Edward Jeremiah 1822

Edward Jeremiah 1822

Edward Jeremiah, parish of Goytrey, labourer.

To my eldest son William by a former wife one shilling.

To my eldest daughter by the same wife, Mary Walbeoff, I give and bequeath one shilling.

To my beloved wife Elizabeth all my leasehold estate, messuage or tenement consisting of house and garden and five customary acres situate in the parish of Goytre which I rent and hold under Henry, the Earl of Abergavenny.

To my said beloved wife I give and bequeath all and every my household furniture, goods and chattels and every other property belonging to me except my watch.

To my son Joseph I give, devise and bequeath my watch.

To my son Philip, five pounds.

To my son James, five pounds.

To My son John, five pounds.

To my son Benjamin, five pounds.

To my son Joseph, five pounds.

To my daughter Elizabeth, five pounds, also my clock and best bed.

Unto my son Richard, after the decease of my beloved wife Elizabeth the aforesaid leasehold estate.

Richard paying the above legacies of five pounds to each of my six children from my present wife.

Edward Jeremiah



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