John Harry 1688

John Harry 1688

John Harry, pishe of Goytrey, yeom being sicke in boddy yet good and perfect memory.

To wife Florence Powell one black cow and one red horse.

Also to Florence two oxon during her life time, after her desese unto Elizabeth Harry my well beloved daughter.

Unto Elizabeth Harry two black cowes with white forhed.

All the corne growing on the ground where I doe live unto Elizabeth Harry upon condition she do lend unto her brother William Harry the sume of six bushels of wheat and muncorne and likewise eight bushels of oats and the sume of four bushels of barley.

Unto my beloved sone all the boonds that is within the house and without unto William my said sone and all the furniture that doth belong.

I doe nominate my well beloved daughter Elizabeth Harry to be my sole executrix.

John Harry



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