T222 – List of Goytre Papers


List of Goytre Papers

  1. Conveyance dated 19th September 1853 on lives of Wm Williams, Rice Davies and Richard Cobner viz. Williams and Edwards


  1. No. 3 HB

Relieve and purchase of Goytrey House in 17th January 1775

  1. No 11 HB

Indenture between James Howell and his wife and Monias Lewis same land as 2. dated 1759

  1. Probate of estate of Richard Colston
  2. Declaration of trust. Baugh and Levnau inform of certain properties in Bristol: Chas Mais
  3. Draft of agreement between Elizabeth Bird and other members of the family and the trustees of Henry Bird’s will
  4. Stamp duties of Colston’s estate
  5. Lease from Earl Abergavenny to Wm Morgan dated 1782 of Craig yr Allt and Bwrgwm
  6. Will of Thomas Hodges mariner concerning property in the Barton Bristol
  7. Consignment of 30? Property in leases Mead Bristol by John Morgan
  8. Deed of release and confirmation of an inventory of lands in Goytrey. James Howell of Ross and others now of Henry Bird 1791. Deed of release and confirmation from James Howell and others to Henry Bird same as nos 2 and 3
  9. Probate of the will of Henry Bird 1799
  10. Release from Thomas Lewis and Robert Hughes to Henry Bird in consideration of £180 rec’d 1788 also refers to same as nos 2-3 &11
  11. Lease for a year by James and John Howell to Henry Bird of the Goytrey lands referred to as above 1791
  12. Declaration or warrant given in the first year of the reign of Geo III concerning lands sold or leased by John and James Howell to Henry Bird, probably same land referred to in other deeds
  13. Settlement by Charles Mais to trustees to receive payment of £3000 to his children – 30th March 1793
  14. Transfer of mortgage by Henry C Bird to W. Macintosh to receive £3000 @ 5% 1866 on Owens property
  15. Declaration of ? on Bristol property to Charles Mais same as 5
  16. Lease re Robert William to John Davy of house in Bristol Horsefair
  17. Conveyance and arrangement by Charles Mais dealer in hats of Bristol dated 1873 to his son Jeremiah of 2/3 of a certain property in Bristol in 1813
  18. Commission by George 3rd to Henry Bird to be Captain of 80th Regt. (Commission by Col. Wilmot) dated 3rd October 1761
  19. Settlement by Richard Colston of Rebecca Mander whom he was about to marry 1777 and settlement of Rebecca Colston
  20. Mrs Hughes release on land of her son Robert dated 1788 as to land in Goytrey bought by Col. Henry Bird see nos 2 & 3
  21. Account of estate by late Samuel Bird by his widow
  22. Conveyance by Lewis Edmunds or Edward to Col. Henry Bird and leasehold property 6a 2r 0p in Goytrey Wm Williams, Rice Davies, Cobner same as no.1
  23. Consignment of mortgage 8th December 1766 Menar Lewis to David Jones concerning land at Goytrey no. 2 & 3
  24. Marriage settlement of Richard Colston and Rebecca Maunder see no. 22
  25. Consignment of mortgage of land in Goytrey by M Lewis named as no. 26
  26. Consignment of mortgage by Philip Jones and R J Mais 1758 to same land
  27. Will of Mrs Mary Williams naming her son 1836
  28. Relating to H C Byrde from Vicar and Churchwardens of Nerettru Church in respect of £200 legacy left by Rev Davies
  29. From the oath of a Burgess of Bristol taken by Richard Colston and other Colston papers
  30. In the matter of proving the copy of the will of Henry Bird 16th Regt., dated 7th November ’31. Signed will 1829. Valuable letter from Henry Charles Bird to Henry Nesbat also declared of debt due by George Bird £3000 arrangement of half shares of all George Bird’s property also letter of George Bird
  31. Mortgage to Waddington of Goytrey lands by Henry Bird and Mr and R C Mais afterwards
  32. P/Att to R A Byrde per Col. H C Byrde
  33. Harilla and Queens of Hills Munny Ceylon
  34. In the United Service stores in liquidation
  35. P/Att Henry C Bird to HB and GMB
  36. Articles of agreement between Henry C Bird and C Augusta Cobbe 1841
  37. Leases bills and transfer of property
  38. Letter Henry C Bird to Miss Wardle about Sunday – mis-statement
  39. Agreement with David Reid about Marionatte land and Eudamarka see 45
  40. Particulars of leases. Estate for sale in estate Elias Bird and also of Samuel Bird’s furniture
  41. Will of W Bosville
  42. Case of David Reid Gampole land see 42
  43. Goytrey House building contract & c
  44. Will of LGM Byrde
  45. Letters from Henry Bird in Holland and Spain to his wife 1801-1813
  46. Do do Mrs Westlake
  47. Wills and papers C Pitts
  48. Papers relating to De Fers, Arnolds and Birts
  49. Account of Goytrey estate from 1895-1911
  50. Letters concerning F C Mais
  51. Henry C Bird commission
  52. Administrations of estate of Amelia Mais deceased
  53. Administration of Miss Louisa Sophia Byrde
  54. Will, Henry Bird married 1799 see no. 12 Account of Henry Bird 1780 also extract will Elias Bird
  55. Administration of goods of Mrs Elizabeth Bird 1843
  56. Conveyance, leases etc of Mais family


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