Gwellian Harry 1702

This Indenture made the twenty ninth day of September in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and two betweene the Right Hono’ble George Lord Bergavenny of the one part and Gwenlian Harry of Goytrey in the County of Monmouth widow of the other part.

Witnesseth that the said George Lord Bergavenny for & in consideracion of the rent & covenants herein after mentioned hath demised sett and to farme let and by these presents doth demise sett & to farme lett unto the said Gwenlian Harry all that cottage & garden & three acres of land now in her possession being part of ye Comon of Pethenny in the parish of Goytrey in the said County of Monmouth to have and to hold the same premisses with the appurtenances unto the said Gwenlian Harry her heirs & assignes for & during the naturall lives of the said Gwenlian Harry, Anne the daughter of the said Gwenlian and Sisil Barckle als Rosser daughter of Barckle Rosser of Trevellin & for and during the naturall life of the longest liver of them yeilding and paying unto the said George Lord Bergavenny his heires or assignes the yearly rent or sume of two shillings by two half yearly payments (that is to say) on the five & twentieth day of March and the nine and twentieth day of September yearly by equall porcons.

And yeilding and paying two shillings for & the name of a herriott at the death of every person dying seized or alienacon of the premisses provided alwayes that if the said yearly rent of two shillings & two shillings herriott as aforesd or any part thereof shall be behind & unpaid by the space of one & twenty days next after any of the dayes on which the same ought to be paid that then itt shall & may be lawfull for the said George Lord Bergavenny his heires & assignes into the said premisses to enter and the same to have again repossess & enjoy as in his or their former estate.

And from thenceforth this present Indenture to determine & be vird any thing conteined to the contrary notwithstanding. And the said George Lord Bergavenny doth by these presents for himselfe his heires & assignes covenant promise & agree to & with the sd Gwenlian Harry that shee the said Gwenlian Harry her heires or assignes paying the rent & performing all & every the covenants & agreements on the lessee’s part & behalfe hereby referred to be paid done & performed shall & may quietly & peaceably have hold occupy & enjoy the hereby demised premisses & every part and parcell thereof for & during the terme hereby demised without any lett molestation or disturbance for from him the said George Lord Bergavenny or any other person or persons claiming by from or under him. And the said George Lord Bergavenny doth by these presents authorize and in his place putt Edward Waters & Thomas Richards two of his Lo’pps bayliffs joyntly or either of them severally his true & lawfull attorney & attorneys for him & in his name & place to enter upon the premisses or any part thereof & to give Livery of Seizin & possession thereof & of every part thereof unto the said Gwenlian Harry according to the tenor of these presents.

In witness whereof the parties to these presents have hereunto interchangeably sett their hands and seals the day and yeare first above written


On the ‘cover’ of the document:-

Sealed and delivered being first duely stampt according to Acts of Parliament in the presence of:-

Ann St Michell; Quinton Watson; Arthur Lloyd

Memor that full possession and seizin of and in the within menconed cott and p’misses was taken by the within named attorney Thomas Richards and by him was delivered unto the within menconed Gwenllian Harry to the uses within menconed according to the tenure of this lease the one and thirtieth day of May 1703.   Tho Richards, bayliffe; Edward Waters; William Morgan

During the lives of Mary Jenkin and Benjamin Andrew junr; Mary Powells

Mary Jenkins, Goytrey. Expired ab’t 4 years; Gwenllian Harry; Monmouthshire 1702


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