Owen, Mr J G H – 1863

April 25th


An inquiry touching the death of this gentleman was instituted at Goytre Cottage, the residence of the deceased, on the morning of Friday 18th, before E. D. Batt, Esq., coroner, and the following gentlemen: – Messrs. Thos. James (foreman,) Thos. James, jun., J.. Walters, Wm. Walters, Wm. Price, John Daniel, George Coles, John Williams, Wm. Lewis, J. Marshall, John Jenkins, and Walter Davies. Mr James Weare deposed – I was standing outside the Town Hall, Pontypool, about 11 o’clock in the morning of Tuesday the 14th inst., talking to Mr Conway and other gentlemen, when Mr Owen came up and shook hands with several persons present. I shortly afterwards saw him seize hold of the iron gate at the entrance, and perceiving that he was sinking, I caught him in my arms and prevented him from falling. He spoke a few words in a faint voice relative to someone going for a doctor, adding “But it’s too late now.” He was carried into a room at the Town Hall, and died in about quarter of an hour after he was first attacked. I remained with him until he died. ….Mr Supt. M’Intosh informed the coroner that Mr Weare was the only witness he thought it necessary to produce, and added that as he himself was present when deceased was attacked, he could if required corroborate the evidence given …. The coroner said he did not think any additional evidence necessary, and as the deceased had been well known to the jury for some time, they would have little difficulty in arriving at a proper verdict….The jury expressed themselves perfectly satisfied with the evidence produced, and returned a verdict that deceased died from natural causes. – On Monday the remains of the lamented gentleman were interred at Llantillio Pertholey, near Abergavenny, to which place they were followed by a numerous body of friends and relatives.


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