T198 – Goytre House Indenture 1775


16th January 1775

Indenture between farmer Jackson parish of Panteague, husbandsman

Thomas Lewis parish Goytrey Tuckor first part and Thomas Hughes Coedmorgan parish of Llanarth

Sell lease to Robert Hughes a messuage late in possession of James Howell:

Houses, out-houses, barns, buildings, stables with appurtenances, gardens, orchards, folds, backsides. Curtillage, outlets, paths, passages, easements, profits, privileges, commons, hereditaments and appurtenances to the said messuage or tenements thereto belonging with all those several pieces or parcels of land:

 Cae Mamhilad;  Cae Pellenny;  Cae clover Isha; Cae clover Ycha;  Gwenlody skibor; Cae Knap; Wain moorhen;  Cae back;  Cae dishlawr berllan;  Cae fynnon;  Cae souel gwenith; Y cover bach; and 15a woodland

About three one acres

Lease to Robert Hughes

Signed and sealed by farmer Jackson & Thomas Lewis


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