1780 – 1841

Epiphany 1780
John Jones, yeoman, on 10th January 1780 for assault on Sarah Cadogan.

Midsummer 1783
John Jones, the younger, tailor, £5 maintenance paid by the parish to maintain his wife after he deserted them.
William Williams, overseer of the poor for not paying his county taxes.

Midsummer 1790
William Jones, farmer and John Jones, carpenter for assault on William Jenkins the younger on August 1st 1790.

Midsummer 1791
Edward Jones, carpenter for assault on John Window.

Easter 1792
Timothy Burton, labourer for forcible entry and ejectment.
Timothy Burton, yeoman, for assault on James Lewis.

Midsummer 1792
James Lewis, farmer, John Williams, labourer and John Evans, Cordwainer for forcible entry and ejectment.

Timothy Thomas for keeping a disorderly house and lodging vagabonds.

Midsummer 1802
John Tanley, labourer, presented for assault on 9th June 1802 on John Higgings.

Midsummer 1806
Richard Jeremiah and James Jeremiah, labourers for presented for stealing 2 cream cheeses to the value of 6d from Jospeh Hoskin.

Michaelmas 1817
Richard Williams, labourer and John Jones, yeoman, owing the sum of £20 each if they do not appear at next quarter sessions.

Midsummer 1821
John Osland, labourer, Thomas Richards, labourer presented for stealing 1cwt hay, value 5d. 1cwt grass, value 3d, 1cwt sainfoin value 6d, 1cwt trefoil value 3d, 1cwt clover value 6d, ryegrass value 3d.
Deposition of John Island, Thomas Richard, Thomas Williams and John Jones that they did not steal any grass, the property of Watkins George, gent, 22nd June 1822.
Deposition of Walter Prosser stating the above stole a quantity of grass from his master.

Midsummer 1823
Thomas Watts, wood collier, for keeping a dog and engines called nets for the purpose of killing game.

Epiphany 1826
John Morgan convicted of being a rogue and vagabond.

Epiphany 1827
James Gwatkin, yeoman, presented for assault on William Lewis on 24th November 1826. William Lewis was also presented for assault on James Gwatkin.

Easter 1828
Elizabeth Lewis, widow, convicted of keeping a net to destroy and kill game, fined £5.

Michaelmas 1830
James Jones, yeoman, presented for assault on William Evans on 19th July 1830.

Midsummer 1834
John Robinson, labourer and Francis Watkins, labourer, presented for stealing 1 pair of trousers, value 5/-. The goods and chattels of John Edwards on 10th April 1834

August 27th 1840
Deposition of David Davies, Goytrey, victualler; Charles Prosser, of Goytrey, labourer; John Jordan of Trevethin parish, police officer, against Thomas Watkins and Joseph Prosser, labourers for stealing 1 hat, the property of David Davies.

April 14th 1841
Deposition of Edward Thomas, water tender on the Brecon canal; Richard Progger of Goytrey, carpenter; William Phillips, water tender on the Brecon canal, against Henry Howells for stealing 1 plank, property of John Jones.

April 19th 1841
Deposition of Walter Williams of Goytrey, innkeeper, against David Lewis, Philip Evans, labourers for stealing 2 hens, the property of Walter Williams.

Midsummer 1841
David Lewis, labourer, Philip Evans, labourer, presented for stealing 9 quarters of potatoes value 4/-, goods and chattels of Richard Jones, on 19th April 1841
Henry Howells, labourer presented for stealing 1 plank, value 2/- good and chattels of John Jones on 3rd April 1841.


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