1909 Free Press

February 19th – For sale

Handsome dark brown cart horse, (entire) clean and sound; excellent worker in all harness; the sire of most profitable stock. Bred and owned by Josiah Lewis, Danicraig, Goytre, near Abergavenny.

March 5th  – Fat and store stock sale at “Carpenters Arms” field

1 mile from Nantyderry Station
M/s Thomkins and Chadwick will conduct a sale of Fat and Store Stock on Thursday next March 11th.
For which good entires have been received.
100 Fat Ewes and Tegs
50 Ewes and Lambs
25 Fat Store Cattle
20 Pigs including 3 Capital Bacons
Harses, Traps, Harness & c
Lunch 1s each
Sale at 12 o’clock prompt.

April 30th

Abraham Boyce, farmer Mamhilad fined 7s 6d for allowing his pigs to stray on the highway.

June 11th – Death of Mrs A Thomas

By the death of Mrs M A Thomas of the Refreshment Rooms, Nantyderry loses an old resident, one who was well known for many miles around.
Mrs Thomas, who had been ill for some time, died on Tuesday evening. She had resided at the Refreshment Rooms for the past 27 years and was a native of the neighbourhood, where she was highly esteemed.
Since the loss of her husband a couple of months ago, she rapidly grew worse and her death was not unexpected.

July 23rd – For Sale

Twelve Store Pigs, 10 weeks old; also good working horse; no further use. – W Walker, Tyhir Farm, Goytre.

July 30th

Wanted, good general apply Evans Carpenters Arms

August 20th – Motor Accident near Nantyderry

Mr E H Crawshay, Cwmbran, accompanied by Dr & Mrs WEC Murphy, Cwmbran, Miss Crawshay and Mr Crawshay’s chauffeur, met with a motor accident on Monday night.
They had visited the Motor Gymkana at The Hendre, Monmouth, (the residence of Lord Llangattock) during the day.
They returned by way of Abergavenny and dined at the residence of Mr Codrington F Crawshay, the Grange, Abergavenny. On the return journey all went well until the car reached the turn near Goytrey Hall, where the car skidded and ran into a wall.
The two ladies and Dr Crawshay were thrown out and the car was smashed up. The ladies were taken to Goytrey Hall and afterwards taken home in Mr C F Crawshay’s trap.
Mrs Murphy received a cut across her forehead and her face was grazed.
It was fortunate that more serious personal injuries did not occur. The damaged car was taken back to the Grange.

September 3rd – Live and dead stock at Pentre farm

Messrs Poole, Barnes & Co., under instructions from Mr L Morgan,
14 Hereford and Cross-Bred Cattle
Cart and Nag horses
Pigs; Poultry; Cider; Fruit
Ricks of Prime Hay
About 360 Bushels of Oats
120 Acres of Grass Keep (to Christmas)
Agricultural Implements, the whole fully described in Catalogue.
Sale at 1 o’clock.

September 17th –  Valuable Freehold Cottage for Sale

By Auction at the Lion Hotel, Blaenavon on Wednesday September 22nd 1909 at 5.30 sharp.
Freehold Cottage and land situate in the Parish of Goytre, in the County of Monmouth and known as Berigmaurion, containing in all about FIVE acres and now in the occupation of Mr Alfred Williams at the yearly rent of £10.
The house contains sitting-room, kitchen, dairy, two bedrooms and the usual offices. The outbuildings are stable with loft over, beast-house, pigs cot etc.
The property is situate about five miles from Abergavenny and Pontypool and about two miles from Blaenavon.

September 24th – Farm Labourer Lays Snares

David Thomas, farm labourer, Goytrey, was charged with trespassing on land of Mr J C Hanbury in search of conies at Goytrey on September 14th. Mr T Watkins prosecuted.
Mr W H Charles J.P., defendant’s employer intimated that he was not going to give evidence in the case, but as Mr Watkins stated he would summon him as witness, Mr Charles left his seat on the Bench and sat at the solicitors table until he was called to give evidence.
Ernest Williams, under-keeper in the employ of Mr Hanbury, said that on September 11th at about 11 am he was on Parkybrain Farm which was in the occupation of Mr W H Charles.
Witness found a wire set in a field and knocked it down. Witness went there again on Monday evening and the wire had been reset. He also found another wire in a field adjoining and knocked that down too. Witness stood in the field for some time and hid behind a hedge till dark. He left and returned again next morning at five o’clock. At six o’clock defendant came and reset the wire and was walking away when witness went to him and asked him who gave him permission to set the wire there.
Defendant replied “the boss told me to catch a rabbit.” He said that was the only one he got.
Witness asked him “what about the one in the next field?”
Defendant replied that was his also; those two were all he had.
Witness went with him to Mr Charles and on the way defendant told witness that Mr Charles had not given him permission.
Witness went to see Mr Charles and took possession of the wires. The defendant acknowledge they were his.
Mr Charles said defendant was in his employ. He had not given him any permission to lay wires for rabbits.
In reply to the clerk he said that defendant was living at the farm with him for five weeks.
Mr Watkins: We have no desire to press the case unduly sir. He is a farm labourer. Defendant was fined 10s.

October 15th – Nantyderry Orchestral Society

An Orchestral Society has just been formed at Nantyderry, the first practice being held last week and practices will be held on Fridays under the superintendence of Mr W R Carr.
The secretary of the society is Miss E M Osman, and it is intended to give concerts during the season in Abergavenny.


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