Goulding, Mrs A E – 1954

June 25th 1954

The funeral took place at St Mathews Church, Monkswood of Mrs Annie Goulding (nee Annie Elizabeth Jones) aged 46, of Llwyn Celyn Bungalow, Goytre, well known for many years as tenant stall holder at Pontypool market.
The services at the house, church and graveside were conducted by Canon D Ivor Jones, vicar of Usk and Monkswood.
Mourners: Chris and husband; Sylvia and Doreen, daughters; Peter, son; Basil, son-in-law; Dad; Johnie and Melda, brother and sister-in-law; Florrie and Harold; Mabel and Archie, Lil and Will, brothers and sisters-in-law; Roy and Mary, Doris, Mabel and Cedric, (Rochdale); Bert, Harry, Olive, Arthur Parry and Florence, nieces and nephews; Auntie Annie (Sheffield); Anne, Jack, Rene, Mary Jane, Cliff and Eva, (Birmingham); Arthur, Hilda, John, Ede, Alice, Violet, Tom, Ivor Pitt, Bessie, Olive, Beattie, Charlie, Flo, Ivor Shepherdson, Will Somers, Flo Powell, Bryn, Alice Scot; Reg Perrett and Bertha, cousins; Mrs R Goulding, mother-in-law; Dave, Min, George, Vi, Will, Idris, Raymond, Doris, Ted and Rose, brothers and sisters-in-law; Papa Jim; also represented Pontypool market tenants, many friends and general public.
Bearers: M/s Archie and Arthur James,  Derek Davies, (nephews); D James and T Williams, cousins; T Gwilliam.
Flowers: Chris; Sylvia and Peter; Dorrie and Basil; Dad; Florrie and Harold; Johnie, Melda and children; Mabel, Archie and family; Will, Lil and family; Mother and papa Jim; Roy, Mary, Gareth and Kathryn; Mary and Cedric, Rochdale; Sid, Eira and family; Eve, Fred and Valerie, Birmingham; Dai, Bertha and family; Hilda, Arthur and family; Rene, Ted and Cliff; Auntie Annie, Ada and Lily; Vi, Win, Arthur and Sheila; Rose and family; Idris, May and children; Auntie Jane; Ted, Doll, Idris and Keith; Anne (cousin) and Jack,  Ivor and Val; Charlie, Flo and family; Mr & Mrs Granville Stinchcombe; Mary and Irene, (Skenfrith); Mr & Mrs Reg Abell; Mr & Mrs Shearman; Bill, Phylis and Don Logan; Goytre Boys, (Christmas visitors); Dennis, Elwyn and Reg; Wright & Lodge, Newport; Mr & Mrs David Thompson, Pentre Grange; All at Troedyrhiw; Mr & Mrs Williams; Valerie and Stephen; Desmond and Tony; Mr & Mrs Rogers, Horseshoe; Mr & Mrs Ivor Jones, Lapstone; G E Jarvis; Mrs W Morris and family; Mr & Mrs Litten; Tony, Joyce and family; Mrs James, Aggie and Roy; Gwen and Charlie; Ede Waite, Barbara and Margaret, Devon; Mr & Mrs Bert James and family; Mr & Mrs Murray, Yvonne and boys; Mrs James, Gertie; Mr & Mrs Watkins; Amy and family, Glan-y-nant; Elsie, Harold and Gordon, Pwllmeyric; Elias, Thurza and family; All the friends at Old Stores; Gladys, Mary and family; Mr & Mrs Dobbs, New House; Mr & Mrs Powell, Gelli; Les and Lil; Elsie, Ted and Ede, Olive and Beat; Bess and family; all at the Brook; S & K Howells; Dave, Muriel and family; Mr & Mrs W Theirs and Beryl; Mrs R Goulding; Reggie, Netta, Albert and Rowland, Llangwm; George and Daphne; Mr & Mrs W Hawkins; Mr & Mrs Watkins, Doug and Daphne; Ray, Doris and Donald; Pontypool markets association; Dave, Trixie and family; Mrs Amphlett and family; Mrs K Hamford and family; Mr & Mrs Touhig and Kerry; Ivy, Diane Bennett; Cliff and Denise Pole and family; Mary and Ted Wall; Bert, Ethel and Bill; Win and Bill, Pontypool; Mr P Jones and children; Mr & Mrs Gratton and family; G J Lee, Pontypool market; Ivy and Ted Gwilliam; Flo and Tiny Jones; C & K Nicholas, Brynderwyn; E Williams and M Virgin, Pontypool; Mr & Mrs Bailey; Mr & Mrs H Gwatkin; Auntie Flo; Will and Maud; Mr & Mrs Powell and family; Mr & Mrs Jack James and family; Idris and Keith; Harry, Dorothy and family; Roy and Ivor; Minnie and George; Marge and George; Veronica, Valerie and Graham; Alice and Percy; May and Ivor; Mr Powell, The Laurels; Mr Brian Jenkins, also one anonymous.


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