Melin-y-Coed  – 877 on the 1841 Tithe Map.

DSCN0032 (2)There is a lease in 1492 dated October 4th from The Duke of Bedford, Earl Pembroke and Lord Bergavenny to his kinsman Richard ap Llewelyn Morgan for two mills with their suit of tenants lying within the fees of Llannonour and Pellenne called Orogon is Mill and Goytrey is Mill.

In 1512 John ap Howel is renting Melyn Coed paying two terms a year at 15s.

John Harry’s will, proved in Usk in November 1617, states he is the reputed son of Harry Cadogan and was called John, the reputed sonne of Mary Geathen and the owner of Melin y Coed which he leaves to his wife Caterine, this includes the water grist mill, floodgates and ponds etc., also after the death of Johan Carpenter the lands she owns to be returned to him and then to Caterine.

To his sonne James, reputed sonne of Elizabeth he leaves twentie pounds to be paid to him by his wife Caterine.

The 1661/2 land tax: Robert Jenkin holds one messuage scitu called Melyn y Coed lately Catherine Verch William, widow and before that John Harrie Cadogan. Before that Henry Cadogan, before that time Jane verch Hoyskyn and William David ap Jenkin and formerly Rici Luis Morgan, and pays 1s per year.

Lewis Williams was the overseer of the poor for Melin y Coed in 1751.

To the Rev’d Mr Williams curate of Goettre:

We, William Jenkins and Elizabeth Jones who have each of us been resident in your said parish of Goettre for 28 days and upwards before the date hereof and both of us live at Melin y Coed do desire you to publish banns of matrimony between us, given this 7th day of December 1759. William and Elizabeth were married at St Peter’s on the 3rd day of January 1760.

In 1768 Easter: 9 George III

On this date Richard Jones sold Melin y Coed for £120 to Henry Rogers, clerk, and Mary his wife. This consisted of 3 messuages, 1 watercorn grist mill, 3 barns, 3 stables, 3 gardens, 3 curtillages, 80 acres of land, 10 of meadow, 80 acres of wood, 20 of furze and heath, and common pasture in the parish of Goytrey.

From 1772 to 1779 John Edwards was both the constable and in 1779 overseer of the poor for Melin y Coed.

John Morgan was the overseer of the poor for Melin y Coed in 1817; he died in 1818 aged 66 and was buried in Mamhilad Churchyard.

The 1829 land tax was £1 7s 6d, the owner was Capel Hanbury Leigh and the occupier was Mary Morgan; in the 1830’s the occupier was John Lewis.

On the 1841 tithe Melyn-y-Coed comprises 48 acres 31 perches and paying £5 13s 5d to the rector. William Jenkins is the occupier he is 50, a farmer and miller, Maria his wife is 45, children William and Maria are 15, Abraham is 14, David 12, John 11, Martha 8, Rachel 7, and Ann 4. William Jenkins stays at Melyn-y -Coed until 1844.

By 1850 John Williams had moved in and he voted along with many parishioners against the police on October 24th, he says his religion is Church. He was 51 on the census of 1851 and born in Llantrissant, his wife is Margaret aged 56 born in Usk, he remains farming Melyn-y-Coed until 1872. At various times he was an overseer of the poor.

An advert in the Free Press of November 1875 says there is a farm sale two minutes walk from Nantyderry Station.

An undated document says Felyn-y-Coed has a rateable value of £25 and the Grist Mill has a rateable value of £7 10s.

By 1881 Merrick Jenkins is farming at Melin-y-Coed, it says 56 acres of land. He is 53 and was born in Llansoy, his wife Elizabeth is 50, children John 24, Richard 23, Edward 9, Margaret 3. Also with them is a niece Elizabeth Evans 14, from Llangwm.

In 1884 Merrick is a constable and in 1886 he gives evidence for a welsh speaking vicar for the parish, but did not appear.

In 1901 Edward Jenkins, the son of Merrick, was farming Melyn-y-Coed, he was married to Catherine who was born in Goytre, they also had a niece Rosa Rees 13 living with them.

Merrick Jenkins died in 1902 but by then he was living at White House Farm Mamhilad.

Two of Edward and Catherine’s children died, Gladys aged 9 in 1909 and Henry aged 16 in 1912.

The gross value of Melyn-y-Coed in 1910 was £10 5s and the rateable value was £9, the owner was still Capel H Leigh.

By 1911 Richard Jenkins was the tenant he was 53 and from Clytha, Martha his wife was 44 and from Llansoy, she died in 1914 aged 47 and was buried in St Peter’s churchyard.

The 1914 poor rate says the owner is J G Harding (I cannot find a sale date).

In 1940 Richard Jenkins of The Mill, Nantyderry, died aged 82 and was buried at St Peter’s.


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