Walnut Tree & Ivy Cottage – 1947

September 26th 1947

Parish of Goytrey – 7 miles to Abergavenny and 4 to Pontypool

Sale with vacant possession of 2 attractive freehold cottages, both in excellent state of repair, conveniently situated against parish roads and short distance from main road bus service- viz;

Lot 1 – The Walnut Tree, containing 2 bedroom, sitting room and living room on first floor over large store room 42’x12’; easily converted into living accommodation, pretty garden etc.

Rich pasture field of 11/2 acres, a 2 bay hay barn, and cowsheds to tie 12.

(Sold to Mr Francis Chappell of Henllys for £1000)


Lot 2 – Ivy Cottage

A neat well kept 4 roomed dwelling together with pantry and stores, garden etc; situated adjoining both lots and 2 and capable of being considerably improved.

By Auction; Rennie, Taylor and Till, Clarence Hotel, Pontypool, Thursday October 9th 1947 at 7pm

(Sold to Mr W Phillips for £660)

Ten acres of rough grazing land was sold to Mr A J Ball of Mamhilad for £340)


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One thought on “Walnut Tree & Ivy Cottage – 1947

  1. I have been researching my grandfather Mr Frances Chappell, Gelli Fawr Farm, Henllys and came across he purchased on September 1947 Walnut Tree, 2 bed freehold cottage with 1.1/2 acres and outbuildings for. £1000 in Goytre. I have been looking to try and see where this cottage is, (We live in Marshfield just off A48 between Newport and Cardiff. I wondered if you could let me know where it is and any other information you may have. Thank you.

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