Parish Constables 1714 – 1883

Parish Constables were generally unpaid and were expected to implement the Vagabond and Beggars Act of 1494, this act stated that vagabonds and beggars were to be set in stocks for 3 days then whipped until they had left the parish. Their other duties consisted of catching poachers, drunks, hedge damagers, prostitutes, church avoiders, apprehending fathers of bastard children and any other misdemeanours in the parish.

1714 Rowland Morgan for his own Lands
1715 Rumsey Griffiths for Mr Charles Morgan
1717 Wm Thomas Phillip for his own Lands
1718 Isaac Frederick for the lands of Wm Morgan
1720 Daniel William Harry
1721 Jenkins Rosser for his own Lands
1726 William Mathew for Penpederhewle
1729 George Walbyof for Mr Hanbury Land
1731 William Morgan for Mr Robert Lands
1735 William Richard John for his own Lands
1738 Thomas Rosser for Penpellemy
1739 James Thomas for the lands Francis Williams
1740 missing
1741 Joshua Morgan for the Widow Jenet Jenkins Land
1742 John Gwillim for his own Lands
1743 missing
1744 William Lewis for John Prichard Lands
1745 David Morgan
1746 William Andrews for his own lands
1747 Morgan Evan for his own lands
1748 Charles Lewis for his own lands
1749 Isaac hary for Thomas Jones Lands
1750 William Mathew for his lease
1751 Richard Watkins for his lease
1752 missing
1753 Isaac Lewis for Widow James Lands
1754 Thomas Oliver for his lease
1755 John Morgan Taylor for his lease
1756 Oliver Williams for Mr Griffiths
1757 Thomas Jenkins for his lease
1758 James Rosser for his own lands
1759 Thomas Jenkins for Daniel Simond Land
1760 David Watkins for his own lands
1761 Walter Evans for Pen y toyn
1762 John Morgan for his own lands
1763 William James for his lease
1764 John Morgan Pontkemes
1765 William Morgan Penystare
1766 Richard Watkins Burgwm
1767 William Lewis own lands
1768 John Jones Ceod Robin
1769 William Jones Butcher for his own
1770 John Morgan Evan his own lease
1771 Thomas Jones own lands
1772 John Edwards Mill lands
1773 John Edwards Melinycoed
1774 John Powell ye house by ye church
1775 John Jones Taylor for his lease
1776 Micheasl Thomas own land
1777 William Proger own lease
1778 William Morgan Penystare
1779 Jenkin Daniell
1780 William Williams Iniss y Pike
1781 Jenkin Rosser for his fathers land
1782 Edward Edards for Mr Jenkins Land
1783 Richard Waters for John Edwards
1784 Francis Valant Coalbrook
1785 Wm Hatfields for his lease
1786 John Jeremiah for his land
1787 John Higgs for lower mill lands
1788 John Williams for his lease
1789 Timothy Burten for James Lewis lands
1790 Walter Valent
1791 Philip Jeremiah for Penpedwarhewl Mr Phillip’s
1792 William Jones for Thomas Jones Lands
1793 William Lewis for late Mary Powell’s lease
1794 William Morgan for lower mill lands
1795 William Lewis Berllan dowill
1796 Edward Williams the shopkeeper
1797 William Williams for late Jenkin Daniels Losmans
1798 Daniell Edwards
1799 John Jones Mellinycoed
1800 William Phillips Parck bach
1801 Vaughan Jones for the late Thos Jones’s land
1802 William Morgan Evan for his lease
1803 Thomas Jones for Llwyncelin
1804 William Lewis for lease lands
1805 John Jones Taylor for his Lease
1806 Thomas Prosser Gelli for his lease
1807 Thomas Williams for Wm Griffiths land
1808 Francis David for Abergwelvon
1809 William Jones for Gwern y Buallt
1810 Richard Proger for his lease
1811 Henry Lewis for late Hatfield
1812 William Williams for late Walter Griffiths lease
1813 Thomas Jones for the late Mrs Rogers
1814 William Thomas for Edward Edwards’s
1815 Thomas Prosser for his own?
1816 William Lloyd for Mary Hughes’s Fferm yr Bdyn
1817 James Lewis for Mr Thos Williams Clerk late Jenkin Daniels
1818 John Tuffley for Illtyd Nicholls Esq
1819 William Phillips Castle
1820 William Lewis Lease lands Wernog Fach
1821 Lewis Williams Miss Ann Jones
1822 John Lewis Timber Dealer
1823 Thomas Williams for his lease
1824 Thomas Evans for his lease
1825 Richard Miller for Henry Morgan
1826 John Williams for late Jenkin Daniel’s Ty’r Iwen
1827 David Davies for Wm Jones Butcher
1828 William Jenkins Penpedair heol his own
1829 William Jenkins by the Canal
1830 Richard Proger for his Lease
1831 Thomas Jenkins for Lwyncelin
1832 Thomas Jenkins for Lwyncelin
1833 William Phillips Castle
1834 John Prosser for his own Penpellenny
1835 Richard Jeremiah for his lease
1836 Richard Jeremiah for his lease
1837 Jacob Prosser for his lease Gelli
1838 John Tuffley for Maes y Beren
1839 John Tuffley for Maes y Beren
1840 John Tuffley for Maes y Beren
1841 John Tuffley for Maes y Beren
1842 William Price for his own
1842 John Williams for his Lease
1843 William Price for his own
1844 William Price for his own
1845 Henry Plaisted for Pydew
1845 William Phillips for Castle
1846 William Jones Mason for his Lease
1846 William Jones Plasterer for Maes y Beren
1847 William Jones Mason for his Lease
1847 William Jones Plasterer for Maes y Beren
1853 William Jones Mason for his Lease
1853 William Gwatkin for Abergwellwn
1855 William Jones Mason for his Lease
1855 William Gwatkin for the Church
1855 William Price for his freehold
1856 William Jones and
1856 William Gwatkin is continue
1857 William Price and
1857 William Jones to continue in office at salary of 19s each
1863 William Price and
1863 William Jones to continue in office at salary of 15s each
1877 Edard Wm Gwatkin for Goitrey ? &
1877 William Rosser for Pencrosshoped
1877 William Gwatkin with a salary
1881 William Morgan The Wern
Merric Jenkins the miller Melin Coed
1882 Robert Felton Long House
1882 Thomas Preece Walnut Tree
1883 George Spenser Goytrey
John Griffiths Maesybarran


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