T232 – Fragmentary Diary of Charles Elias Bird


Fragmentary Diary of Charles Elias Bird, born 1783 service throughout the Penninsular War mainly in the fighting fifth.

He was at Waterloo and received the medal about 1846.

He and his elder brother Henry were accounted the two strongest men in the army.

Sent out to forage they returned carrying a cow between them.

Henry, the elder was not at Waterloo owing to the long war at Wellington with Lord Hill, most of the senior officers were owed pay after Elba? Leading the Duke to say ‘ I have an infamous army’.

Both Henry and Charles were the sons of Lt. Col. Hy. Bird who fought thro the American War of Independence, rescued Elizabeth Hicks who became his wife from Red Indians, and in 1800 died at sea on Sir R Abercromby expedition to Egypt.

He left 3 sons and 9 daughters

ORA Byrde

4 Cambray Court


Fragmentary Diary of Chas Elias Bird b. About 1784.

(I think at Ty Cooke before the repairs to Goytre House were finished)


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