Litten, Mrs Mary – 1958

3rd January 1958

Mrs M E Litten, Goytre

The funeral of Mrs Mary Elizabeth Litten, aged 73 of Westleigh, Goytre, took place at Saron Baptist Chapel graveyard Goytre. A service at the house was conducted by the Rev. A Davies and at Saron by the Rev. A Rees.

Husband; Jack and Stan, sons; Jim, brother; Idris, son-in-law; Alfed and Vivian, nephews; Wil, cousin; Messrs S Walton, G Sims; W Barret H Morgan and E Jones;

At the house;
May and Joyce, daughters; Elizabeth, grand-daughter; Hetty and Ida, daughters-in-law; Olwen and Nancy, nieces; Mesdames W Barret; A Morgan; B Clayton, D Jones; M Davies and Miss E Prosser.

Messrs H Prosser, W Morgan, H Vimpany, and J Price.

Husband; Joyce; May, Idris and Marian; Jack, Hetty and family; Frank, Gladys and children; Stan, Ida and children; Elizabeth and Bert; Alf, Albert, Olwen and family; Jim and Lucy; Nancy, Viv and children; Flo and Harold; Les, Mary and Ian; Joy and Spencer; Sidney and George; Mr & Mrs Barrett; Laura Clayton and family; A Morgan, Gwynedd; Ted, Doll, Idris and Marion; Mr & Mrs Bryn Davies and family; Eunice and Horace; All at Pydew; Harold, Elsie and Gordon; All at Ty Cook; Mr & Mrs Gwatkin; C & K Nichols; Mr & Mrs G Jeremiah; Mr & Mrs Haines and family, Mamhilad; Mr & Mrs Roy Ball and family; Mr & Mrs E Dobbs and family; Mr & Mrs Sparrow and family; Mr & Mrs Sheppard and children; Mr & Mrs Pritchard and family; Mrs Williams and Lal; Mr & Mrs George Davies; All at the Knoll; Mrs Court and Louie; Mr & Mrs J Lewis, Castle Cottage; Mr & Mrs H Ball; Mr J Lewis; Len, Pat and Jane; Ron Enid and Allen; Mr & Mrs Probert; Pentre Farm, Mamhilad; Mr & Mrs Percy Roberts; Mr & Mrs Palmer; Miss Wilkes; Mr & Mrs H Wilkes; All at Gelli; S & I Dobbs; Mrs Sexton; Mrs Jenkins and Stan; All at Walnut Tree; Mrs Davies and family; Mrs B Williams, Bill and Cis; Mr & Mrs J Evans and Bryn; Thurza, Elias and family; Mrs Bennett and family, Llanhilleth; Mrs Richards and Alf; Winvons florists; Staff of Pontnewynydd School; Stationmaster and Staff Pontypool Crane Street; Pontypool Depot, SWEB; Goytre and Mamhilad Branch Unionist Association; Goytre Arms Darts Team.


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