Harvey, Mrs R. – 1938

22nd April 1938

The Late Mrs R. Harvey

The funeral of esteemed native of Goytrey. 

Widespread sympathy was manifested on Sunday at the funeral of Mrs Lena Coromel Gladys Harvey, wife of Mr Rowland Harvey, butcher, Pantygoffrey Farm, Lanvair Kilgeddin, who died on 13th April at Pontypool and district Hospital following an operation.

There is one daughter, Sybil aged 3.  Mrs Harvey who died after a brief illness was the eldest daughter of Mrs and Mrs O. Court, Goytrey.

The service was held at the house, Goytrey parish Church, and cemetery, the Rev. Luther Evans officiating.  Mr Evans presided at the organ and the hymn, ‘God moves in mysterious ways’ was sung.  It was a very large attendance of the general public including representatives of Pontypool Toc H of which the bereaved husband is a member.  There were over forty private cars.

Amongst the mourners were Messrs R. Harvey, husband; O. Court, father; R. Harvey, father in law; R G E Harvey and Bert Lewis, brother in law; F. Court, Aberdare; Jack Rosser; H. James; Jenkin Rosser; Ivor Court; James Knipe; Tom Court; Frank Poulsom; uncles.  Uncle Joe, Uncle Will and many other relatives from Chepstow, Walsall, Pontnewynydd, Essex, etc.

The bearers were; Messrs E. Jones [the Factory], W Spencer [Pystil], John Jones, [Kiln Farm], E. Haines, W. Banner [Caerleon], J. Lewis, [Goytrey].

Floral tributes were sent by: Loving husband and Sybil; Dad, Mam, Lou and Linda; Mother and father, Pontnewynydd; Aunty Matty; Uncle Fred and Marie; Uncle Jenkin, Lizzie and cousins; Aunt Elsie and cousins Joan and Harry; Uncle Ivor; Aunt Elsie and Vera; Uncle Jack and Aunt Laura; Aunt Lil, uncle Joe and family; Uncle Will aunt Clara and family; Aunt Neville, uncle Jim and cousins; Uncle Tom, Edith and cousins; Annie, Len and children, Essex; Cousins, Alf, Bertha, Nancy, Tom and Betty; Arthur, uncle Frank and cousins, Pontnewynydd; Jeff and Gwen; Muriel and Bert; Aunt Dora and uncle Harry; All at Risca; Mr & Mrs John Payton; Harry, T. Hughes and Mrs Samson; Mothers Union, Nantyderry; Toc H branch, Pontypool; Matron, Nantyderry House; Mr & Mrs Haynes; All at Post Office, Nantyderry; Mr & Mrs Wick Thomas, Goytrey; Mr & Mrs J. Baker and Joan; Mrs Prosser and Eunice; Mr Harry Morgan, Pontnewynydd; Mr & Mrs Weeks, Pontnewynydd; Mr & Mrs Dankneither?; Mr J. Lewis, Hilda and Tom; Mr & Mrs Cyril Brown; T. Weaver, Lanvair; Mr & Mrs Stinchcombe, Chapel; To Sibyl’s mummy from Kenneth; Mr & Mrs D. Williams and family, The Nook; Lucy and Tom; Mr & Mrs Staff Griffiths, Reg and Ronny; D.M. & L. Knight; Mrs Hutchinson; Mr & Mrs Albert Alexander; Mrs A. Jenkins; Mrs B. Bishop; Mrs Brain; Mrs Haresfield; Mrs W. Jones, Newtown; Nurse Price; Mr & Mrs P. Edwards; Mr & Mrs Garland; Mr & Mrs Vimpany and family; Miss Thomas, Hendre; Mr & Mrs Lewis; Hilda and Mr Dredge; Mr & Mrs Stone and Glen, Griffithstown; Mrs Davies and Mrs T. Jones, Abergwellan; Mr & Mrs Gwatkin, Parc Bach; Mr & Mrs Haynes, White House; Mr & Mrs Whitney; Mr & Mrs Jeremiah; Mr & Mrs Mills; Miss J.M. Evans, Mamhilad; Mr & Mrs Joe Webb, Goytrey; Gertie and Elsie Mathews; Mr Jones and family, Elm Tree, Goytrey; Mr & Mrs T.L. Evans, Cilfeigan, Usk;

Eastern Valley Co-operative Society were the undertakers.


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