Isaac Jeremiah – Apples and Eggs 1866

24th November 1866 – Apples v Eggs

A young lad named Isaac Jeremiah appeared at the instance of a man called Jones for stealing his apples. The parties reside at Goytrey, Jones had some apples on a barn floor and on looking through a crevice in the door he saw the lad putting some of them in a basket. On speaking to him he put them back whence he had taken them. Mrs Jeremiah said she had some hens laying in the barn, of which they were tenants until the month of May next year and she sent her son with a basket (produced) to gather the eggs. Jones said that the last witness had three hens laying in the barn. The bench said that although the lad might have been sent to look for eggs, yet he might have taken an apple or two. Case dismissed; complainant to pay 6s. 6sd costs.


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