of Llanellen no age given 1835 29th Jan
Prytherch Elizabeth buried llanover aged 85 from Goytrey poorhouse 1835 1st Feb
Watkins Uriah bur Llanover from Goytrey aged 2m 3w 1835 22nd Feb
Jenkins Thomas from Bwrgwm buried Llan aged 71 1835 11th Oct
Lewis Ann from Goytrey aged 20 buried Llanover 1840 16th Sept
Hicks Wm of Ty m.dwr Goytrey aged 75 buried Llanover 1863 2nd Sept
Lewis Elizabeth of Goytrey aged 89 buried Llanover 1873 22nd Oct