Letter from Alex Macomb, New York 1788


New York October 27 1788               

sent to Cpt. H Bird Goytre Nr Pontypool

Dear Sir

The pleasing period being at length arrived when u were to touch the fortune left you. I have taken the liberty of sending your bond and account carried to my friends Mrs Phelps Ellias of no. 27 Mark Lane London for payment and request you will pay to them and their discharge shall be an acquittance from Alex Macomb, the amount of our demand 1st May back is £1135 2s 11d New York currency to which interest until payment will be added.

We need not urge the cheerfulness with which we advanced this money nor the patience with which we have waited your convenience as motives to prompt you to repay us. We are perfectly assured of your honourable intentions and do not ? and doubt of your inclination to discharge our demand if you probably can we shall say no more on this matter.

The politics of this country have for some times been very fluctuating while the state were undecided on the subject of the new constitution in the place while peace and longevity appear throughout the union during the important deliberation at present things have every appearance of making that peace and tranquillity permanent from the above general concurrence of the states towards the new states of government which is to be organised in this city the first Wednesday in March next.

We promise ourselves much from its consolidation and energetic principals and we hope it will make the country respected as a nation and perhaps may be the means of inducing many respectable families from Europe coming to reside among us, in the number perhaps Capt. Bird.

I visited Detroit last summer and left in August last year – things are very much changed- indeed since your departure – half the houses in the main street empty and three fourths of the merchant banks and supply – your farms at Fredericksburg being very little advanced from what they were when you saw them tho Mr Hazel still lives there he has not enough clearing. The new settlements made by government on the Lawrence have increased astonishingly further sugar loaf increased in Lake Eve to Toronto. In lake Ontario is closely inhabited and from sixty miles west most of Cadgruguy?. Cedars is equally so and all thriving.

At Detroit farms on the same principal are laid out as far as point Pelee but few of them yet in occupation.

I shall be happy to hear from you & make my compliments to Mrs Bird and family,

I am, Dr Sir, yr obed servt

 Alex Macomb


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