Williams, Mr James – 1942

The funeral took place on Monday at Saron Baptist Church of Mr James Williams, aged 78, of Cefn Mynog, Goytrey. He is survived by his wife, Mrs Gertrude Williams and five children, all married.
The youngest son, Abraham, a wireless operator in the RAF in the Middle East was reported missing on August 30th 1941 and is now presumed killed. Mr Williams, a retired woodman, was employed by Pontypool Park Estate  for 45 years. He was a life-long inhabitant of Goytrey.
The funeral, which was largely attended, was conducted by the Rev C A Rees, (son-in-law.)

Mrs Williams, wife; Annie and George, Ethel and Aubrey, daughters and sons-in-law; Ted and Irene, Tom and Lucy, Jim and Mary, sons and daughters-in-law; Rebecca, sister; Maud and Charlie, sister and brother-in-law; Dennis, Aubrey, Ken, Glaswyn and Peter, grandsons; Lilian and Eunice, nieces; Horace, Harold, Harry, Ivor, Will, Day, Elmore and David Tom, nephews.

Messrs H Prosser, H Jacob, R Prosser, and I Williams, nephews.

Sorrowing wife; Annie, George and children; Ted and Irene; Tom, Lucy and Ken; Jim, Mary and children; Ethel and Aubrey; Rebecca and family; Gwen and family; Maud and Charlie; Will, Daisy and Joan; Harry and Mabel; Mrs Whitehead; Mrs J James; Cliff and Dad; Mrs F Jones and children; Mr and Mrs J Lewis; Mr and Mrs Shepherdson; Miss Jenkins; Pontypool Park estate; All at Pentre Farm; EJ and H Morris; Members and friends Saron Chapel; Mrs Williams and Lal; Mr and Mrs Bullock and Aubrey; Mr and Mrs Herbert and Gordon; Mr and Mrs J Rosser; Mr and Mrs G Hobbs; Mr and Mrs D Williams.


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