John ap Bowen 1640

NLW Ref: LL/1640/39

The true inventorie of all the goods cattells & chattles of John ap Bowen of Goytre wthin the Diocesse of Landaffe late deceased prised and valued by George Jenkins & James Herbert Anno dni 1640

Impr All his wearinge clothes prised                                             xs

Ite twoe litle cawldromes prised                                                    ii         vid

Ite one skillet prised                                                                        vid

Ite one litle cubboord prised                                                          vs

Ite twoe coffers prised                                                                     is         vid

Ite three stands prised                                                                1s

Ite one kilderkin prised                                                                        vid

Ite one bed steed and a bed case prised                                             iiis

Ite twoe payre of course lynnen sheetts prised                                             iiiis

Ite one payre of lynnen sheetes prised                                             vis         ?d

Ite one rugge                                                                        iis         vid

Ite five acres of oates                                                               xxs

Ite one litle boxe wth band laces prised                                             xxxxs

Item twoe payre of skaylles wth theyre weyghtes prised


Ite the residue of all the howshold stuffe beinge small wooden vessells prised         iiis

Suma tot                  £5         5s         2d


Prisors Geo Jenkins; James Herbert


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