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October 26th 1894 – Stealing a Watch

At the police court on Thursday – before Dr W J Mulligan and M Fowler – Arthur Jones, a labourer was convicted of stealing a watch, the property of Herbert Bishop of Goytrey, on Wednesday and default of paying a fine of 40s, was sent to prison for a month.

December 21st 1894 – A Farmer’s Failure

Richard Hewitt, farmer of Goytrey, near Monmouth underwent his public examination at Newport on Thursday. Debtor told the court that he commenced business in 1879 as a farmer, with a capital of £100 at the Canal farm Goytrey. Subsequently he also rented Pudda Farm.
His total rental was £30 per annum. His total liabilities were £130 9s, his assets were £41 10s
He first became aware of his insolvency about three years ago. He attributed his failings to stock. Bad trade and law expenses, the Lord having sued him for rent in the High Court and the petition was filed in consequence.

The examination was formally adjourned.

August 19th 1895 – Serious Charge Against a Goytrey Farmer

At Pontypool police court on Saturday, E J Phillips presiding. William Jenkins, Pantglas Farm Goytrey, was summoned for feloniously assaulting Margaret Jones, a married woman, at Goytrey, on the 9th inst.
Mr L Webb defended. Prosecutrix said that on the day in question prisoner came to her house on business and after conversing with her, seized and committed the offence complained of. A large number of witnessess were called and prisoner gave on oath a complete denial to the charge.
After a long hearing, the Bench committed the accused for trial at the assizes, accepting bail for £100 and sureties in a like amount.

November 18th 1895 – Alleged Housebreaking at Goytrey

At Pontypool police court on Saturday, Reuben Gould and Wm. Morris were charged with housebreaking at Goytrey on the 15th November.
William Lewis, woodcutter, Goytrey said he left his house securely fastened on Monday morning. When he returned in the evening the window had been opened and a gun and two pouches taken.
Jenkin Rosser mentioned two prisoners going towards Abersychan with a gun in their possession. J Lewis said he saw the prisoners at Abersychan carrying the items produced.
They also had the flasks in their pockets.

Prisoners were committed for trial at the Assizes.


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