Lewis Edmunds Diaries 1839 – 1861

Lewis Edmunds was a plasterer and tiler born in Aberystruth in 1814,  as a young lad he travelled with his father who was also a tiler and plasterer learning the trade. He was taught his letters by Mr Davies Llanover in exchange for work his father did to the Chapel. As an adult he settled in Llanover, living first in High Street, Llanover, moving in 1873 to Yew Tree Cottage. He owned Yew Tree Inn Llanover (now the Goose and Cuckoo). He kept a diary from 1839 to 1897.  I have only taken entries relating to Goytre. Lewis died in 1903 and is buried at Hanover Chapel, Llanover.

February 16th – At Ann Howells (Pantalar, Llanover)
April 14th – At Saron
April 17th – Ann Howells died aged 59
April 19th – At the funeral of Ann Howells at Hanover
June 7th – At Thomas Evans Goytrey a whitening
September 25th – at Richard Rosser Rhydyllwyfan
October 28th – at John Philips Lower Hendre

April 8th, 9th 10th – at John Philips Lower Hendre whitening inside
August 28th – at Miss Charlotte Bird Goytree House
September 13th – at Hanover and at Chainbridge and Saron in the night

May 15th – at Rachel Anthony Goytree whitening
June 26th – at the Lower Hendre repairing the tile for Mr Phillips
July 19th – at Saron the night, Hanover in the morning

January 21st – at the funeral of Thomas Davies of Goytree, at Hanover aged 90 years
March 15th – at Walter Davies Goytree nailing the crest and at Thomas James Ty Cooke
March 16th – at the Halfway houses nailing the crest
May 6th and 13th – at Walter Davies lathing
July 2nd – at David Davies Bwrgwm pointing the house
October 8th, 14th & 15th – at William Parry Lanusk Goytree

January 23rd at William Parry Chainbridge whitening inside
May 24th – Ann Edmunds died aged 55 at Blaynah (his mother)
May 25th – at Blaynah buying things for the funeral
May 27th – at Blaynah buring my mother
May 28th – at the Blaynah Chapel churching after my mother
May 29th – at the Blaynah sharing the goods between my sister
July 31st – at the Goytree Church

May 10th – I was married at the Llangibby Church to Martha Williams of Court Plethin Farm

March 9th – I was writing the last will and testament of Jane Jones, widow of Vaughan Jones Goytree
March 22nd – at William Jeremiah Bwrgwm repairing
May 26th – at John Rosser Goytree Mill
July 18th – at Thomas James Goytree
July 19th – at Hanover all day preparing a prayer meeting because of the cholera
July 20th – at Thomas James Goytree
July 25th-31st – at Thomas James Goytree
August 1st-16th – at Thomas James Goytree
October 4th – at Cwmbran with Thomas Jones Goytree
October 14th – at Hanover twice, William Jones Goytree was received as a member
October 22nd – at the funeral of Mrs James, The Buck at Goytree Church
October 26th – at the funeral of Rachel Harris Bryn-y-pant
October 31st – whitening at Thomas James Goytree

January 4th – at Thomas James Goytree house repairing the pound wall
February 2nd – Anthony Richards did stave (starve) on the mountain aged 70 years
February 7th – at the inquest of Anthony Richards, cowman, who starved on Cwmllech mountain aged 70 years
February 25th & 26th – at Cwmbran repairing the oven for Thomas James
March 2nd – at Abersychan pointing round the chimney for Thomas James Goytree
March 8th, 14th & 30th – at Cwmbran repairing the house for Thomas James Goytree
March 27th – at the funeral of William Jeremiah at Hanover aged 23 years ( William lived at Bwrgwm Farm)
March 17th – Augusta Emma was born at a quarter past 3 o’clock in the afternoon at High Street Cottage Llanover
March 27th – Morgan William Court Plethin was at our house at High Street
15th & 16th May – at Martha Rosser Buck, Abersychan, whitening inside
May 21st – at John Rosser Goytree Mill whitening inside
May 22nd – at Rachel Thomas (Bwrgwm Cottage) finishing whitening. Augusta was baptised by the Rev Robert Thomas Hanover
May 24th & 25th – at Rachel Rosser Buck Abersychan whitening inside
June 7th – at the funeral of Lewis Williams Hollybush Hanover aged 48
June 27th & 29th – at John Philips Lower Hendre whitening inside
July 10th, 11th & 24th at Thomas Davies slating
July 26th & 27th – at Miss Powell Penpederheol whitening inside
August 9th at Miss Powell drawing the smoke
August 26th at William Williams Goytre Wharf
August 29th – Sarah James Goytre married John Thomas
September 3rd – 14th – at William Williams Goytre Wharf
November 11th – Martha Rosser and William Jayne got married at Talywain Church
November 25th – at Blaenavon buying the goods of Richard Morgan Crosshoped 10s 9d
December 30th – at William Williams Goytre Wharf

January 10th – at home dumping the potatoes, 31/2 sacks Goytre potatoes, 2 sacks p-man potatoes, 1 sack mangle worsens potatoes
February 2nd – At the Goytree, having possession of the green meadow with Wm Jenkins, tenant. I was authorised to take possession by Mrs Jenkins
February 24/25th – at Penpellenny Goytre, slating an oven for the railway company
March 29th and April 10th, 16th & 26th – at Wm Williams, Wharf, slating the thrive and whitening
May 21st – at John Rossers’ mill
May 24th & 25th – at Wm Williams Valentine Goytre, whitening
May 25th – John Rosser’s barns
June 10th – John Phillips Hendre died aged 68
June 14th – at the funeral John Phillips, Lower Hendre, Llanover
June 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd, 26th – at Thos Davies, Goytre
August 3rd – at the Goytre for the rent from Wm Jenkins, very wet day
August 19th – at Sharon Goytre in the night
October 5th & 6th – at Richard Jones Penystare, repairing the barn
October 20th – at Abergavenny with Hansby, meeting Francis Davies concerning a mortgage at Goytre. Killed a pig, 158 in weight
October 25th – at Blaen, giving £40 to Francis Davies as mortgage on Goytre place
November 27th – John Phillips, Hendre, married to Ann Rosser, Mill (Goytre Church)
November 29th – at Thomas James Goytre, repairing the barns
December 15th – at Wm Williams, Wharf, whitening inside
December 22nd – at Llanellen barns, repairing for John Rosser, Goytre Mill

February 12th – at the funeral of Jane Vaughan Jones, aged 84. Had half years rent of Wm Jenkins, Goytre, £4, allowed for helping 10s, rent paid 10s
February 15th – at Aaron Harris, Mamhilad, pointing the oven inside
March 3rd, 4th, 5th – at John Rosser’s, Goytre Mill, tiling the clover mill
March 12th –  Rachel Thomas (Bwrgwm Cottage)
May 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th – at John Rossers, slating
July 6th – at Jenkins Rosser’s funeral at Mamhilad aged 24
August 1st to 16th – at John Rosser’s Mill
August 17th,  18th & 19th  – at the Goytre School house, finishing the slating
August 20th to September spent at John Rosser’s Mill
September 19th – the Goytre place conveyed to me from Wm Williams
September 20th – at Thomas James, Goytre House, repairing the tiles
October 2nd – at Croesnypant working for Mr John Rosser. Eli and Thos James plastering at John Rossers
October 4th & 10th – at John Rossers
October 14th – at Thos James, Coed Robin
November 3rd  – at Abergavenny buying the place with Jane Williams for £25. £10 to Wm Williams of Goytre.
November 8th – At Abergavenny for the deeds of Jane Williams place at Goytre (Ty Jacob, 712 on the 1841 tithe)
November 10th – thanksgiving at Hanover and at Rachel Thomas at 3 o’clock
December 21st – at Goytre, meeting Jane Williams of Newport to take possession of the place and occupied by Wm Williams
December 23rd – Eli at Thos Davies, lathing inside
December 30th – at Thos Davies Goytre, finishing lathing the back kitchen ceiling

January 14th – Ann Phillips, Lower Hendre, was delivered of a son
January 20th – at John Rosser’s repairing the Mill
February 3rd – at Mrs Rosser,  Brynypant
February 23rd – at Usk brickyard looking for pantiles for Goytre Place
March 1st – at the funeral of Thomas Newman’s daughter at Goytre Church, aged 17. (Rachel)
March 13th to May 5th – he mentions going to Newport for timber for Jane Williams’s place, delivering lime and mortar, pointing joists, pointing the tile and finishing the house
May 6th – John Jacob did hang himself near Sir Benj. house at Llanover
June 13th – at Thos James, Goytre House, repairing the slates (Ty Cooke)
August 22nd & 23rd – at Aaron whitening outside
October 4th – at Thos James, Goytre House, repairing the new shed
October 7th & 16th – at the Star, Goytre, whitening outside
November 15th, 21st, 24th, at Francis Davies, his house near Goytre Wharf, pointing the tile
November 22nd, 27th, 28th, December 7th,& 8th, – at Penystare repairing the barn, stable and house
December 14th, 22nd & 27th – at Thos Davies, Goytre, plastering the ceiling in the back kitchen
December 2th – came home to Llanover and at Goytre, having possession of Ty Jacob land with Wm. Phillips

January 1st – at James Agg, Goytre, slating the stable
January 10th – at Thos Davies, Goytre, plastering the brickwork
January 17th on various days up to the April 14th – at Samuel Harries, (Gwenffrwrd) making mortar, lathing and plastering the dairy, whitening inside and out
March 12th – at the Star repairing the house inside for John Williams Tonteg
April 18th, 21st & 25th  – at Goytre Place, whitening inside the closing boards
April 19th – at Thos Davies, Goytre, panting the privy
April 26th – at Haymeadow, Goytre, making two gates
May 9th, 10th 11th – at Wm Cocker, Goytre (Kiln Farm) plastering inside and repairing outside
May 22nd – at Abergavenny with Francis Davies Blaen, signing the conveyance to Thos Watkins, Goytre
May 6th, 9th, 23rd, 30th, 31st, at John Rosser’s Goytre Mill, poiting
August 25th – at Goytre meeting the parson from Goytre, Harriet Davies from Pontrilas at Mr Gabb office to show my claim respecting the place of Jane Williams
September 15th, 26th & 27th – at John Rossers repairing the mill and making mortar
September 18th to 20th – at the Old Factory repairing and whitening
October 6th – meeting Mr Scammel at Goytre farm about repairing
October 30th – at Abergavenny with Mr Gabb enquiring about the leases that was to be renewed at Goytre
October 6th – 20th – at Wm Harris, smith, Goytre, hauling stone for the new house and slating the new house
November 5th – at Thos James, Goytre, repairing the tiles
November 10th & 12th – at Wm Harris, slating the new grocer’s shop at Goytre
November 20th – at John Jones, Lapstone Bridge, Goytre, repairing the house
November 29th & 30th, December  1st – at Wm Plaster (Plaister) Goytre, repairing the house
December 20th – Thos Davies, Bwrgwm, Goytre,  married Ann Cobner at Trevethin Church
December 21st & 26th – at Wm Harris Goytre, lathing
December 27th – at Goytre, hauling slates and timber from Pucas, Walter Williams, to the Goytre places
December 31st – at Wm Harris, smith, begining to plaster inside

January 1-4th –  at Wm Harris, smith, Goytre, plastering
January 5th – 10th – at Thomas Davies Goytre slating the house
January 11th & 12th – At Haymeadow roofing the beasthouse and at Wm Harris Goytre
January 18th – at Ty Jacob, Goytre place putting the roof on the brewhouse and at Wm Harris plastering the second coat
January 19th – 26th at Ty Jacob Goytre place and at Wm Harris
February 6th – 9th – making gates for Goytre place and at Wm Harris
February 13th to 15th – at Wm Harris Goytre
February 21st – I took the gates to Goytre place
February 25th & 26th – at Ty Jacob slating shed
February 29th – at Ty Jacob finishing slating shed
March 1st – at Wm Jenkins Haymeadow Goytre slating the pigs cot
March 3rd & 4th – at Wm Harris Goytre
April 2nd to 5th – at Wm Harris Goytre finishing the house
May 24th & 25th – at Thos Davies Goytre plastering etc
May 24th – at John Rosser’s Pencroshoped commencing a benefit club where 16 members entered
May 31st – at Rachel Anthony Goytre
July 16th, 17th & 18th – at James Age Goytre
September 19th & 20th  – at John Rosser Mill, repairing at Croesnypant
September 29th to October 3rd – at Thos Davies plastering inside
October 9th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing the tiles
October 11th to 13th – at Mrs Lewis Inn, slating the house at Goytre
October 27th – at John Phillips, New Barn Goytre repairing the house
October 30th & 31st – at Mrs Lewis Inn, pointing and slating the new house at Goytre
November 4th – at Thos James Goytre repairing and whitening his houses in Abersychan
November 11th – at Abergavenny showing the deeds of my late grandfather property at Blaenafon to Mr Hansby solicitor and paid him 5/- for renaming the old deed
November 19th & 20th – at Thos Davies Goytre measuring the house amounting to £6 7s 8d and repairing the stable
November 21st – at Mordecai Jones repairing outside
November 26th – at Thos Davies quarry Goytre dressing slabs for Wm James Llanydwr
December 4th – at Mrs Lewis Inn, riding lime at the new house Goytre
December 5th – at Wm Nicholas Yew Tree House Goytre making a bag of lime
December 11th, 13th & 24th – at Mrs Lewis Inn, Goytre, plastering the house
December 19th – at Wm Nicholas Yew Tree Goytre repairing the tiles
December 29th – Elizabeth, wife of Wm Jeremiah died aged 66 years
December 31st – at the funeral of Elizabeth Jeremiah Bwrgwm at Llanellen Church aged 66
January 19th – of Samuel Harris for work £3 17s 0d
February 12th – half years rent of Wm Jenkins Goytre £3 15s 8d
April 25th – John Phillips New Barn Goytre on years interest due 28th January last £6
June 18th – Rachel Anthony for work 3/-
July 18th – James Arg for work at Goytre £1 10s 6d
November 20th – Thos Davies for work £6 10s 0d

January 8th – at Mrs Rosser’s Brynypant helping her to kill a pig. 283 rite side 91lb left side 92lb
January 9th – 16th at Mr Lewis Inn, plastering the new house at Goytre
January 17th – at Rev John Evans obtaining permission for letters of administration with Mr Hansby after late Joseph JOnes
January 28th – about the parish of Goytre and Llanover with a petition against the proposed new reformatory school at Goytre and collected 91 names
February 1st – James Gwatkin Goytre was found dead in Goytre wood near Chapel Head aged 77
February 5th – at the funeral of James Gwatkin at Goytre Church
February 27th – at Abergavenny with Mr Gabb. I rented the Old House field being part of the Pwrcas Goytre from Gabs, rent £3 pa to commence September 1856
February 28th – at home and at Goytre hedging and taking possession of the Old House
March 12th – at Goytre putting a new stile on the old house field
March 13th, 14th & 27th – at William Nicholas Goytre whitening inside and outside
March 14th – at Mrs Rosser Brynypant Couling inside
March 31st – at Mrs Lewis Inn, new house at Goytre rendering inside and whitening inside
April 7th – at Mrs Lewis Inn, slating the shope and privy at Goytre
April 15th – Bess James late Ty Cooke married to David Davies at Hanover
April 28th – at John Rossers whitening inside
June 29th – at Goytre collecting poor rates
July 15th – at Thos James Goytre house meeting Mr Cook about tiling the point of the stable and slating the back of stable agreed £14
August 6th – at William Harris, smith, Goytre
August 13th & 18th – at Henry Mathews Goytre making mortar and repairing
August 24th & 25th – at Thos Watts Goytre pointing
August 26th – at Goytre House meeting Mr Cook and his mother and uncle to see the ? at Thos Watts Goytre
August 27th 28th & 29th – at Thos Watts Goytre pointing
August 31st – at Henry Mathews Goytre whitening
September 2nd – at Henry Mathews Goytre whitening
September 3rd & 4th – at at Thos Watts whitening
September 5th – at Miss Powell Penpederhewl goitre whitening
October 15th – at Ty Jacob Goytre whitening the pantiles
November 13th – at Abergavenny paying Mr Gabb £3 being a years rent for the old house field
November 14th – at Ty Cook Goytre measuring the timber. W Jones mason at Ty Porth
November 17th – at Goytre whitening for Richard Seamark
November 24th – at Henry Mathews whitening
November 26th – at Goytre house with Mr Cook measuring the timber, at Richard Seamark whitening in Goytre
December 1st & 2nd – at Ty Ivor goitre plastering both chimneys for John Phillips
December 23rd – at Wm Jenkins Haymeadow Goitre repairing the cow house

February 11th – at John Phillips, New Barn Goytre
April 7th & 8th – at Wm Proger repairing the store house for Prewet
April 11th – at Richard Prewett Goitre tiling and pointing and at Pengroesoped
April 18th 19th & 20th at Chapel Edd Goytre whitening
April 21st – at Thos Evans Halfway house whitening inside
April 27th – at John Stephens Penpelleny whitening
May 10th – at Rich. D. Prewett, Goitre, tiling pantry at Thos Jeremiah
June 27th & 30th – at Wm Progers whitening
July 5th & 7th – at James James Horseshoe
August 24th – at Walter Davies Goytre slating
September 27th & 28th – at Wm Nichols Goytre. At Henry Heaven Goytre for Mr Williams, yard
September 29th – Thanksgiving at Hanover and at Rachel Thomas Goytre at 2 o’clock
October 13th – at Thomas James Goitre House
October 14th – Thomas G Jones Goytre
November 10th – at Wm Cocker Goytre and Penystare
November 15th – at Wern Goytre
November 22nd – Wm Nicholas at the Wern Goytre whitening inside
November 25th – Rachel V Jones Goytre died aged 50 years
November 26th – at the Wern whitening
November 29th – at the funeral of Rachel V Jones Goytre Church
December 19th & 20th – at John Rosser’s whitening inside
December 27th – Mary Davies Goytre died aged 82 years
December 31st at the funeral of Mary Davies Goytre at Hanover

January 12th – at John Rosser Mill repairing the tiles
January 20th – at Evan Thomas Cwmbran buying 5000 bricks at 27/- per 1000 for John Phillips Goytre
January 21st – at home drawing a place of 2 houses for John Phillips
January 28th – at John Phillips Mamhilad cutting foundations for two houses
January 30th – the wife of James Roberts Bwrgwm Goytre died
February 1st to 3rd and 27th – spent at John Phillips two houses working at Croesnypant
March 5th – at Thos V Jones seeing the cottage with Mr Keith?
March 7th – Gwellian Lewis Bwrgwm died aged 71
March 12th – at the funeral of Gwellian Lewis Bwrgwm at Hanover aged 71 years
March 23rd – John Williams (Valentine) Goytre died
April 4th – at Newport with John Phillips Mamhilad buying 1700 slates and lath
April 9th 10th & 11th – at John Phillips Mamhilad slating
May 1st & 2nd – at Samuel Harris factory whitening
May 3rd & 4th – at Richard Williams Goytre slating the house
May 5th & 7th – at John Phillips Mamhilad making mortar
May 8th & 11th – at John Jenkins dealer making mortar
May 12th – at John Phillips making mortar
May 14th to 19th – at Richard Williams Goytre slating the house
May 22nd – at Thos Lewis taylor Goytre
May 23rd to 26th – at Richard Williams Goytre
May 30th – at John Rosser whitening and at John Jenkins dealer Goytre
May 31st – at Richard Williams
June 1st to 7th – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre
June 8th – at Thos Lewis taylor Goytre
June 12th – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre
June 14th 15th & 16th – at John Phillips Mamhilad
June 16th – at Thos Jacob Ty Cooke
June 28th – at Richard Williams Goytre slating the pigs cot
July 6th – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre slating the back kitchen
July 11th – at Walter Davies Goytre slating the pigs cot
August 7th 8th 13th & 14th – at Wm Cocker lathing plastering and whitening
August 27th – at Morgan Williams Bedwellty buying 3000 tile stones for Ty Cook Goytre at £3 5s 0d per 1000. Thos Davies late Goytre died at Newport aged 78 years
September 15th – at JohnPhillips Mamhilad slating and finishing the house
September 19th – at Newport authorising David Jones to bring the stones to Goytre
September 27th – at Goytre unloading the tile stones for Mr Cook jar Goytre House
September 28th – at Goytre holing stones
November 7th to 17th – at Goytre house tiling etc
November 24th – William Roberts Bwrgwm married Gwellian James at Llanydwr at Trevethin Church
November 26th – at thanksgiving Hanover then at Rachel Anthony Bwrgwm
December 1st to 7th – at Ty Cook
December 11th & 12th – at Penystare and New Barn

January 12th – William Harris smith one years interest due Sept 17th £1 3s 0d
January 20th – Samuel Harris factory for work since last year 9/-
August 23rd – Richard Williams for work near Sharon £7 0s 0d
December 4th – John Rosser Mill for work 7/-

January 1st – at John Phillips New Barn pointing
January 29th – at David Davies for 100 of ?
March 1st to 11th – at Thos James Ty Cook Goytre tiling the calfs cot
March 14th – at Thos Cook tiling the cider mill
March 27th & April 1st – at Richard Prewett Goytre plastering
April 20th – at Walter Davies Goytre whitening inside
May 30th – John Rosser Mill died aged 77
May 29th to June 1st – at Thos James Ty Cook tiling porch, pointing crest on cider mill and pointing the walls outside
June 12th at Walter Davies Goytre plastering the workshoip
July 13th – at Thos James Tycook pointing furness and boiler and making 8 bags of lime
July 18th – at Rachel Anthony whitening
July 19th – at John Rosser Mill whitening mill inside
July 19th – at Geo Painter Goytre making mortar at the Wern farm
July 27th – at the Wern Goytre slating the dairy
August 8th & 9th – at Geo Painter Goytre
August 26th – at Col Byrde
September 13th – at the Wern plastering the dairy and whitening inside
September 16th & 17th – at Mr Nicholas Goytre pointing the house
October 4th & 5th – at John Rees Park Bach Farm rendering the house inside
October 8th – in Abergavenny Gabs office with Wm Phillips Castle Goytre instructing them to prepare mortgage deed for £20
October 9th – at Walter Davies Goytre repairing the house and barn
October 15th 24th & 26th – at Thos James Goytre repairing Cooks house
November 6th – December 4th – at Thos James Ty Cook plastering granary & whitening
December 12th & 13th – at Park Bach collecting guanmo tare for John Phillips
December 25th – at Hanover and after at John Phillips of Maesbern Goytre to dinner
December 27th – at Pontypool paying the guanmo tare for Goytre park with John Phillips

Lewis Edmunds Diaries 1864 – 1873

January 1st – at the tea party at the co-operative store society of Goytre
January 2nd – at Wm Nicholas Goytre making mortar
January 15th & 20th – at Chapel Edd plastering the ceiling. Thomas Rosser died aged 88
January 23rd – at the funeral of Thos Prosser (as is) Goytre Church
January 26th & 27th – at Pentre Bach farm Goytre for Col. Byrde panting the shed
January 29th – finished Pentre Bach farm for Col. Byrde
February 3rd – at the Halfway house Goytre slating the pub
February 4th & 5th – at Col. Byrde repairing the pantile on the old coach house
February 6th 8th 9th & 10th – at Halfway House slating the gutter & tiling the gutter
February 11th – at Col. Byrde Goytre panting the sheep shed
February 18th & 19th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre panting point roof on pump house and panting the well
February 24th to 3rd March – at Halfway house slating the Old Apartment and slating the Old Pub
March 4th – at home drawing a plan of a house for Thos Evans Nantyderry and at Halfway House pointing the shed
March 5th & 7th – at Col. Byrde Goytre slating the boiling shed near the house
March 8th & 9th – at Halfway House lathing inside the old clubroom
March 9th – at Col. Byrde slating the boiling shed near the house
March 25th – Good Friday – sowing onions and gardening and at Chapel Edd
March 29th – at Halfway House repairing the eaves after falling the oak against it
April 5th – May 5th  was spent at Halfway House lathing, making mortar, plastering etc
May 7th – at Abersychan with Thos James Goytre seeing the damage done by fire at Caleb Cable
May 30th & 31st – at Thos James Ty Cook whitening
June 3rd – at Mrs Rosser Croeshoped whitening
June 13th – at Wm Nichols Goytre pointing the well
July 5th to 16th – at Halfway House making mortar lathing and plastering the old apartment
July 17th – Ann (nee Rosser) wife of John Phillips died at Mamhilad aged 44
July 18th – at Halfway House beginning to plaster in bond
August 29th to September 6th – at Halfway House plastering and flowing the small perlons
September 10th – at New Barn Goytre making mortar and plastering
September 13th 14th & 24th  – at Halfway House footing the joint eaves
September 26th 27th & 28th – at New Barn Goytre slating
September 29th – Eli at New Barn Goytre
September 30th – at Halfway House

January 3rd – Halfway House Goytre measuring the slates and plaster
January 4th – at Col. Byrdes house Goytre settling for the work at Halfway House for the sum of £48
January 7th – at Chapel Edd retiling the pennant on the cottage
January 24th – at Thos Evans New House near Nantyderry lathering
January 25th & 31st – at James Cobner Goytre retiling the carpenters shop for Mrs Watts
February 10th – at Mrs Watts Goytre tiling carpenters shop and at Thos Evans Nantyderry
February 11th – at Thos Evans Nantyderry making mortar
February 13th – at Usk with bill of £6 15s 8d to W D Nichols esq., for work done at Tyr Ewen Goytre
February 22nd – at Thos Evans Nantyderry
February 27th – at Newport for John Phillips cottage at Croesnypant
March 3rd – at Benj Jeremiah near Nantyderry repairing the house and barn
March 4th – at Thos Evans near Nantyderry repairing the house and barn
March 14th – at Abergavenny selling 2 barren cows to John Jenkins Goytre for £17 7s 6d
April 4th to 10th – at Chapel Edd Goytre Couling and whitening
April 14th – Chapel Edd tea party
April 21st – at Benj Jeremiah Goytre repairing the tiles and whitening
April 25th – at Chapel Edd Goytre whitening the chimney and at John Phillips
May 5th 6th & 10th – at John Phillips Croesnypant
May 11th – at Mrs Rosser Goytre Mill whitening inside
June 21st – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre stripping the ? hotest day of the summer
June 23rd to 26th – at John Harris Penpelleny slating the new carpenters shop
June 27th 28th – at John Jenkins dealer slating
June 29th & 30th – at John Harris Penpelleny slating
July 6th to 15th – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre making mortar plastering outside. On the 12th the Cwmavon cow took the bull at Mrs Rosser’s Goytre
July 25th – at John Harris Penpelleny
September 16th & 17th – at Wm Watkins Goytre panting the house
September 19th – Hanover Chapel was damaged by fire
September 22nd – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre stripping and slating the front of the house
December 2nd – at Wm Watkins Goytre plastering inside
December 6th – at Benj Jeremiah near Nantyderry Goytre repairing the house after the wind
December 21st – at John Jenkins dealer Goytre panting the stables

February 15th – at Pengroshoped cottages cementing round the chimneys for Richard Drinkwater
March 23rd & 26th – at Chapel Edd Goytre repairing the tiles and flaking white lime whitening outside. 23rd a very stormy evening
March 31st – at Thos James Goytre house making mortar
April 2nd 9th & 10th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing the tiles
May 4th – at John Bevan Goytre with Wm William and at the Chain bridge buying two cows of John Wilsburton for £24
May 28th & 31st – at Halfway House making lime for finishing the tiles and plastering
June 25th – at John Powell Penpederhewl Goytre whitening. Making the will of John James Horseshoe Mamhilad
July 7th – the Durham heifer took the bull at Col. Byrdes
August 8th – at Halfway House cementing about the chimneys
September 20th 21st & 22nd – at Richard Watkins Goytre pointing the end of the house, firing trough in back of house and whitening
October 1st & 13th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing the house
October 16th – at Wm Nichols Goytre repairing and whitening
October 24th to 27th – at Wm Watkins Goytre pointing and lathing inside and plastering the ceiling
November 1st – at Wm Watkins Goytre finishing the ceiling
November 12th – Wm Cocker Goytre Mill

January 4th – at Mrs Rosser Croshoped whitening inside
January 13th – Amy Roster Croshoped died aged 40 years
January 17th – at the funeral of Amy Rosser at Mamhilad Church aged 40
February 1st – at Goytre Wharf repairing the tiles
February 14th – at Goytre Yard repairing the tiles
February 23rd – at Goytre Wharf repairing Progers house
March 10th – at John Harris Penpelleny to dine
March 14th – snow about 2′ high
May 3rd – at Wm Harris Nightingale slating pigs cot
May 22nd 23rd & 25th – at Thos James Ty Cook whitening inside and out
July 24th & 25th – at Mrs Watts Goytre repairing the tiles
August 2nd – at John Bevan with Wm Williams giving notice to quit the farm
August 22nd – at Cooke barn near Penpelleny repairing the door
August 23rd 26th to 30th – at Park y Brayn holing stones tiling the barn. On the 29th at Park y brain with Wm Williams and his daughter and John Bevan for the rent due August 2nd 1867
September 20th to 25th – at Wm Turners New Barn repairing the barns
September 26th – at Thos James Ty Cook repairing of the barns
September 27th & 28th – whitening the house near Goytre Great House
October 28th – at John James farm Goytre stripping the stable
November 1st 2nd 12th to 16th & 21st – at John Turners farm Goytre tiling and pointing  the stable
November 25th – at Mrs Watts Goytre repairing the barn and house for D Phillips
December 15th – at John Harris Penpelleny
December 21st – at Aaron Goytre banking the grave for Leah wife of Francis Davies aged 65 years
December 22nd – funeral of Leah Davies at Saron

January 22nd – Thos James Ty Ivor Goytre died aged 72
January 27th – funeral of Thos James at Hanover
February 4th – at Col. Byrde Goytre
May 25th to June 27th  – at John Reece Goytre (Abergwellan) making mortar, slating the dormers, plastering, plastering the stables, pointing the house
September 3rd – at Owen Davies Goytre finishing
October 9th – at Rachel Anthony Goytre repairing
November 14th – Mrs John Harris Penpellenny died
November 19th & 20th – at Wm Nichols Goytre
November 24th 26th & 30th – at Cooks cottage (Twin Shinydd) near the Star Goytre stabling the slope
December 1st – at John Reece Goytre repairing about the oven inside
December 9th – at Abersychan working for Thos James Goytre
December 11th – at John Reece Goytre plastering the oven
December 12th – at Abersychan working for Thos James Goytre
December 16th & 17th – at Cooks cottage near the Star Goytre
December 22nd – at John reece Goytre finishing the pigs cot
December 24th – at Owen Davies Goytre repairing the tiles

January 6th – at James James Horseshoe and Thos James Goytre House repairing the tiles
January 9th 11th & 12th – at Thos Lewis near Halfway Goytre repairing
January 27th – at James James Horseshoe cementing
January 28th & 29th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing inside
February 4th – at Richard Drinkwater Croshoped cementing and repairing – the grey cow did calf
February 26th – at Goytre 200 stakes with Chris Jones on the mules
March 3rd – at Newport with Mr Cathcart solicitor respecting John Phillips (Bond)
March 4th – at the sale of John Phillips Mamhilad
February 5th – at the sale of John Phillips Mamhilad
February 6th & 9th – at Wm Turner New Barn Goytre repairing the tiles
February 9th – at Abergavenny with John Marshall respecting the deed of the sale of John Phillips Mamhilad
February 10th & 11th – at Thos Lewis Halfway House for Wm Proger
February 25th – Miss Rachel Jones (Oak) died at Pengroesoped Cottages Goytre
February 26th – Mr Logan James Goitre mending the house
April 8th – Cherry cow calved
May 7th – at William Proger Goytre Yard whitening inside, Chas Richards at Wm Nicholas whitening inside
May 11th – at Wm Proger whitening inside
May 18th – at Samuel Harris factory whitening inside
May 19th – ay Wm Nicholas Goytre whitening inside
May 19th – at Wm Harris Nightingale whitening
June 7th – John Phillips Ty Ivor died aged 48 years
June 10th – at the funeral of John Phillips at Mamhilad
June 28th – at James James Horseshoe Mamhilad whitening outside
June 29th & 30th – at John Rosser Mamhilad slating the shed
July 21st – at Ty Cook Goytre meeting Mr Cook about slating the house
August 2nd – 21st – at Goytre House slating
August 24th – at Thos Davies Bwrgwm
August 28th – at Pontypool paying Watkins Walter for 2000 tile stones for Goytre House
September 1st – 27th – at Goytre House slating
October 1st – 20th – at Goytre House
October 21st – at Newport for 4 bags of the Aberthaw lime for the house of Benj Jeremiah Goytre
October 23rd – 25th – at Benj Jeremiah making mortar and repairing inside
October 29th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre repairing the cottage
November 2nd & 3rd – at Benj Jeremiah whitening outside
November 9th & 10th – at Goytre House whitening outside
November 12th – at Mordecai Jonestiling the stables with pantiles
November 27th – at Thos James Goytre plastering by the window frames inside the store
December 7th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre tiling the draw well
December 9th & 10th – at John Bevan Goytre letting the house for Wm Williams
December 11th – at the funeral of Thos Harris Penpellenny at Goytre Church aged 31 years

January 10th at Wm Turner New Barn Goytre repairing the tiles for Nicholas
January 13th – at Benj Jeremiah Goytre
April 21st & 22nd – at Rosser miller village whitening inside
June 20th to 29th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre stripping the house, slating and whitening
July 7th – at Wm Nicholas slating the house
July 15th – at Wm James Penpellenny cementing and shingling
July 23rd to 29th – at Wm Nicholas tiling pigs cot whitening inside and out
August 16th – James James Horshoe Mamhilad died aged 68
August 22nd – at the funeral of James James at Chapel Edd Goytre aged 68
October 11th – at Newport for timber and shilter for Richard V Jones his house Goytre worth £15 15s 0d
October 17th – at Robert Davies Goytre Mill £11 whitening inside
October 27th & 29th – at Wm Nicholas Goytre making mortar and pointing the stables
October 1st & 2nd – at Richard V Jones Ty Lloyd Goytre stripping the house
October 3rd to 5th – at Richard V Jones repairing the house
November 29th – at Wm Turner New Barn Goytre making mortar
December 2nd – at Wm Turner New Barn repairing the barn

June 28th – Wm Harris Goytre one years interest due April 23rd 1870 15/-

January 2nd – at Wm Turner New Barn whitening inside
January 4th – at Newport with Mrs James Horseshoe Mamhilad with her landlord respecting the land
February 20th & 25th – at Mrs James Horseshoe Mamhilad seeing about the repairs and alteration of the old thatch house
March 19th 21st & 22nd – at John Harris Penpellenny whitening
March 29th – at Pengroesoped whitening inside
April 11th – at John Jones Penty Goytre whitening inside
April 19th – at the funeral of Maria Lloyd at Hanover aged 98
May 19th & 20th – at Mrs Rosser Goytre Mill
July 5th – at Penpellenny with John Harris and Mrs Morgan Little Mill looking for Morgan?
July 19th – at Park y brane Goytre measuring work for John Harris carpenter
October 26 to 28th – at James Hayward Bwrgwm Cottage slating
November 3rd – at Wm James his house near Ty Cook Goytre repairing the house
December 1st – at Goytre House repairing the plaster in the house
December 4th to 19th – at Rhydllwyvan Cottage repairing
December 21st, 22nd & 26th – at Bwrgwm cottage lathing the ceiling upstairs
December 27th – at Newport agreeing with Gwatkin for the Horseshoe field Mamhilad at £120 except £5 5s 0d to be completed by February 2nd 1872
December 29th & 30th – at Bwrgwm Cottage

January 2nd – Wm Turner Goytre whitening 4/-
January 27th – Mordecai Jones for whitening 14/6
January 18th – John Bevan Goytre for Wm Williams due July 2nd 1871 £7 10s 0d
March 25th – Wm Roster Croshoped for work 4/-
March 30th – David Davies Goytre for 9 months club up to March 1871 12/6
August 26th – John Harris Penpellenny on account of work £5
September 16th – Wm Harris smith Goytre one years interest due April 23rd 1871 15/-
November 20th – Mrs Rosser Goytre Mill 6/-

January 1st – at Bwrgwm cottage whitening inside
January 10th – Wm Proger Yard died
January 31st – at Bwrgwm cottage whitening inside
February 6th – at Wm James New Barn repairing the barn and stables
February 7th – at Samuel Harris Factory repairing the tiles, paid 2/6
February 8th – at Bwrgwm cottage cementing on the slopes and finishing
February 15th – at Mrs Jones the Dukes house near Goytre Great House cementing
March 25th – at Wm Rosser Pengroesoped whitening inside
March 26th – at Thos James Goytre House repairing the tile on the back kitchen and bridges in the garden
March 29th – (Good Friday) at Same Harris factory for 8 yards of black wool cloth which cost me 6s per yard total £2 8s 0d
March 30th – Sarah Ann Harris factory married at Hanover Chapel to Mr Brown
April 4th – sale of Danl Tedman Goytre
April 6th 7th & 8th – at Thos Davies Bwrgwm repairing the house
April 13th 14th & 15th – at Same Harris factory repairing the inside of the house
April 29th – 31st – at Benj Harris Goytre whitening inside
June 5th – at Isaac Jenkins Pantypudding near Little Mill whitening inside
June 6th – 11th – at Same Harris factory whitening inside
June 17th – at Mrs Progers sale Goytre sold worth £56 9s 6d
June 29th to July 2nd – at Walter Jenkins keeper Goytre whitening
August 22nd – at Richard V Jones pointing the stables at Ty Llwyd
August 24th – at Rhydllovan making mortar to repair Walter Williams his barn
September 7th – at Pontypool with Wm Williams securing John Bevan I lent cash for £13 0s 0d
October 30th – at Rachel Anthony Goytre repairing the barns
November 23rd – great flood in the river Usk
December 10th – at Abergavenny with Rachel Anthony Goytre and with Wm Price solicitor about money on trust for her

February 5th – Blaenavon Co for 14 days at Bwrgwm Cottage £2 10s 0d
February 7th – Samuel Harris 2/6
February 23rd – Wm Turner New Barn 8/-
March 13th – Same Harris £1 balance due £16
March 19th – Wm Roster Crosoped 4/-
March 26th – James Cobner Goytre on repairing Rhydllwyvan cottage £2 balance due £2
March 29th – Same Harris balance work 16/-
April 3rd – Iltyd Nichols Esq £25 17s 0d
April 29th – Benj Jeremiah Goytre interest 8/-
May 31st – W Hales Goytre one years interest due 23rd 1872 15/-
May 13th – lent Rachel Anthony Goytre 10/-
June 5th – Isaac Jenkins Pantypudding 4/-
June 17th – Mrs Proger for her sale 4/-
August 23rd – Richard V Jones work £1
August 22nd – paid James Cobner carpenter 4 days work at Richard V Jones 16s 6d
September 8th – John Bevan Goytre half years rent due August 2nd 1872 £7 0s 0d
December 4th – Thos Jacob late Ty Cook £2 balance due £20
December 11th. – Mrs James Horseshoe half years rent for land and smiths shop and cottage near the Horseshoe Mamhilad
December 10th – lent Rachel Anthony 10/-

February 24th – at John Bevan Goytre
May 1st – John Williams Tonteg was buried at Hanover aged 57 years
July 4th – at Blaenavon with Wm Williams his daughter with Thomas Watkins solicitor about deeds of Goytre Star land
July 7th to 10th – at John Reece churchwarden near Nantyderry (Abergwelvan) slating his barn
August 9th – at Pontypool receiving the half years rent of John Bevan with Wm Williams
August 19th to 21st – at John Reece Abergwelvan Goytre putting the crest on the barn
August 18th – Mary wife of JohnTurner Goytre died aged 37 years
August 24th – at home guttering then at the funeral of Mary Turner wife of John Turner then aged 37
October 2nd & 10th – at New Barn Goytre repairing the barn and stable
October 17th – Mrs Lewis near Saron died was the relict of Mr W Lewis formerly Ty Gedges Llanover
October 18th – at John Turner New Barn repairing the house
November 17th & 18th – at John Jones Great House drawing down the grate
November 19th – at Mrs Watts Goytre repairing the house and barn
December 15th & 24th – at Benj Jeremiah near Nantyderry Goytre repairing the shed
December 30th – at Pontypool Estate office Wm Williams on business respecting the land near the Horseshoe Mamhilad

Lewis Edmunds Diaries 1874 – 1897

September 9th – at John Bevan Goytre with Wm Williams
December 18th – at John Bevan Goytre making 2 bags of lime
December 28th – at James Jones Nightingale Goytre whitening inside

March 10th – T E Cook for Goytre House £1 3s 0d
”          ”    – Abergwelvan £5 11s 0d
”          ”   –  Mrs Summerfield £1 8s 0d
”          ”  –  New Barn Goytre £1 1s 0d
June 25th – John Harris Penpellenny £4 12 0d
August 1st – Mrs James Horseshoe half years rent due February 2nd 1874 £2 7s 6d
November 24th – John Jones Goytre 15s 0d
December 21st – Wm Harris smith Goytre money that was lent him £15 0s 0d
December 28th – lent John Jones Goytre Great House £5 0s 0d

Paid Out
December 21st – to Wm Harris smith Goytre for groceries £1 4s 6d

February 1st & 2nd – at John Bevan Star repairing the house
February 13th – at the Star Goytre and at Pontypool with Wm Williams receiving the rent of John Bevan Goytre
June 13th – Mrs Rosser died aged 80 years
June 18th – Mrs Rosser late of Brynypant was buried at Hanover aged 80 years
July 8th – at Mr John Morgan Little Mill repairing Pantypudding
July 29th – at Mrs Watts Goytre stripping the barn
August 27th – at Mrs Watts Goytre making pegs
September 2nd to 11th – at Mrs Watts Goytre sorting stones
September 11th – at Mrs Watts and cementing crest on cottage at Penpellenny for John Stevens
September 13th to 16th – at Mrs Watts Goytre
September 16th – Mrs Martha James Horseshoe died at Mamhilad aged 69
September 17th to 20th – at Mrs Watts Goytre
September 20th – Mrs James Horseshoe was buried at Chapel Edd aged 69 years
September 21st to 27th – at Mrs Watts GoytreOctober 4th – at the Horseshoe taking the valuation of the goods and chattels of the late Martha James who died. Good value £33 5s 6d
October 15th & 16th – at Mrs Watts Goytre repairing the house at Penpederheol for Thomas Phillips and finishing repairing the house for David Phillips (as written)
October 31st – John Jones the gardener Llanover died at Penty Cottage Goytre aged 58
November 3rd – at the funeral of John Jones Hanover aged 58

January 8th – Mrs James Horseshoe half years rent £2 7s 6d
October 14th Rachel Anthony Goytre £1 3s 1d
October 16th – Mrs Watts for Thos Phillips 5s

David Philips Glamorgan for work at Mrs Watts £9 15s 0d

February 8th – at Abergavenny with Thos Williams meeting Mr Francis about building a cottage at Goytre estimate cost £70
April 4th – at Mordecai Jones Goytre
April 28th – went to see Mrs Jones Penty Cottage Goytre
September 16th – at at Pontypool with Wm Williams received his half years rent from John Bevan due August 2nd 1876 £7 0s 0d
November 27th – at Col. Byrde repairing the granary and the sheds
December 8th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad trying John Jenkins to come to Abergavenny with Richard Williams about the hayfield but failed
December 11th – at John Jenkins Horseshoe Mamhilad and Mr Thomas Hamer arranging with John Jenkins and Rich’d Williams about the field to have the profits divided share and share alike
December 30th – at home and at the Horseshoe Mamhilad looking for rent but had none

January 10th – at John Turner Goytre
January 11th – at the funeral of Edward Ellis at the Welsh Independent Chapel aged 56 years
January 15th – at Abergavenny with Richard Williams Goytre having ? of Lawrence Baker solicitor concerning the Horseshoe Estate
January 23rd to 27th – at Josiah Lewis Yew Tree Goytre sorting tile stones for the stable
February 2nd – at the Horseshoe settling with John Jenkins and Richard Williams
February 19th – at the funeral of Edward Williams Mount Pleasant at Saron Chapel Goytre aged 62. A very large funeral
April 13th & 14th – at Mrs Jones the Dukes Cottage near Goytre Great House
April 26th – at John Harris Penpellenny Goytre whitening the carpenters shop inside
May 15th – at John Harris Penpellenny tiling the bakehouse
August 20th & 21st – at Saron Chapel Goytre whitening inside
October 6th – at Pontypool settling with John Bevan for the rent of the Star Goytre for Wm Williams up to August 2nd 1877 and paying Thos Watkins 8/9 of interest money
November 6th – at Mordecai Jones painting the back kitchen and shed
December 3rd – at Samuel Harris factory repairing the boiler and tiles

Receipts 1877
January 10th – John Turner Goytre for work 2/6
March 31st – John Jenkins Horseshoe for half years rent due February 2nd 1877 less interest £2 7s 6d
April 30th – Josiah Lewis Goytre £1 1s 0d
August 29th – Saron Chapel £1 2s 0d

March 2nd – Mr James Agg near the Chain Bridge died aged 90 years buried Llanover Church
June 10th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad settling before John Jenkins and Richard Williams up to April 1st 1878
July 25th & 26th – at Thos Davies Cerig Mowren Bwrgwm repairing the house
October 3rd – at Josiah Lewis Yew Tree Farm Goytre repairing the house and stable
November 25th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad receiving the half years rent due August 2nd 1878 £2 7s 6d

April 26th – at Pontypool settling and receiving half years rent from John Bevan for Wm Williams due February 2nd 1879
May 2nd – at the funeral of Maria Lloyd at Hanover aged 68 years
July 7th to 11th – at Aaron Chapel Goytre tiling porch and repairing
July 29th – at Aaron Chapel finishing and at Goytre Yard
July 30th to August 6th – Wm Richards at Goytre Yard – finished by 8 days

January 6th & 16th – at the Star seeing the repairs and making mortar
February 2nd to 12th – at the Star repairing the house
March 12th – at Pontypool receiving the rent of John Bevan for Wm Williams due February 2nd 1880 £7 0s 0d
September 6th & 18th to 20th – at Mrs Watts Ynyspica repairing for David Philips
September 21st & 22nd – at Mary Watts cottage occupied by James Cobner

January 17th – Samuel Harris had a very bad fall on top of the road leading from Croshoped to the factory
September 6th – at the funeral of Alfred Jenkins son of Thos Jenkins Penystare at Hanover Chapel aged 16 years
September 10th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad settling between Richard Williams and John Jenkins to April 1st 1881
September 29th – at Walter Jenkins keeper Goytre repairing the house and barn for Col. Byrde
November 10th – at the Star Goytre seeing the repair wanting to be done on the shed adjoining the house
November 16th – at Newport for timber and slates for Wm Williams collier for the Star Goytre
November 23rd – At the Star Goytre
December 1st to 31st at the Star Goytre

January 3rd, 19th & 23rd – at the Star pointing
February 4th – at Pontypool meeting Mrs Youdell Goytre and Wm Williams collier about the rent at Goytre
February 27th – at the funeral of Mrs Mary James Glanydwr at Hanover aged 75 years
June 7th – at Walter Davies Cottage Goytre about repairing at the Horseshoe
August 9th to 12th – at Walter Davies Goytre Upper Cottage
September 16th – at Pontypool settling the half years rent due August 2nd 1882 for the Star Goytre
October 3rd – David Jones Pengroesoped died
December 11th – at the funeral of Richard Vaughan Jones above Pantysgon Butts Nest he was buried at Goytre Church in his 78th year of age
December 9th & 26th – at Mordecai Jones Coed Robin making and finishing a new oven
December 27th – at home killing a pig. 276lbs

April 5th – visiting John Edmunds
June 15th – brother John Edmunds died at 4 am at the Black Horse Rhiw Sir David near Blackwood. I came home to Yew Tree
June 18th – at the funeral of my brother John Edmunds at Penmain Independent Chapel
June 23rd – at John Jenkins Horseshoe settling up to April 1st 1887 between him and Wm Williams
October 6th – at the Horseshoe Mamhilad meeting Mr W Grisham and Mr Morgan Little Mill when they came to value the premises
November 3rd – at Horseshoe Mamhilad expecting to see John Williams. Walter Davies Goytre died
December 8th – at home. I went to see Samuel Harris factory he being very ill

January 26th – Wm Richards tiler and plasterer died aged 73
January 18th – Thomas Lewis taylor died Goytre aged 84 buried Sharon Chapel
July 18th – at the Horseshoe and Penpellenny and seeing the riffles in camp near Col. Byrde Goytre House
July 28th – I was at Pontypool signing an affidavit at Thomas Watkins suspecting the pedigree of the late Rachel Anthony of Goitre account by Mordecai Jones and Thomas Rosser Goytre
December 11th – at Abergavenny with H Jeffries and Jones solicitor signing a declaration for the tithe of the Bwrgwm land and Cottage of the late Rachel Anthony
December 25th – at the Horseshoe meeting John Williams and John Jenkins about the duty money
December 28th – at Abergavenny with H L Baker solicitor with Richard Williams and J Jenkins Horseshoe about the excise duty

March 2nd – at home Richard Jones Coed Robin did crop the whythys for me I paid him 3/-
June 1st – at Evan Morgan Penheol Yard Road Goytre repairing the oven
October 12th – at Elm Tree Cottage Goytre

January 28th – James Jones Ty Lloyd Goytre was buried at Hanover
February 8th – at the funeral of Wm Watkins son of George Watkins mason at Hanover aged 20 years

January 18th – Mr Jones tiler was buried at Hanover Church
April 22nd – Mr Jones Coed Robin died
May 1st – Mrs Jones Coed Robin died

John Cooke’s Diary 1781

Saturday Jan.y 6th 1781 – Bought Mrs Cooke a new calico gown, olive striped with white and my son Thomas a new hat and on Monday last bo.t him a pair of black Manchester breeches. Two little girls went to Mr Davies’s today.

Monday Jan.y 8th – Went with my son John to Bath to visit Mr Thicknese at his hermitage at St Catherines. We lay at York house that night and returned to Bristol next morning. Mr Cookshatt called in Somerset Street whilst we were at Bath, on his way to Yorkshire.

Jan.y 18th – Sent our first load of goods by Caerleon boat to P’pool.

Tuesday Jan.y 23rd 1781 – This day my son Thomas went to board at Cap.t Pococks in princes Street. This day my daur Mary went to board with Mrs Calloway up on Kings Down.

Jan.y 29th 1781 Wednesday – This evening we left our house in Somerset Street and went to lye at my cousin Capel next door.

Jan.y 25th – Sent our last loads of goods to P’pool by the Caerleon boat and gave up the house next morning to Mr Jones the school master. We went on Friday 26th to Mr Davies in Somerset Street and returned on Sunday to me cousins house.

Feb.y 2nd Friday – We set out from Bristol with Eliza in a chaise to the passage, had a fine passage. Set out from Haggard’s in a chaise to Usk and got to Kevanhila by 6 o’clock in the evening. This evening Mr Cecil’s barns and oxhouses were burnt down and a great quantity of grain coustand to the value in the whole of above 300£.

Verses written by a Miss A Maud and sent to a young officer (with a gilded gingerbread doll) who railed ab.t marriage Nov.r 1780

Your aversion to marriage to us is well known

But we really believe you will like this Miss Joan

Whose excellent merits induced us to send

This sweetest of creations to you, our good friend

As is plain to seen, she’s a lady of riches

And we give you our word she’s unreceiving breeches

She is silent and always give you your way

She will never direct you, but always obey

And should you be as ‘tis common be tired of your wife

You may put her away without fear of your life

These verses will induce you we think too well treat her

But we beg you won’t love her so much as to beat her

Feb.y 5th 1781 Monday – I went from Kevanhila to Christchurch to meet my moor tenants and returned to P’pool. Next day went to Kevanhila.

Feb.y 7th 1781 Wednesday – We went in a chaise from Kevanhila to P’pool to Mr Hanbury’s. Staid there ‘till Friday the 9th when we went to our house to live which I rent from Mr Hanbury at 10£ year.

This is the house I was born in, built by my grandfather, inhabited by my mother and will I hope long be so by myself.

Feb.y 5th 1781 Monday – This day abt 7 in the morn.g Mrs Roberts, wife of John Roberts Esq., of Abergavenny died and on Thursday the 8th I attended her funeral at Abergavenny she was buried in the Church there. Mr Hanbury Williams, Mr Jones of Llanarth, Mr Chambre, Mr Lee, Capt Lucas, Cap.t Carr, Mr William Morgan of the hill and myself were bearers. We had hatbands and scarfs and the funeral was the handsomest I ever attended.

Feb.y 7th 1781 Wednesday – This morning killed my pig at Goytre, it weighed 12 stone and cost in all £2.

Feb.y 9th Friday – This day Mr Griffiths of Kevanhila and my son John dined at Mr Hanburys. John is to return to Bristol tomorrow.

Feb.y 10th 1781 – Rec.d of Edw.d Parry 1£ 1s 0d with which I received before at different times and by allowances of land tax make 18£ 10s 0d for half years rent due Michaelmas 1779. He also left 12s on acc.t This day I bought a flitch of bacon for my cousin Capel Cooke which weighed 98 pounds at 21/2d per pound and paid twenty shillings and 5d for it.

 Feb.y 17th 1781 Saturday – This morning ab.t six o’clock my cousin Ann Griffiths of Kevanhila died. She was ill ab.t a fortnight of a warm fever which carried her off in the sixth year of her life.

Feb.y 22nd Thursday – I and Mr Wm Griffiths her cousin attended her funeral as two mourners to Usk Church where she was interred.

 Feb.y 19th Monday ( on blotting page)  – Sent my cousin Edw.d Grevile half a sheep to Bristol. Cost 5s 6d – 22lbs at 3d.

Feb.y 17th 1781 – Rec.d of Sam.l Howell 6d on acc.t of rent.

An easy introduction to the knowledge of nature and the reading of Holy scriptures adapted to the capacities of children 8£ 3s Dodsley 1780, the author Mrs trimmer of Brentford.

Monday Feb.y 26th1781 – This evening Ann Leek came to live with us, wages and tea 5£ 5s 0d a year.

Saturday March 3rd 1781 – Planted 12 gooseberry trees and several currant trees in the garden at P’pool, bro.t from Goytre and also a peach tree and many shrubs. Sowed also my carrots, onion, leeks, turnips, parsley and lettuce and small salading.

March 3rd 1781 blotting page – Mrs Griffiths of Usk sent Eliza in a present of a fine cap from London.

Shrove Tuesday Feb.y 27th 1781 – This day we had, at P’pool the greatest of storm wind that ever was known here. Many houses and buildings unroofed and thrown down, sev.l trees destroyed, some torn up by the root, other broke short off in the middle. Mr Hanbury had above 100 trees blown down in and ab.t P’pool. The wind came from the north and west and raged with all its greatest violence from ab.t two o’clock ‘till four in the afternoon. It is remarkable that the storm was not much felt in or ab.t Abergavenny.

March 7th 1781 – This day Mrs Griffiths of Usk and her son Mr Griffiths of Kevanhila came to see us. She staid two nights.

March 9th Friday – Mrs Cooke and I went to Goytre for flower roots and dined there.

March 11th 1781 – David Williams paid me 6s on acc.t of half years rent due at Lady day 1780 remains due 10£ 14s 0d .

March 13th – Had the grout in my left hand which lasted above a week.

March 24th – The feast at Pontevellien Saturday. This day my horse Jolly came from Goytre to be kept at P’pool. Had a cart load of hay bro.t here.

Mr Griffiths left Kevanhila on or ab.t Tuesday the 27th of March 1781 which he has rented out to Mr Tencate for 17 years from Candlemas last.

Saturday April 14th – Mr and Mrs Griffiths of Kevanhila came here and returned to Usk next day.

Monday 16th – We dined at Mount Pleasant.

Saturday evening April 17th – 5 loads of coal, the week after came 6 loads of coal.

Monday April 23rd – Henry Howell paid me 9£ on acc.t of rent.

Tuesday April 24th – Mrs John James paid me 15s for a years rent due at Michaelmas 1780.

April 25th 1781 – William Bardin paid half years rent due May 1st 1780.

April 26th – Set two quarters of the garden at Goytre with white potatoes.

Tuesday April 24th 1781 – This day poor Lacey Maud died of a contusion in his head from a fall from a horse.

Monday April 30th – Dined at Thos Jenking dinner of trustees.

Saturday April 21st – Edw.d Parry sent me in 5 bushells more of oats.

Saturday April 21st – Mrs Cooke and I dined at Mr and Mrs Edw.d Davies with Mr and Mrs Drane of Berkshire and next Sunday they all dined with us at P’pool.

Sunday April 29th – My cousin William Griffith dined with us at P’pool.

To Make Excellent Lavender Water

Half a pint of the highest rectified spirit of wine.

Part ¾ of a drachm of oil of lavender and 3d of the essence of amber grease. Mix all well together:

Mr & Mrs Davies of Somerset Square

Spirit of wine 10 01/2

Oil of lavender 3 0

May 26th 1781 – Rec.d of John James four pounds eleven shillings on acc.t of half a years rent due to me at Michaelmas 1779.

May 28th 1781 – Set potatoes in the garden at P’pool. Mrs Griffiths dined here.

May 29th – Made raisin wine.

May 30th – Dined with Mr Cookshatt at Geo. Kemys at Newport. A practical grammar of the French language priced 2d bound by N Wanostrocht, printed for I Johnson Pontypants church yard.

June 17th 1781 – Rec.d of David Williams 3 guineas of acc.t of rent. Rec.d same day of Edw.d Parry the sum of 5£.

 Monday June 11th 1781 – (on blotting page) – John Leeks came to me upon Trgal. Wages to be 7 guineas May 1st 1782.

Spence of Amber grease 9d

Cost in all to make above quantity 1£ 4s 91/2d

Tuesday May 1st 1781 – This morning Mr and Mrs Hanbury and family set out for London

May 5th 1781 – Edw.d Parry paid me five pounds on acc.t of rent. This day my daur Eliza began to learn to read with Joe Rogers.

May 7th – Began my casks of raisin wine from Bristol.

Saturday May 12th 1781 – This morning ab.t twelve o’clock my son Thomas arrived from Bristol having finished his schooling there. He came by the Caerleon boat which struck upon the sands on Friday where they staid all night.

Saturday May 12th 1781 – (on blotting page) – 6 bushells of oats from Mr Morgan of Mamhilad. Mr and Mrs Watts of Bristol called here this day.


Monday June 18th 1781 – This evening my son Thomas set out to go to Caerleon by the boat to Bristol where he paid Cap.t Pocock 11£ 12s 0d for his board and drawing and Mr Norton 10£ for all rent due to him at Lady Day last and on Friday June 22nd he and his sister Mary with both the Miss Watsons came by Caerleon boat and I met them at Newport and bro.t all to P’pool. Thomas bought a new coat and breeches of the bone de Paris coloured cloths at Bristol.

Friday June 22nd – Set 3 rows of marrowfat peas at P’pool.

Tuesday 26th June – Set potatoes in the slopes towards the river at P’pool.

Saturday June 3rd 1781 – I paid 1 guinea duty to the examination for my man servant John Evans for a year ending the 30th June 1782.

Thursday June 21st 1781 – Bro.t a hogshead of cyder to P’pool. Sold Mr James of the Black Boar 48 gallons of it at 6d a gallon, he had the same quantity of it before at the same price. John Jacob had 3 gallons at the same price. I kept 40 gallons for my own use. Gave Dan.l Jones six gallons of cyder.


Ann Leek came Monday Feb.y 26th 1781


Wages and tea 5 5 0 year

Friday April 20th paid her

On account 10 6

Saturday May 12th paid her

On account 5 0

Thursday July 26th

I paid her in full of all wages due

to her this day July 26th 1781 1 8 6

this will be due to her on the

26th Feb.y 1782 to finish her

Years wages: exactly 3 1 0 to

Make up the 5 5 0 2 4 1

Decm.r 1781 Pd her 1 1 0

 Feb.y 26th 1781 Pd her to finish

Her year due that day 2 0 0

John Cooke’s diary 1775-1776

Memorandum in 1775

Jan.y 2nd – Sent Mr Grevile a hare by Caerleon boat.

Jan.y 4th – Bought a hogshead of Gin of Mr Powell of New Forge cost £1 13s 0d.

Jan.y 5th – Bought a pig of my Tenant Hen: Morgan which cost £2 8s 0d weigh.d a score the two flitch’s weigh.d 121 lbs the cheeks weigh.d 6lbs.

Jan.y 7th – Bought a pair of half patterned ashes cost 2d.

Jan.y 9th – My son Thomas began to learn to write of Mr Summers.



10th – This is my birth day and my wedding day. I am 42 years old being born on Saturday Decem.r 30th 1732 and was married to my pres.t wife

 16th – Went to Lanwern.

 17th – Rec.d my rents at Magor for last year.

18th – Returned to P’pool that night.

19th – Came home to dinner from P’pool found a messenger from Leicester to request me to go to vote for Mr Hungerford ag.st Mr Pochin and to oblige Mr Croxall of Thurstock. I sett out directly w.th the messenger ab.t 2 in the afternoon in a chaise, got to Ross that night.

20th – Went from Ross in a chaise without Mr Cox as supervisor who was also a Freeholder of Leicestershire to Birmingham that night.

21st  – Went from Birm.m at 3 o’clock in the morning got to Leicester 138 miles from Abergavenny by two o’clock at noon. Got polled directly for Mr Hungerford, afterwards dined with him. Lay that night at Leicester. Mr Hungerford carried the election by a majority of 120 votes.

22nd – Sett out from Leicester was allowed 3 Guineas and a half for my expenses home, got that night to Mr Croxall at Thurstock.

23rd – Went from Thurstock to Birm.m dined and supped with Mr Carless, drank tea with Mrs Ireland.

 Do 23rd – Bought my son John a Gold shirt Buckle and my son Thomas a pair of Plated Buckles and myself an oil case wood.

24th – Sett out at 5 o’clock in the morning in the Stage Coach from Birm.m for Worc.r called at Bromsgroveon Mrs Bennet got to the Hop Pole at Worc.r by one o’clock at noon, dined, drank tea and supper with Sir Nigel Gresley at his house there.

25th – Settled all account finally with my old tenant Thos Cross of Broomhall near Kempsey to midsummer 1774, at which time the Estate being a leasehold of £18 a year. Requested to the Bishop of Worcs.r who refused to renew it all the lives being dead, but the Bishop dyed without enjoying it by a fall from his horse at Bath. Johnson was his name. He long wishes a poor man to get possession of this little Farm which he lived to do but come to his continuously and in a very few months after tho’ a batchelor and very rich he was exceedingly avaricious and penurious and his death like his life was a miserable one.

25th – Sett out from Worc.r in a chaise to Ledbury and got from hence on Post horses to Ross that evening where I stayed with my friend Mr Meredith till Saturday the 28th instant when I left Ross and got safe home to Aberg.y that evening.

27th – Mrs Hanbury of P’pool was delivered of a son early in the morning.

31st – Bought a pig of Jno Watkin of Tre Binking for the Rev.d Mr Morgan of Chelmsford at 3d ¾ a pound, weighed a score for which I paid him £2 3 9.

31st –  Paid Phil Williams 12 guineas for a years rent for my house in Aberg.y due the 1st of this instant.



2nd – Sent the rent of the field to Mr Rainsey.

8th – Paid Mr John Parry £5 for a year’s rent of the sd fields. A remedy for rot in sheep. Give each sheep a spoonful of dry salt once a week when rotting season is expected. When they have been a little used to it they will lick it up of themselves if laid upon flat stones in the pasture.

My wife Rec.d in my absence from David Williams of Penloyne £17 0 0d.

The Aurora Bonalis is continually succeeded by hand southerly or south west wind, attended by hazy weather and small rain, it may be observed in general that sufficient indications of impending impetus precede them a considerable time, did we but carefully note them.

In the former part of the reign of Henry 8th there did not grow in England either cabbage, carrot, turnip or other edible root ab.t the same time the artichoke, the apricot, the damask rose made their first appearance in England. Turkeys carps and hops first known, there in the year of 1524 the currant shrub brought from the island of Zant 1553.

In the year 1540 cherry trees from Flanders were first planted in England.

Ab.t the year 1580 peaches were first introduced.

14th – Went to Chepstow and dined at the Three Cranes with Mr Van and Mr Lewis St. Pier and the bridge committee of which I am one.

When we agreed with one Brown and Mason of Abbey Tintern to build three new stone pieces to Chepstow Bridge the foundation of the pieces to be repaired and made good by day work and the pieces to be done by the greed of nine shillings and six pence a ton.

Twenty square feet to be allowed a ton of work.

16th – Returned from St Pier thro’ Caerleon with Mr Thos Lewis, dined with Harry Morgan and came to P’pool that night. Settled my business finally with the heirs at law of Mrs Jones Salisberg. I got a discharge from Mr Henry Davies late of Chepstow.

17th – Came home from |P.pool

18th – Rd.d a letter from Mr Thicknose to instruct me that on Wednesday the 16th inst his appeal was held before the Lords and the Chancellors devise ag.st him was then fully confirmed.

Lord Chamberlain spoke an hour and a quarter for reversing the devise in his favour but there being but a few Lords, chiefly Scotch the motion was speedily determined ag.st him without a division.

This affair gives me more concern than any other mans disappoint it minded or care.

His great knowledge of the world of mankind his uncommon talents and abilities rest and elegance of manners made his company exceedingly pleasing and discernible. He lived in a cottage near P’pool (Zuortea) a little slypinn of his own farming but quitting this county was a loss to me that can never be repaired.

20th – Went with my son John to Mr Hanbury’s to P’pool and returned Sat.y the 25th



4th – John went with Mr W Davies and Mr Jno Morgan to Oxford in a chaise.

7th – Tommy was 9 years old.

15th – Sett a fir tree between each of the horse chestnut trees and walnut trees round the little field adjoining to the hedge and road to the house in Goytre and on the same day planted the fir trees in the little orchard beyond the kitchen garden there.

17th – James Meredith the young.r grafted several American New Town Pippins and three Kipston Pippins and two large Yorkshire Pippins which were given me by Mr Meredith and several other trees at Goytre.

20th – Went to Kevenhila to the premises of my cousin Edw.d Griffiths marriage and at the request of Miss Cox to give her away to him which I did at Llanbaddock Church.

Miss Molly Griffiths the clerk and Mr Griffith’s bailiff were all that were present.

Immediately after the ceremony they set out for London in a chaise and four and I returned to dine with Mrs Griffiths their mother at Kevanhila.

If future happiness may be presaged from fair prospects and amiable qualifications, this young couple seem entitled to much mutual felicity.

The same day I brought from Kevanhila two young pyramidical Flemish Poplar trees of one years growth and planted them in remembrance of the day in the orchard at Goytre, below the garden wall and adjoining the high road.

24th – Planted three quarters in the garden at Aberg.y with potatoes.

25th – Sowed colleyflowers, savoys, brocoli and brocoli seed in do.

27th – Sowed carrots and onions in Goytre and pruned the wall trees.

31st – Went to Monmouth assizes. William Nicholls Esq., was High Sheriff. George Rigg and Thomas Hurlance condem.d for robbing Mr Rowlins of Monmouth. Thomas Hurlance was reprieved.



5th – Planted at Goytre a cherry tree which Will.m Andrew gave me which was budded on a laurel stock.


10th – Sett four potatoes at Aberg.y which Mrs Mathews gave me under the further wall near ye mulberry tree.

Charles of the Scots

The Scots are contemptible peasants, cunning, disparaging egcophant Jacobites in soul and sentiment but devout worshippers of Dagon.

They are everymans slave to gain a purpose and the tyrant of everyman, when the purpose is gained they splurge on the credibility and can of the Guelph’s but are the unutterable followers of Charles Stuart and to erase these principals is almost as difficult as to make them generous ignoramus clearly.

14th – Sett six rows of potatoes from Chepstow behind the hot bed in Abergavenny.

16th – Sett some of the Chepstow potatoes at Goytre in the old cabbage ground and before the halibut trees. Same day sett a double row of Mr Mathew’s potatoes between the upper rows of raspberries.

24th – Made rosein wine tim.d it May 17th.Sett three rows of Hotspur peas and three rows of white blopam beans at Goytre.

25th – My son Thomas began to learn to dance with Mr Morsey at Aberg.y



6th – My daughter Mary is one year old this day.

10th – Acc.t in the Gazette of a skirmish near Boston on the 19th April last between the Kings’s Troopers and the American in which the former were worsted. This is the first blood that has been shed on the melancholy disputes betwixt us and them.



2nd – John came from Oxford

4th – Removed from Aberg.y to Goytre for the summer

5th – Mrs Graham came to my house at Aberg.y which she has taken for two months at one guinea a week

17th Monday – Attended a charity school meeting at Caerleon

18th – Tommy went to board at Mr Morgans


Inscription on a Garden Seat

Altered from Thurstone by a Lady


O ye who bother in costly bliss

Or toil in fortunes giddy sphere

Do not rashly judge amiss

Of one who lives contented here


Nor get disdain the narrow bounds

That skirt this gardens simple pride

Not get, deride the scanty mounds

That fence your waters peaceful tide


The tenant of the shade forgive

For wounding at the close of day

With joy to see the flow’rots live

And hear the linnets temperate lay


And or remember that from strife

From fraud full hate and pantick glee

From every fault of polished life

There rustic scenes are happily free


The Hermits Law

“Let thought and deed from reason glow

Conscience calm is heaven below

Prunce wary wants the heath most true

Is when we make a little do

Call temperance and in full toil

Then soft content will spread its smile

Conduct of youth thro’ happy age

And fit you for the hermitage”


24th  – Attended the first charity meeting for the benefit of clergymen’s widows and children held at the Kings Head in Newport for which I am at the Bishops particular request appointed, together with Mr Addam Williams, Mr Lucas and Mr Cecil a trustee.

31st – My son John is 19 years old this day. This day came ann.t of an action on the 19th June last betwixt the Kings troopers and provincials in north America in which the former had the advantage. Charlestown was burnt down by the Kings forces



23rd – Mr Hanbury’s birth day. My son John and I dined at P.pool only the Coldbrook family there.

24th – Mr Mathews family from Lanfoist dined at Goytre

25th – Sowed some early York and sugar loaf cabbage and some Lapland cabbage seeds and a few of the stone turnip seeds at Abergavenny

31st – Let my farm at Goytre to Henry Howell for a year, reserving some part for myself

10th –( on the blotting page)Lenter.d my chair for a year ending this day next year 1776



21st – Began to farm the green before the parlour windows into a garden again and planted the slopes with strawberry plants the 23rd instant. This ground was laid down with grass for 5 years.

28th – Mr & Mrs Griffiths and Charles dined at Goytre.

30th – We went to P’pool to see Mrs Davies and staid all night.



3rd – We went to P’pool to visit Mrs Hanbury and staid all night.

11th – My wife left Goytre and went to Abergavenny. Martha came this day. Got in the nursery and other apples.

21st – Began to plow the lower Cae Coed for wheat.

26th – Finished sowing wheat in the above field 5 covers. Sowed 6 bushels and half a peck at 7s. Mr Blash.f .

28th – Paid my ten.t H Morgan 10s for plowing and 3/4d for harrowing it. Henry Rinalt 6d and Mr Price three days labour same time. Paid John Morgan four pounds for ten dozen of lime on the same field. Sett a bed of Mazagam Beans. Returned from Goytre to Abergavenny for the winter.

31st – My son John and Mr Thos Williams sett out for Oxford.



2nd – Planted 2 plumb, 2 apple and 3 pear espaliers and from P’pool in the garden at Goytre. Disp.d asparagus beds for the winter.

8th – Made the garden wall at Goytre next to the road 2 feet higher than it was before.

9th – Planted a pomegranate and passion tree ag.st the end of the house near the garden.

16th – My wife was safely delivered of a daughter a.bt a quarter before six in the morning.

17th – Cow took bull.

23rd – Planted the first quarter of the garden at Goytre with gooseberry and currant trees and espaliers cherry trees.

29th – Began to clear the ruff ground by the hedge in both Cae Coed.

30th – Began to feed my pigs with peas.



1st – Dined with Mr Car for the first time at his new house.

2nd – Planted 3 standard cherry trees and 2 do plumb trees on espalier New Town Pippin and sev’ll other espaliers apples and in the garden at Goytre.

4th – Made my Cyder at Mr Morgan’s 120 gallons.

Mem.d that Nov.r 30th being Jno Andrews day in Cardiff fair and the next market day after at Aberg.y and P’pool is the best day to buy beef for hanging.

Mr Morgan Griffith turnpike work 5 0

Thomas Moses 3 0

7th – Sett 2 rows of a few more Mazagam Beans under the wall at Abergavenny, full.

22nd – Molly Robins came to us and next day Sally Lewis of Usk went home from nursing my wife, for wich I paid her £1 8s 6d.

22nd – My son John returned from Oxford. I had expected him long before and my disappointment was owing to his having taken a journey to London with an Oxford acquaintance without my leave or knowledge, this impudence of his grieved my heart extremely and obligence to leave this remark of it behind me hope that whenever he meets with it, it will renew the idea of his father’s fondness for him, who instantly forgave the disobedience and never mentioned it again to him.

Paid Morgan Griffith 6s

Paid Thomas Evans 6s

William Price 6s

H Renalt 11s

29th – 2 bushell more of pears.

25th – First wore my suit of forrestt cloth.

28th – Rec.d a bill from Mr Croxall for £13 7 0 for half a years rent from Mr Suffolk, due Lady Day 1775.

28th – This ab.t 8 o’clock in the morning died at the Priory in Abergavenny Charles Millborne Esq. as much and as deservedly lamented as any man with my remembrances.

31st  – This night died the Rev.d Mr Evan Eustance above fifty years vicar of Abergavenny where he was greatly respected.

Turnpike Work

December halled

106 loads of stone at 6d 2 13 0

Paid Morgan Griffith

23 days work at 1s 1 3 0

Paid Harry Rinall

18 days work at 1s 18 0

Paid for 2 baskets 1 0

Paid Harry Rinall

For 6 days work 6 0

Paid Jack in all

Different times 1 10 6

Dec 1st paid him more 1 0

Dec paid for shoes 5 0

Mary Plower cam Jan.y 24th 1775

Feb.y 16th paid her 2 2 0

March paid her 5 0

March paid her 2 0

March paid her 2 6

May 10th paid her 1 1 0


Lord Abergavenny’s yearly chief rents

For Skibor Wen in Mamhilad 6 0

Goytre Lease 2 0

Do freehold chief rents 2 2


Jan.y 10th 1775

Paid William Morgan the above in full for 1774


Acc.t of nanny’s wages

Nov.r 7th 1774 paid her all this morning wages due to her the 1st instant being half a year


Jan.y 5th 1775 paid her 5 0

Jan.y 28th paid her 12 6

May 2nd paid her in full

Of all wages ten months

Due to the first May

1775 1 8 0



Mary Watkins came May 6th 1775.

15lbs or more of clover

6 trefoil

4 white clover

11/2 doz ray grass

1776 – January

2nd – Dined at Mr Jordan’s

3rd – Dined at Miss Merediths, Xmas dinner

5th – This day my little girl was privately baptised at Abergavenny by the Rev.d Mr Williams the curate there, by the name of Elizabeth, after my own sisters name

6th Saturday – This evening Mr Millborne was buried in the chancel at Aberg.y Lord Oxford, Mr Thomas Harley, Mr John Harley, Mr Philip Jones of Llanarth, Mr Harcourt and Capt Chamber were bearers.

Letter from Aunt Charlotte 1831

H Bird Dec 7th 1831 – From his aunt Charlotte – Goitre

1832 Journal Jan’y

  1. Sunday went to Goitre Church in the morning Mr Davies preached at Goitre his that way from the 13th of Luke’s and verses 8 2 new
  2. Monday Mr Davies came to tea he informed me that he was going to Cardiganshire for 2 or 3 weeks

5th we all went to Llanover shooting, had several shots but killed nothing

6th went with Mr Dix to Abergavenny and dined at Mr Grieves on the way back

8th Sun. Charlotte’s eye was to bad to go to Church. Mr Jenkin Hughes did his duty at Goitre. His text was taken from 3 chapter Melachi 2 – but who may abide gladly of his coming or who shall stand whenever appeareth first him coming for the future coming of the saviour 2nd he explained the .. in the latter part of the very excellent sermon

9th went to Mr Walbeoff Llanover to dinner. Met the William’s of Llanvrechva it was Mr Gardeners birthday by whom I was a share he was 21 years of age.

10th Tues. I went out shooting. Uncle killed a cock pheasant.

11th W. Set out altogether for Mr Webb’s but it rained so dreadful we were obliged to turn back with a drenching.

12th went out to Mr Webb’s did not come home till 11.

13th went again out shooting. Had not a shot

15th S. We churched at Goitre

16th Mon. Went to Mr Webb’s rode to Abergavenny with Mr Gardiner we dined at Mr Grieves

19th Mr and Mrs Dix went by the coach to Bristol

20th we went to Usk with uncle. Did not come home until 12 o’clock that night

22nd S. Aunt Charlotte’s eye was so bad to go to church. Only uncle and myself went. Mr Evans preached at Goitre, his text was taken from 9 chptr of St Luke’s & 26 verse. For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and my words of him shall the son of man be ashamed we come in his own glory and his fathers and of the Holy Angels

23rd M. went out shooting. I killed a hare in Coed Howell

24th Tu. Went to Mr Webb’s to see Gardener played 2 games of chess with him. Cold but very mild weather.

25th went out shooting again on the side of the hill, very little sport, there seems to be very few woodcocks in the country

28th went to Mr Grieves with our guns, killed nothing

29th took calomel according to Mr Grieves desire, did not go to church

31st went to Mr Webb’s and slept there that night


Feb.y went to Mr Marfield of Lancha? Shooting being the last of pheasants. It came onto rain which obliged us to?

2nd Th. When we came home I found that Mr Mais had written to Mr Griffith’s of Usk asking him to inform me that he desired my attendance on him immediately

3rd set out for Bristol came by the Lady Rodney for passage arrived at Bristol at 6 o’clock

5th Sun. Went to St John’s church, Mr Porter preached; lest them alone until?

10th set out for London. Walked on the road for 6 miles, got on a coach which took me to Bath. Called on aunt Winstone, saw there aunts Fanny and Lucy, the latter was going to Goitre the next day. Got on the New Company’s coach at 3, did not arrive in London till 7 next morning, breakfasted with aunt Chalken at Kensington then went on to Pentonville to aunt Heston’s at 9. Met Henry Louis and Jones at Mr Eagles office at 6 being the 11th Feb

12th I went for a walk with uncle Geo Chalken instead of going to church, went with Louis to Kensington after dinner & returned to Pentonville to sleep.

13th went together to Mr Van with Fanny, Louis, Louisa and myself where we met Uncle George and from there to the Court of Chancery. A Mr Bicknell took us all into the vice-chancellors viz Sir Lancelot Shadwell together with a gentleman from Mr Vans, a solicitor or something in that line. We had to do nothing but only appear for forms. After we had settled there I went to Mr Price and he told me to see Major Bennett if he could go with me to Lord Hill. After I had seen Major B. I had to go again for further directions.

14th went twice to the Senior United Service Club

15th Wed. Went again to the club but did not see Major Bennett. I enclosed Mason’s letter to him. Called on Mr Price who corrected a letter that uncle George Chalken had written for me to send to Gen. Maitland. I went and waited out in Grosvenor Square and he would give him my card, he was very kind to me indeed. I then went back to Coleman Street and saw Major Banks but he gave me no encouragement relative to my future prospects in life but told me that a commission was very difficult to get, which I could have told him.

18th Sat. Went to the club but Major Bennett was not there, waited until 3 and saw him. He said that he was going to sail on Wednesday for Jamaica and required that he will call on Tuesday next at 11 o’clock. I saw Mr Price he said that Gen King would do as well as introducing me in person

19th Sun. Eye not very well, took some salts and staid at home. Mr Chalken and Margaret came to dinner

20th Mon. Went to General King’s for my letter. He told me to let him know??

21st Tues. My name happening to be the first on the list I was not there much too soon. Lord Fitzroy seemed inclined to do what he could for me, said he would recommend my case to Lord Hill and that I had better see the Lord on Thursday. I of course saw Gen. King who said that was very favourable. I wrote to aunt Lucy and mama that evening

23 Thursday. Went to the horse guards at x o’clock and put down my name, no. 24. I saw Lord Hill about 3. He was very kind in his manner, told me that it was uncommonly difficult to get a commission without purchase particularly now we looked very bad owing to the thick fog. He said that he was disposed to do all he could for me, both on account of my father’s service and my own appearance but as there were so many admissions from the college therefore we were obliged to attend to that there were few we can? but the first we had to dispose of and would think of me now but he did not promise me a commission, he said that I had better have some advice for my eye while I was in town and that I had better go home to my friends for a time and improve myself as much as I could by reading. I said everything I could think of to strengthen my claim on the service. Afterwards called on Mr Price and Gen. King but could hardly see anyway on account of the density of the fog.

24 Fri. Boot called me so I staid in

26 Sun. Went to Kensington to Church. Heard a Mr Pittman he gave as a very good sermon his text was taken from the 9th of 27 verse Luke. He made several short appeals to our consciences and spoke the truth very plainly

27 Mon. Went to Highgate with a parcel for Mr MacDonald. Wrote to Mrs Towgood and? Eye better called on the Curtons where I drank tea.

28 went to St John’s Wood and saw the Walters thought they looked very well. Called on Lady Trotter she was very ill and did not see me, had nearly an hours chat with Miss Trotter. Went also to Mr Price whom I drew 4£ on account of compassion of money

29 W. Went to the office and took my place to go next day when I came home I found a note from my cousin Maria saying she could not let me go down to Goitre without spending 2 or 3 days with her. I put off my place a week


  1. Went down to Dartford in Mr Towgoods gig
  2. Went with my cousin over to Wanscomb

5 snow, we visited Saint Wansey? Mr Man and myself let off 8 doz sparrows from a trap only shot 6

8 Th. I did not start from Dartford till early that morning, staying over nightly prevented me from taking me up either Thursday or Wednesday. We went with one to Major Banks saw only the clerk. He said that I ought to see? Before I left town. Mr Towgood inquired which was the best and cheapest way for us to go out to Ceylon which he thought almost desirable object. my place to another day but now I gave 1s which I had paid. I went down with him that night and came up with him again next morning

9 Fri. We saw Mr Ferres and Major the former told us there is a passage for 60£-70£ and that if he heard of anything that would be favourable to my object he wd let me know next said if I cd get out cheap Mama cd allow me a maintenance on the Gampolar Estate but that I cd do nothing till I was of age. Mr Navara could give me power of attorney to act under the executors and that should I get a commission I could receive it more by exchange but that it was not worthwhile going to the expense and if I had any hopes of getting a commission soon had I that if I cd get out I should be of use there to the estate but now as a looker on till I was of age he gave his letter to read and to take down with me which mama had but then for perusal from Capt. Braybrook, he gave a very unfavourable account of my uncle George and even goes as far as to state that he dishonestly disposed of the coffee ? and appulates the money to his own use and many other things but that the estate only wants proper management to clear itself that the crops are good but that only about half as much accounted for. I think he wd not state as much without some reason for so doing but there is no doubt fault on both sides.

I left Mr Towgood returning to go on Sat afternoon to Bristol he was very kind to me indeed and told me if I ever needed to do him to anything for me to write.

Sat I went to Kensington. I was taken up at the Holland Arms by the new companies Bristol coach at 4 we did arrive in Bristol at 10 on Wednesday morning I did not go to church and my eye being very bad.

Sun dined with mama that day and the following. My eye continued to get better but had a very bad continued cough (more but unable to decipher)

Sun I went to St Michael’s church Mr K preached his text from the 1st ch of Eriza from 1-5. I did not like him greatly as Mr Davis from Goitre

19 on Monday the 19th I started again from Bristol for Goitre after having been away 6 weeks and 1 day in which time I had been to London about the estate to make myself appearance at the chancery court & had made a personal application to Lord Hill the Gen Commander chief for a commission he did not actually promise me one but he was disposed to do all he could. I arrived at Goitre at 6 after a very long passage by Newport

21 Wednesday being a general fast for the Coleral Morbires I went to church. Mr Davis gave us a very affectionate discourse his text being taken from the ch Luke 7 verse he dwelt more on general than as our sins as a matter.

On Thursday I went to Mr Grieves we had a conversation about the cholera. He treated it entirely as a parliamentary number which is the opinion of many and quite conformed with the opinion I had before formed respecting it. Aunt Lucy & c do not think we certainly deserve this wrath of God as a sinful way & it is not because we do not deserve it as judgement is not inflicted on us as a nation.

The following Sunday my eye was very much inflamed so could not go to church. From Monday to Thursday I took as much care of my eye as before

On Thursday aunt Charlotte went with me to Mr Grieves he said my eye looked very bad and that she must continue to Blister my eye was looking very full until Sunday when it became very much weaker but not so as to kinder my going to church. I expected to have heard Mr Price and was disappointed when I saw Mr Davis he however gave us an admirable discount from the 3 Isaiah 10 & 11

From the 2nd of April till the 25th of May my eye was too bad to see to do anything from the continual inflammation. A small fleck has formed on my right eye now that being quite clear. During this time I thought more particularly than ever of receiving the sacrament and accordingly attended on Easter Sunday with feelings of a sincere wish to lead a new life wth a resolution to do so, I felt no annuity to any person and sincere prayer to Almighty God that he will send upon me his holy spirit and endeaver me with a saving faith in Jesus with a thankful remembrance of his death (this continues in this manner)

24 May I went down to Pandy fishing with uncle for the first time we had no sport to signify

Sun 27 Rode to Llanarth heard Mr Price preach his text. I dined with Mr Price and was home again at half past 3- 6 miles. Mr Davis having attended his house of service went with my aunt Charlotte to church at 6 (continues with his lamentations)

10 Sunday – Whit Sunday this was the second day that I received the Holy Communion and I approached the table with as much fervent prayer as ever by the influence of the Holy Spirit I may. That brought to a deep conviction of my own unworthiness and entire dependence on my saviour together with a lively faith in Christ besetting – he now continues in this manner for 2 pages

The widow of the late Mr Humphreys of Lanvair dined and went to church with us on Sunday. God has been pleased to continue my strength of sight so much so that I am now able to read and improve myself a little

Sun 17-24 and July 1st We had parts of the same discourse text taken from 3 John 16 verse. This week we got most part of the hay harvest in by a little over exertion my eye became a little inflamed. The week after we finished all the hay harvest quite about the 12th. A dose of calomel got my eye alright again

15th sacrament administered at Goitre church this was a very healthy day as the growth of religion in my soul. I never before felt as much real sorrow and penitence for my past life. I may say that the sins of the ? is the besetting sin but I trust and pray that by the grace of God I may never again will fully encourage any of these usual possessions but without the grace of God and assistance of his Holy Spirit I should fear of falling into that vile crime- he now continues about Mr Davis’s sermon

5th with my aunt. Sacrament at Llanover. Sunday there much against my consider did not stay as it would have prevented me going to Goitre had an excellent sermon on the subject of all things are now the day. Gardner came home the Friday before the Monday. Mr Jenkins preached at Goitre and on Sunday again at Llanover

Accompt of money saved out of the presents I received by small sum at the times I can best afford it

August 22 £ S D

Out of a pound Mrs Mais presented 5 0

Mon 20 I went to Weston where mama was staying nothing particularly occurred during my stay at Westbury and I returned to Olveston on Tuesday 28th in readiness to return to Goitre to the partridge shooting. My eye continued to remain rather weak

Sun 9 Mr Davis preached at Goitre

Sat 22 Aunt Lucy received a letter from uncle George not giving a favourable account of the plantation he had just shipped 23000 lbs of coffee and had ready to go by the next ship double that quantity

Sun 23 Mr Jones of Pontymoile did the duty at Goitre and afterwards dined with us

26 Wed Mr David appointed this day as a day of humiliation and prayer for the turning away of that awful disease the cholera morbus

Sun 31 Mr D have an excellent address on the sacrament of the last supper


  • Gardner, uncle and myself went out shooting. We moved 17 pheasants my uncle only had 5 shots and he killed 4 cocks and 1 hen our sport was spoilt by people from Usk shooting this way viz, Waters, Arthur William and James Davies, the events which took place I fear being plainly the quarrels which shooting caused between ? and man. I heard that this week 13 persons had been fined 10/- for shooting without certificates and Gardner being afraid it would be by case offered me the money till I could well afford to pay him

Sun 7 very wet day having been much rain the preceding days. (continues about Rev D’s text)

1832 Accompt of monies £ S D

Feb 7th brought for.d 2 9 2

From aunt Chalken              10 0

From mama on account of journey 9 0

From aunt Georgina 2 0

Total ________________

3           10 2


HB              13 7


2           16 7



Feb 2

Paper 1q & 5d sundries              10

Maps of London 2 0

Pens 3


Ralepins 1 6

Playing cards for Mrs Mais 3 0

Gloves/cap 2 0

Powder 1 0

Oranges for children 6

Cav for WLF and Jones 1 0

Spent in London at sundry times at pastry cooks 1 0

Total              13 7


Sept 1832

Paid to Rachel Proger for making of jacket trousers and waistcoat

George Chalken Esq.,



Dr Whitfield

8 Northumberland Street



General Sir J Doyle Bart

4 Somerset Street

Leading out of Portman Square


Major General King

8 Upper Portland Place


Mr Hayward Winstone

31 Upper Park Street



W F Price Army Agent

34 Craven Street



Sir Coutts Trotter

Bart Bank

59 Strand


House 11 Grosvenor Square


Secretary General

F Maitland

149 Sloane Street


Lieut General Sir H Taylor GBH

St Catherines Lodge

Regents Park


Mr Charles Dix