Letter re- Cpt. Birds properties – Detroit 1797


Detroit 11 June 1797

Mr Major Bird’s American Claim

Mr Little forwarded to me some time ago power of substitution from you to act in Cpt. Bird’s matters here which I shall attend to.

I shall state to you the situation in which they now stand and shall be glad to have your advice in the business.

In the first place the lot of land of the mouth of this river claimed by Cpt. Caldwell, Col. Mcfee, Cpt. Elliot viz on an old morain grant and I believe verbally confirmed by the commander chief that at least I have never heard of any deed that was obtained from it. The front of Cpt. Bird’s farm unfortunately comes within the lines of defence of the garrison of Heratbury? Which also takes in three fourths of Cpt. Caldwell’s farm. Mr Hazel was disposed about 12 months ago when the fortifications were first about to be erected and both Cpt. Bird’s houses have been turned to military purposes, one of them is occupied by the Barracks Master and the other by an officer of the Rangers – Col Mcfee and Cpts Elliot and Caldwell finding that their Indian deed were insufficient have lately petitioned the administrator for a new deed which has been granted to the two first but 200 acres in the front of Cpt. Caldwell has been reserved until the Commdr Chief’s pleasure shall be known. Within a yard of the confines of the garrison. Capt. Bird’s land however lays nearest to that reserved for governmt and it is not probable that he will get a deed for that part as the blockhouses are built upon it. The back land will however be valuable but might be well obtained by the government for that the compensation for 200acres in point taken for the use of the govt. I am to ask of the four lots contains 1000 acres. This house and lot in this town stands in this situation, it was until by W Macomb to a Mr Tarry? Then who died, soon after let by his heirs to a Mr Martcliffe – Mr Macomb’s sudden death and the interval which was equally sudden, a person was empowered to act for his estate and rent being regularly made his affairs were put into the hands of Mr Macintosh a merchant who had made a demand some considerable time ago of rent from Mr Martcliffe who since the late change of Governt. In this place not only refused to pay unto or leave the house but won disputes. Capt. Birds letter to Mr Roux alleging that it was built by the Detroit Goods and belonged to Wm., states Mr Macintosh bought at auction against him but for the singularity or particularly of these counts such was suspended.

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Must go to the Supreme Court

Alex Duff

Letter to Charles Blake


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