T52 – Letter to R Symonds, Bristol


Letter to Mr R Symonds, at no. 4 Queens Square, Bristol

Jan 19th 1802
Dear Friend,
Ceylon  – 10th Nov 1801
I wrote to you on my return from Bristol now near three months since and I fear either from your urgent uncertainty of our country past office on your having proved that you have not received it. I have therefore enclosed this to a friend of mine, Mr B Biggs, Linen Draper, High Street Bristol, through whose hands you will get it. I hope by this time you have got quite of your complaints by the help of care and your surgeons and if you can make it agreeable I will be happy to see you here to spend a little time.

I will furnish you with a house already equipped. Before I left Bristol I met our friend J T Mais and suggested or requested him to sell you of my being obliged to leave it and without doing my ….

Am your friend truly yours,
M Wm Drake
Near Axminster


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