T247 – Lineage of Henry Bird

T247 – Lineage

Henry Bird of St Marys Rotherhithe was born in 1695 and died in 1757.

He was the brother of Elias Bird of Roehampton Park, Sheriff of Surrey 1744 died in 1767

He was also the brother of Edward Bird Lieut., obit at 26 on 23 February 1718 hanged for pinking a waiter.

They were the children of Henry Bird and Elizabeth nee Fitzgerald.

He claimed descent from Bird of Broughton Hall.

T310 – Elizabeth Bird Diary of Family Events 1775 -1837

1775 23rd Mar brother Henry went to America
  13th Feb sister Dolly married to Wm Symons of Martin Gate Plymouth afterwards Chaddlewood
  5th Dec grandmother Bird died
  8th Dec Dolly a son – William
1780 7th June riots in London – Newgate and other prisons burned down
1781 1st Aug – Wed Dolly a daughter Elizabeth Maria (Mrs Saltare)
1782 11th Feb – Mon I was married at Ridgeway Church to William Hayward Winstone of Albany Court, present, father, Wm Symons and cousin Maria Biggs
  24th Nov – Sun Henrietta Winstone born
1785 3rd Jan brother Henry came
  31st Jan Dolly a daughter Doroty ( Mrs Strode)
  8th Feb Mrs Henry Bird a daughter Maria at Hotwells
  17th Mar brother Henry went to Monmouthshire with his family
1789 16th Sept Henrietta Coinstone died
1793   Bird family moved to the Priory Plymton
1794 13th Sept – Sun Mrs Henry Bird a daughter Fanny
  11th June left Oldbury Court
  1st July slept first time in new house 1 Bedford Street Bath
  29th Sept Sally, George, Samuel and Frances christened by Revd. Williams
1800 4th Apr brother Henry died of dystentry 4 days after leaving Spithead to join expedition to Egypt
  22nd Sept heard of the above event
  18th Oct left Goytre with George and Fanny
  28th Oct William Symonds died
1801 12th Oct grand illumination for peace
  19th Oct Mrs Saltare a son Henry
1803 8th Apr Mrs Samuel Bird died
    Maria Bird married Cpt Witherington
  8th July our family left Bath for Quedgley near Gloucester
1804 1st Aug – Wed Mrs Witherington a daughter Maria (Mrs Towgood)
1805 29th Jan aunt Biggs died (mothers sister Miss Biggs)
  9th Sept my dear mother moved from Stonehouse to Chaddlewood
  8th Oct spoke to me fort he last time. Took to her bed
  10th Oct my dear mother died
  21st Oct Lord Nelson victory and death
1807 1st July left Goytre with Fanny and Louisa Bird
1808 25th Feb Maria Witherington died. Buried in Goytre churchyard
  27th May Left Goytre with Louisa
1809   Betsy Bird died. Buried at Goytre
  1st Dec Harriet died at Hotwells. Buried in the Chapel yard Clifton
1810 30th Sept Sally Birch died. Buried in Plympton church yard
1811 22nd June brought Georgina to Quesdgley
1812 20th Nov my nephew Henry came with wife, children Fanny and nurse
1814 29th Oct my dear sister Dolly a daughter (Mrs Symons) – Mrs Salter a daughter – Henrietta
1815 18th June battle of Waterloo
1816 7th Dec Henry, a son Henry. Mrs Salter twins, one died. Charles Bird married to Miss Ann Crook
1817 13th June Henry put on full pay in the 87th
1818 24th Mar left Bath with Fanny and Louisa for Exmouth
  18th May the dear blessed Louisa breathed her last. Buried in Littleham church yard near Exmouth
  20th Oct my dear husband Wm Hayward Winstone died
  27th Oct funeral at Quedgley
  2nd Nov left Quedgley for lodgings in St James’s Bath
  31st Dec this concludes a year of much sorrow and strange happenings
1819   Salter family left Ridgeway
  18th May Mr Salter died
  31st Dec this year thanks to Almighty God has been far more happy than the last. My dear child (Fanny Bird) in perfect heath and I have a more comfortable home
1820 25th Mar took no. 18 Park Street Bath. Rent £73 10s. Taxes £35 11 5d
  31st Dec this year thanks be to God has passed more free from trouble than any preceeding one in my remembrance. A greatful heart and contented mind are my thankful offerings
1821 28th May dreadful storm of thunder and lightenings so dark that candles were needed for an hour at mid-day
1822 9th Mar uncle Biggs died
  26th May cousin Ann Gwyn died. Mrs Henry Bird a daughter
  12th Sept Dorothy Symons married Mr George Strode of Newnham Park
  31st Dec blessed to be God. This year has passed in health and comfort
  20th Jul went to Glasgow with Fanny
  1st Aug went to Edinburgh
  24th Aug went to Worcester bought a teaset to Royal Strode?
1823 15th Jul rain every day till August 27th 40 days of rain
  2nd Sept left Bath. Met my dearest child Fanny at Gloster, went on to North Wales. Rev Wm Walters died. Mrs Strode a daughter Georgina.
    George Saltare married Miss Fanny Culsac. Henry and George left for Ceylon. Mrs Henry Bird and family left Goytre
1824 4th Feb Fanny Bird married to Rev Walter Marriott. God grant that this may be a happy day. 15 at breakfast
  5th Mar my dear child and Mr Marriott left for Babbicombe
1825 23rd Mar left 18 Park St for number 31
  12th Sept Mrs Strode a daughter Florence
  22nd Oct Walter Marriott went to take duty at Holt
  2nd Dec Fanny drank tea at Wm Wilberforce’s
1826 6th Jan my beloved child went to Holt
  1st Aug Mrs Wm Holt died nee Caroline Marriott
  17th Nov my dear child and little Wm Walters arrived from Goytre
1827 22nd Nov – Thurs my dear child returned to Bath at 4pm after an accident in the carriage on Bradford Hill on the way to Holt. Walter came with her
  12th Apr Mrs Harvey Marriott a daughter ( Caroline)
  30th Apr my dear child came down to breakfast. God be praised for her amendment
  9th May Fanny went to Walcot church to the christening of Mr Harvey Marriotts child
  11th May Walter and Fanny returned to Holt
  25th May Mr Peter Marriott a daughter (Ellen?)
  14th Sept Fanny and Walter came
  10th Oct my beloved child a daughter at 4pm
  7th Nov went to Walcot church to the christening of Louisa Jane
  27th Fanny, Walter and baby went to Holt. Maria Witherington married Mr Towgood of Dartford
1828 19th Feb Ann Hayward married to Mr Harvey. Elizabeth and her brother Frederick sailed for India in May
  3rd Oct Mrs Peter Marriott a daughter (Annie)
  16th Sept Fanny, Walter and baby left Bath for Goytre
  14th Nov All returned from Goytre
  20th Nov Maria Towgood a son (William)
  1st Dec Mrs Harvey Marriott a daughter Sophia
  6th Ann Niblet a daughter (Anne)
  26th George Bird married to a daughter (Charlotte) of Col. Hook at Colombo Ceylon
1829 3rd Aug my dear child and family came to Bath
  5th my nephew Henry Bird died
  24th my dear Fanny a daughter 5.30 am
  22nd May child christened at Walcot church Albina Caroline
  29th all went to Holt
  19th Aug heared of the death of my nephew Henry Bird
  31st Walter and family went to Goytre
1830 22nd Apr Mr Peter Marriott a daughter (Fanny Adelaide)
  8th July Mr Henry Bird’s 4 children with Lucy, Fanny and Louisa came from Holt and dined with me
  29th Dec Mrs Henry Bird married Mr Richard Mais
1831 1st Jan I began the new year in bodily pain but blesses be God in mental comfort hearing this day heard of the welfare of those most dear to me
  5th Apr Mr Basil Marriott married Miss Charlotte Bough. Walter and Fanny went to the wedding
  8th July all left Bath for Goytre
  5th Aug returned from Goytre
  20th Oct – Thurs my beloved child a son early this morning
  29th dreadful riots in Bristol and some in Bath
  20th Nov dear baby christened Walter Henry
  1st Dec the dear family came from Holt
  16th Sept my dear child returned home
1832 16th Aug all the children with whooping cough
  21st Louisa in the measles
  30th Oct Mrs Harvey Marriott a son (Herbert)
  1st July Georgina Dix a daughter (Charlotte Georgina)
1833 23rd Mar my dear child removed from Holt to Trowbridge
  9th Aug my dear child with Louisa and Henry Bird went to Goytre
  28th Sept Mrs Peter Marriott a daughter (Agnes)
1834 16th Feb my dear child a daughter
  31st Mar Mrs Briggs died
  10th my dear Fanny, Louisa and baby came
  26th Lucy Bird married to Rev Thomas Davies (of Trevethin)
  1st Aug Mrs Harry Nisbet and children returned to India
  30th Sept Henry Bird sailed for Ceylon a Lt. In the rifle corps
1835 22nd Apr little Walter was lost in the street of Bath for over an hour
  30th Fanny and family left Bath for Goytre
  6th June all passed through Bath on the way home. Left Louisa with me
  16th my dear Fanny came with little Bess
  9th Sept dear little Walter broke his arm
  24th Nov The arm broken again
  31st Dec blessed be God the year has passed without any material cause of affliction and in no more pain than might be expected from my advanced time of life.
1836 17th May my dear family from Trowbridge dined with me on their way to Clifton
  30th Prior Park in Bristol burnt down
  28th June my dear Fanny andfamily returned from Clifton.
    Nothing particular recorded after this date
1837 18th Apr Elizabeth Hayward Winstone died. Buried in the Winstone vault under Stapleton church where her only daughter Henrietta has been buried

T247 – Lineage Henry Bird b.1695



Henry Bird of St Marys Rotherhithe was born in 1695 and died in 1757.

He was the brother of Elias Bird of Roehampton Park, Sheriff of Surrey 1744, died in 1767.

He was also the brother of Edward Bird Lieut., obit on 26 or 23 February 1718,  hanged for pinking a waiter.

They were the children of Henry Bird and Elizabeth nee Fitzgerald.

He claimed descent from Bird of Broughton Hall.

(Dictionary Note: to pink is to pierce with a rapier or the like; stab.)

T268 – Bird family history

Part of 268

In a self bound volume of the history of the families of Cumberland and Westmorland, printed about 1700 is an account of the owners of Broughton Hall in Cumberland.

Henry, descent of Bird Oswald a Dane who founded his home on the Great Wall about AD800 (a Viking) married about 1164 Joan Teasdale, heiress of Broughton Hall.

Several pages in the book deals with the family genealogy, trees are given. Quarrels between the Hall and the castle, especially during the time of the celebrated Countess, owner of the castle which ended on the Bird or Byrds having to pay a token fine in kind or in money to the Countess. (Bird Oswald is still marked in maps of the Great Wall.)

After being in possession of Broughton Hall for 500 years the history ceases abruptly. Ten sons fought for King Charles, the family plate was melted down, 8 or 9 sons were killed.

My father, rev Frederick Louis Byrde told me that no Byrde should ever allow people to say that Charles II was ungenerous or mean. He granted 3 considerable estates to them in recognition of their services to the Stuarts.

  1. Land in London from Oxford Street to part of Berkley Square – Bird Street which leads out of Oxford Street is the only survival of the transaction. The law suit between Bird and I suppose Grosvenor (who was not at that time Duke of Westminster) lasted 100 years – papers about the case are in the British Museum. The money ran short and also a vital paper was found to be missing.
  2. Land in Devonshire (I forget the name) only 3 daughters were left to the Bird or Byrde then. Called the three heiresses – each took her portion into her husband’s family.
  3. Abbey lands in Norfolk or Suffolk, ‘no place attached’. The lands had been taken by Henry VIII. The land ceased (to) belong to the family – reason obscure.

Elizabeth Hicks.
In the wars between the French and the English in America the family of Hicks moved from Virginia. Red Indians tomahawked the parents, two sons and two daughters, Elizabeth 10 years old – said to be beautiful, with beautiful hair, was spared. The chief put her into the care of his chief squaw. Before the move a Captain Gilmore had offered Elizabeth’s father £500 if he would keep her safely with him until his return as he wished to marry her when she was old enough. 1 brother Hicks escaped when the family was killed off.

During the two years that Elizabeth was with the Indians she hoped that her brother would rescue her. A Henry Bird, a Captain with Wolf at Quebec heard of her, he and another officer captured her from the Indians.

Henry kept Elizabeth shut up in a house at Detroit Canada in the care of a lady for 2 years.

He married her there when she was 14 years. She rode ponies and milked cows when with the Red Indians and her imprisonment was terrible. She kept a diary which unfortunately was burnt – the spelling was shocking and her sentences illegible.

Two sons were born to Elizabeth and Henry in Canada, from one is descended Admiral Byrde. Birds are mentioned in the Creevy or Creecy papers, the lead Montreal now stands on what belonged to Henry, who sold it before its value was realised. Several other children were born to Elizabeth at Goytrey house in Monmouthshire, where she insisted on milking the cows.

A son or grandson of hers was one of the Prince regent’s gay set and lost a great deal, the Abbey lands may have been paid for a gambling debt.

Joshua Reynolds was a friend of one of the sons and painted their mother at Goytrey.

De Fer – at the time of the French Revolution De Fer and her brother Pierre escaped from France to Kent in a fishing boat. The rest of the family were guillotined.

A Captain Henry Bird stationed at Canterbury fell in love with the French girl who was teaching French to live. Pierre returned to France to see about the family estate and was never heard of again. Henry and ? were married in the Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral. When stationed at Windsor the daughters of ? and Henry were (w Private) – as is. The daughters of George III. One gave, I think it was Adelaide Bird a carved ivory knife with a steel blade – probably Italian; this was given to me by my father, William Byrde.

The christian names of the children have now Frederick and Louis amongst the Augustus, Henrietta etc and Charles etc in the family genealogies.

Bird or Byrde spelt either way were great soldiers, undistinguished – not one became a general. They fought in the thirty years war, the wars of the Austrian succession. Peninsular war, Napoleonic wars, one was at Waterloo.

A boy of 18 was drowned at the battle of the Nile, China wars. On his return from China a Col. Henry Byrde bought land in Ceylon – he brought from China a great quantity of porcelain, bedroom and table and drawing room china. This was all marked with the family coat of arms in England. Most was sold after the death of my grandfather, Colonel Henry Louis Byrde, JP, deputy Lieutenant of Monmouthshire. He went back to the old spelling of Byrde. A brother of his, I think a Charles was wounded in the Crimea war. He was the youngest Major. He went to Ceylon to plant on some of the family estate.

My grandmother would not allow any of her sons to go into the Army. My father and his brother became Clerics. Richard was headmaster of All Hallows Devon.

Note: when I sang in a concert in Penrith Cumbria in ’98 the Penrith newspaper said “one of the Byrde’s of Broughton Hall which had been in the family for 500 years”. Cumbria had a long memory. The celebrated Lord Chancellor took his title from “Broughton” when he lived at Broughton Hall.

T183 – Henry Charles Bird born 1815


Henry Charles Bird son of Col Bird and Frances Bird

Born at Gosport 7th December 1815

Rebecca Mais d/o Charles and Elizabeth born Kingsdown Bristol on 10th December 1810 married at St Peter’s Church Colombo Ceylon on 5th February 1837 


Henry 3/12/1837 bap Kandy 4/3/37

Charles 17/6/1839 bap Kandy 14/7/39

Daughter 22/10/1840 died 27th/10/1840 – unbaptised born Kandy

Frederick Louis 28/1/1842 bap 27/2/1842

Richard Augustus 4/3/1844 bap 24/3/1844

Francis Wm 20/6/1846 b August 1846

Annie Elizabeth 16/2/1853 bap 20/3/1853

T232 – Fragmentary Diary of Charles Elias Bird


Fragmentary Diary of Charles Elias Bird, born 1783 service throughout the Penninsular War mainly in the fighting fifth.

He was at Waterloo and received the medal about 1846.

He and his elder brother Henry were accounted the two strongest men in the army.

Sent out to forage they returned carrying a cow between them.

Henry, the elder was not at Waterloo owing to the long war at Wellington with Lord Hill, most of the senior officers were owed pay after Elba? Leading the Duke to say ‘ I have an infamous army’.

Both Henry and Charles were the sons of Lt. Col. Hy. Bird who fought thro the American War of Independence, rescued Elizabeth Hicks who became his wife from Red Indians, and in 1800 died at sea on Sir R Abercromby expedition to Egypt.

He left 3 sons and 9 daughters

ORA Byrde

4 Cambray Court


Fragmentary Diary of Chas Elias Bird b. About 1784.

(I think at Ty Cooke before the repairs to Goytre House were finished)

T239 – Owen Richard Augustus Byrde


Owen Byrde

Birth cert Rachel Olivia d/o Owen Richard Augustus Byrde and Lesley Weddell of Halifax

Birth cert for Lesley Weddell 3rd November 1881 – 18 Clayton Park Square USD Newcastle – d/o George Weddell and Isabella Jacques

Marriage cert Owen R Augustus Byrde and Lesley Weddell 15th October 1910

29 – School master – father Richard Augustus Byrde clk in holy orders

28 – Spinster – George Weddell – director

Death cert Owen R A Byrde – 6th February 1946 aged 64 years

4 Cambray Court Cheltenham – retired school master

Cirrhoses of the liver
Varicose veins

Informant- son C G Byrde, 28 Thirloe S London SW7

Birth Cert ORAB
20th June 1881 – Islington

20th June 1881
Richard Owen Byrde s/o Richard Augustus Byrde – mother Alice Mary Leyburne Byrde formerly Burne


I devise and bequeath all the residue of my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever to which I shall be entitled at my death unto my Trustees UPON TRUST that my Trustees shall sell, call in and convert into money the same or such part thereof as shall not consist of money with power to postpone such sale calling in and conversion for such period as my Trustees shall judge expedient. (with particular reference to the shares held by me in Cerebos Ltd) and out of the money so produced and out of my ready money shall pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and the legacies, bequests by this my will or any codicil hereto and all invest the residue of the said moneys in any authorised trust, investments with power from time to time to vary such investments for others of a like nature and shall stand possessed of the residue of such moneys and the investments for/the time being representing the same (herein called “my Residuary Fund”) upon the following trusts:


  1. UPON TRUST to pay the income thereof to myself wife during her life.
  2. SUBJECT to the aforesaid life interest of my said wife upon trust to divide the same into five equal parts and to hold the same as to both capital and income thereof:-
  3. AS to two fifths parts thereof UPON TRUST for my said son Richard George de Fer Byrde absolutely PROVIDED that should my said son predecease me without leaving issue him surviving then I DIRECT that his share shall be held by my Trustees upon the trusts hereinafter set out with regard to the remainder of my Residuary Trust Fund.
  4. AS to the remaining three fifth parts thereof UPON TRUST for my three remaining children, namely Pamela Morrison Murray and Rachel Olivia Byrde and Christopher Granville Byrde on his attaining the age of twenty one year’s absolutely in equal shares.
  5. PROVIDED NEVERTHELESS that in case any child of mine has died or shall die in my lifetime leaving issue living at my death who being male attain the age of twenty one years or being female attain that age or previously marry such issue shall stand in the place of such deceased child and take per stirpes and equally between them if more than one the share of my residuary trust fund which such deceased child would have taken if he or she had survived me and had attained a vested interest.
  6. ANY trustee being a solicitor or other person engaged in any profession or business may be so employed or act and shall be entitled to charge and be paid all professional or other charges or any business or act done by him or by his firm in connection with the trusts hereof including acts which a Trustee could have done personally.
  7. I DESIRE that my body shall be cremated and my ashes deposited in the family grave of my father and mother in Goytrey Churchyard.

IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand to this my WILL contained in this and the preceding sheet of paper this Twentieth day of November One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty Nine.

SIGNED by the said Owen Augustus Richard Byrde the testator as and for his last will in the presence of us both present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.

Owen Richard Augustus Byrde

C Evans                                                          SRC Thomas Patson

The Old Bank House                                      Park Avenue

Abergavenny Mon                                          Abergavenny – Bank Clerk 

– Bank Manager                                    

T11 – Family History Letter


This is a letter from Aunt Louise to an unknown person.

My great grandfather Henry Bird, merchant of Plymouth, now called Devonport residing at The Grove, Plymton St Mary,  trading with Constantinople married Elizabeth Briggs, her brother, (page damaged) resided with his wife and two daughters, Juliet and Maria Arnold at Ridgway near Plymton.

The daughter lived to be over 80 and died on the same day. His maiden sister, known as “Aunt Biggy” lived at The Grove with her widowed sister, Mr Henry Bird (my great grandmother and Mrs Samuel Bird.)

Henry and Elizabeth Bird had Henry who married Elizabeth Hicks, Elizabeth, (called Betsy) who married William Hayward Winstone.

Samuel who married Dorothy, who married William Symons of Chaddlewood. Henry had Henry, Henrietta, Joan, Hariett, Maria, Lucy, Sally or Selina, Fanny, George, Georgina, Charlotte, Louisa, born November 1800.

Elizabeth married a widower with (page damaged) afterwards Mr Curtis taking the name of Hayward.

Louisa married late in life, Captain Sykes.

Lucy married Colonel Foster.

Joan who went abroad – her one and only child born and died at the age of 6 at Oldbury Court.

Henrietta had no children.

Dorothy had William (Seymour,) George Henry who died young, Mary Elizabeth married Henry Salter

Dorothy married George Strode of Newnham Park.

Elizabeth’s children were Henry George William, Henrietta, Dora, Milly.

Elizabeth’s children were Georgina Strode, Florence, Sidney.

His name and that of his children were Hayward only but he came into the Oldbury property and took the name of Winstone before his marriage. My aunts only child who died at the age of 6 was Henrietta Hayward Winstone, she was named after her uncle (my grandfather). Mr Winstone’s son died abroad.

The daughter was Albinia who married Captain Curtis, vicar of Billou between Bristol and Bath. On the death of her father she came into the Quedgley property near Gloucester which he had inherited from his uncle Hayward and she became Mrs Curtis Hayward (her husband was dead) she was the mother of my mother’s friend and Miss Hayward (my godmother) Mrs Harry (aunt Bessie’s godmother.)

Mrs Peters and Mrs Symons, her sons were John Curtis Hayward who succeeded the Quedgley property saving his mother’s life twice, she and her sister lived at Quedgley till the house got too full, his son William John Hayward is now master of Quedgley, the other son of Mr Curtis Hayward was the Rev’d Winstone Hayward who was Rector of a Somerset parish for many years. He was living when I left. I have not heard from him since.

When my great aunt and uncle Winstone had Quedgley they made it their summer residence and rented No. 1 Bedford Street Bath their town house where they generally resided with my mother and aunt Louisa whom they had adopted. One or more of their older sisters to be introduced into Bath “Society,” of which they were at the very top, that was all that the Bird’s ever had to do with Bath.

Aunt Winstone died there April 18th 1837 and was buried by her children in the family vault under Stapleton Church, her husband was buried besides his first wife in the Hayward family vault at Quedgley. I have the coat of arms of both their families, engraved on seals.

The Bird family house was The Grove Plymstow near Plymouth where my great grandmother lived after her husband’s death and her sister Mrs Biggs and my great uncle Sam’s widow lived with her and all died there and are buried in Plymstow churchyard where many others be. I have seen their monuments, their brother Major Biggs lived also in Plymstow with his two daughters, Maria and Juliet. My mother took me to see them when I was about 15, they were over 80 then and both died on the same day a few years afterwards.

You will have to study this, to get it into your head, the paper will help you to fix the generations. I would like you to know your relations, my dear mother used to talk to me about them till I seemed to know them all which neither of the other cared to do and as your father makes a muddle, ask me anything you like.

With much love to you all,

Your loving Aunt Louisa.

I found this was overweight so finished the genealogy which I enclose.