Black Beech Farm – 1857

14th March 1857 Usk Observer

Black Beech Farm, parish of Goytre.

Mr John Philpot will sell by auction on Friday March 20th 1857 at Black Beech farm near Nantyderry station, parish of Goytre, the following Farming Stock, Part of the Household Furniture and effects:

The property of Mr Abraham Williams who is quitting these premises.

Comprising two cart horses; one hackney ditto; one capital chiff chaff engine; one ditto; two sets of harness; one pair of new scotch harrows; two ploughs; one narrow wheeled cart; four new wheels; for wagon; set of blacks and pulleys for raising timber; also a portion of the household furniture, casks, tubs etc.

The sale will commence at one o’clock.

Walnut Tree & Ivy Cottage – 1947

September 26th 1947

Parish of Goytrey – 7 miles to Abergavenny and 4 to Pontypool

Sale with vacant possession of 2 attractive freehold cottages, both in excellent state of repair, conveniently situated against parish roads and short distance from main road bus service- viz;

Lot 1 – The Walnut Tree, containing 2 bedroom, sitting room and living room on first floor over large store room 42’x12’; easily converted into living accommodation, pretty garden etc.

Rich pasture field of 11/2 acres, a 2 bay hay barn, and cowsheds to tie 12.

(Sold to Mr Francis Chappell of Henllys for £1000)


Lot 2 – Ivy Cottage

A neat well kept 4 roomed dwelling together with pantry and stores, garden etc; situated adjoining both lots and 2 and capable of being considerably improved.

By Auction; Rennie, Taylor and Till, Clarence Hotel, Pontypool, Thursday October 9th 1947 at 7pm

(Sold to Mr W Phillips for £660)

Ten acres of rough grazing land was sold to Mr A J Ball of Mamhilad for £340)

Belle Vue – 1947

25th July 1947

Smallholding well situated against the parish road forming an excellent well secured investment and residence for occupation and known as;

Belle Vue Goytrey, comprising a substantial (built 1921) dressed stone small residence, with slate roof, and front and west side rough cast, containing sitting room, dining room, kitchen, dairy, ground floor and four bedrooms first floor.

Detached brick and slate wash house at rear and shed covering. Engine pump and well, outside W.C.

Pleasant lawn with ornamental trees, small kitchen garden and young orchard, together with 27 acres of productive sweet pasture and arable land, farm buildings etc., now let to Mr J A Walton on an annual tenancy at £65 per annum Candlemas and including stone and tiled barn converted into concrete floored cow stalls to tie 10 and mixing room, 3 GI loose boxes, 3 bay GI span roof hay barn side sheeted, 2 excellent stone and slate pig cots.

Rennie, Taylor & Till to sell by auction on behalf of the executors of the late Mr Thomas Whitney at The Greyhound Hotel Abergavenny Tuesday next August 5th 1947 at 2.30pm.

Penystair – 1947

16th May 1947

Penystair – Goytre with vacant possession, 5 miles Pontypool 51/2 miles Abergavenny

Stone built with Asbestos slated roof, house contains, Parlour, Large Kitchen, Dairy, Scullery and 4 bedrooms over, i good decorative order with adjacent store room and loft over.

The farm buildings include 2 bay stone and tiled roof barn, concrete floor cow shed to tie 7, stone slab for 3, 2 pig cots, G.I.

Open implement shed and 2 bay Dutch barn away from the homestead. The land is in several enclosures of Pasture, Arable and some Wood and having a total of 55 acres in one block having frontage to the old Abergavenny-Pontypool and other hard roads.

The whole occupies a delightful position with commanding views over the Vale of Usk.

To be sold at the Three Salmons Hotel on Monday 5th May at 2.30pm 1947.

Sold subject to tithe of £4 16s to Mr Evans Mamhilad for £1,600 plus tenant’s right to £130. A small landslide had taken away part of the approach road.

Coxe Tour of Monmouthshire

Coxe Tour of Monmouthshire

The hamlet of Goytre or Coedtrev in the midst of the region derives its appellation from the forests with which it is surrounded and abounds with delightful recesses and pleasant glades dotted with white cottages.

Mr Waddington remarked that this district continually reminded him of the wilds of America and in the course of our rides pointed out to me a house recently built by a gentleman who passed a great part of his life on the other side of the Atlantic and chose this position from its striking resemblance to the scenes which were familiar to him from his infancy.

The hamlet is a collection of scattered cottages placed at inconsiderable distances from each other.

A farm house adjoining the church bears the appearance of a decayed mansion and is almost the only object in the vicinity.

The situation of the church itself stands on a site and embossed in the woods is no less picturesque than that of Llanover, though of a different cast, the simplicity of the form without a tower and in the early style of gothic architecture accords with the surrounding scenery.

The few by-roads when interfaced this tract are straight, deep, narrow and stony and exhibit occasional traces of paved causeway which prove that it was farmed more frequently that at present.

William Jacob Price 1884

I William Jacob Price of New Inn Pontypool in the County of Monmouth Engineer do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:

That I am thirty four years of age and have for the past twenty four years been well acquainted with certain freehold heredements in the parish of Goytrey in the County of Monmouth, known or described as All That ancient Cottage and all those two newly erected messuages or cottages adjoining and belonging which said ancient cottage and which said gardens were formerly in the occupation of William Jeremiah and which said three Cottages and gardens were late in the occupation of George Lewis, Charles Thomas and William Cocker respectively, subsequently of Eliza Fisher, Henry Heaven and Evan Jones respectively afterwards of the said Eliza Fisher and David Morris respectively and now of James Sandbrook, Amos Jones and Henry Holland respectively and are situate in the parish of Goytre in the County of Monmouth adjoining the Turnpike road leading from Abergavenny to Pontypool at the point where a lane leading towards Cefn Miniog leaves the Turnpike road and which said lane divides the said ancient cottage and one of the said gardens from the said two newly erected Cottages and the other of the said gardens which hereditaments have been lately contracted to be sold to the Right Honourable Augusta Lady Llanover

That I verily believe and have no doubt that the hereditaments so contracted to be sold to the said Baroness Llanover are the hereditaments which were comprised in and conveyed to my mother the late Sarah Drinkwater [then Sarah Price, widow] by an indenture dated the 13th day of April 1860, the description in which Indenture I have carefully read previously to making this document.

And I further say that during the said time I have known the said hereditaments so and contracted to be sold they have been the property of or been in the possession of Sarah Drinkwater during her life and since her death in the month of March 1881 of my brother, my sister and myself or of her or our mortgage or mortgagees the late William Davies deceased, or his executors and that such respective persons or some of them have during that period as I verify believe him been in the free and uninterrupted possession and enjoyment or receipt of the rents and profits of such hereditaments with the appurtenances thereof.

And I also say that since the execution of a certain Indenture of Mortgage or further charge dated the 11th day of March 1879 and made between Richard Drinkwater and the said Sarah his wife of the one part and the said William Davies of the other part interred upon the aggregate sum of £200 thereby or by the Indentures therin erected or referred to secured has been paid to the said William Davies or to his executors.

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provision of the statutory declaration and 1835 Act made and passed in the sixth year of the reign of his late Majesty King William the fourth etc etc:

Declared at Abergavenny

In the county of Monmouth

This 1st day of December 1884

William Jacob Price

Mary David 1857

I Mary David otherwise Davies do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare:

That I reside at Goitre in the county of Monmouth and am the widow of Thos Davies otherwise David late of Pentre bach in the parish of Goitre in the said county

That I am 78 years of age

That when I was a girl I well knew and now remember Wm Andrews late of the Goitre aforesaid yeoman deceased

That the said Wm Andrews lived upon the Pentre bach estate in the said parish of Goitre and was always deemed and considered to be the owner thereof as well as of the Graig ddu and Alt withy estates

That the said Wm Andrews devised the property to his wife Mary Andrews and died soon afterwards and was buried at Goitre Church under the seat in the said Church belonging to the estates and I remember his funeral

That I knew Mary Andrews the widow and devisee of the said Wm Andrews deceased

That the said Mary Andrews continued in the possession of the said Pentre bach and other estates up to the time of her decease as the owner thereof

That the said Mary Andrews died about the year 1793 when I was a girl and was buried at Goitre Church aforesaid in the same grave with her husband the said Wm Andrews deceased and I remember her funeral

That I knew Ann David otherwise Davies

That the said Ann David otherwise Davies was the first wife of my said husband Thomas David otherwise Davies the devisee for life mentioned in the will of the said Mary Andrews deceased

That the said Ann David otherwise Davies died about the year 1796 and was buried at Goitre Church in the same grave with the said Wm Andrews and Mary his wife

That about 2 years afterwards I married the said Thomas David otherwise Davies the marriage being solemnised at Goitre Church aforesaid

That I knew Wm Andrews the devisee for life mentioned in the will of the said Mary Andrews deceased

That the said Wm Andrews was a soldier in the 8th Regiment of the line and was in the American War

That he was absent from Goitre aforesaid for many years and was supposed to be dead

That at the time of his return my said husband was in possession of the said estates

That on the return of the said Wm Andrews my said husband purchased from him the said Wm Andrews his life interest in the estates for the sum of £90 and an annuity of £5 5 0 but no writings or deeds were signed or prepared between them

That I repeatedly paid the said annuity to the said Wm Andrews

That the said Wm Andrews on his return to Goitre aforesaid resided at Burgwm in the said parish and intermarried first with Mary the widow of Michael Lewis an aged woman

That the said Mary died without any issue by the said last mentioned Wm Andrews her husband but I know not in what year she died or where she was buried – but I remember her death

That I remember the said last mentioned Wm Andrews the devisee for life after the death of his said first wife the said Mary Lewis intermarried with Sarah the daughter of John Cadogan of Burgwm aforesaid

That the said Wm Andrews the devisee for life died in the month of June 1828 and was buried at Goitre Church aforesaid on the 24th day of June in the same year in my presence

That the said last mentioned Wm Andrews the devisee for life mentioned in the certificate of burial marked with the letter ‘B’ produced and shewn to me at the time of making this declon is the Wm Andrews mentioned in the will of the said first mentioned Mary Andrews deceased

That the said Sarah Andrews survived the said last mentioned Wm Andrews many years and died in the month of December 1832 and was buried at Goitre Church aforesaid and is the same person mentioned in the certificate of burial marked with the letter ‘C’ produced and shewn to me at the time of making this declon

That the said Wm Andrew was never married previously to his first marriage with the said Mary Lewis

That the said Wm Andrews never had any issue by either of his said wives

That I remember the death of Wm Davies otherwise David my husbands eldest son by his first wife

That he died in the year 1806 a bachelor in his 23rd year without issue and without being made and deposition and will or otherwise of his interest in the said estate or estates or them and was buried at Goitre Church aforesaid in my presence on the 8th day of February 1806

That the Wm Davis mentioned in the certificate of burial produced and shewn to me at the time of making this declon and marked with the letter ‘A’ is my said step son the said Wm David otherwise Davies

That I knew Wm Williams of the parish of Lanover carpenter

That I have on many occasions paid him his annuity of 20/- given to him by the will of the said first mentioned Mary Andrews deceased

That he died many years ago and was buried in the parish of Llanover in the said county

That my said husband had 5 sons by his first wife namely the said Wm David otherwise Davies now of Pentre bach aforesaid yeoman, Francis David otherwise Davies, Walter David otherwise Davies and David David otherwise Davies

That the said Thos David otherwise Davies was my said late husbands 2nd son

That I had 7 sons by my said late husband namely Daniel 2. John 3. Daniel 4. William 5. David and two others who died immediately after birth my eldest son Daniel any my youngest son David died infants of tender age

That my said husband the said Thos Davies otherwise David died on or about the 12th day of January 1842 and was buried at the Baptist Chapel called Hanover Chapel situate at Llanover in the said county

And I make this solemn declon:

We think that a declaration made to the above effect will ratify the position on the point’s compound to?

Hamley Tugood 1857

I hereby certify that I was present when the above declaration of Mary David was taken and that the same was carefully read over and explained to her by the above named Richard Greenway the commissioner she thoroughly and completely understands the same. And I further certify that the said declarant notwithstanding her age was at the time of making her said declaration a person of intelligence and of sound and perfect memory and understanding.

Dated the sixth day of June one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven

Thomas Evans

Rector of Goitre – Monmouthshire

Bwrgwm Sale 1888

Monmouthshire Parish of Goytrey

Desirable Freehold Property For Sale

Messrs Straker and Son will sell by auction at the Swan Hotel Abergavenny on

Tuesday 16th day of October 1888 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon

All that dwelling house called Bwlgwrn, situate near Pengroesoped, in the Parish of Goytrey in the County of Monmouth

With the Barn, Stables, Piggery and productive Garden well stocked with productive fruit trees

And Two Pieces of Excellent

Meadow Land

Adjoining the whole and covering 2a 0r 6p or thereabouts and now or late in the occupation of Mrs Rachel Jones the owner

The property is in a good state of repair and adjoins Col. Byrde’s estate and is situate about 1 mile from the village of Llanover; about 5 miles from the market towns of Pontypool and Abergavenny; 4 miles from the town of Blaenavon and about 11/2 miles from Nantyderry Station [GWR]

For further particulars apply to auctioneer

Cottage to be let 1878

Saturday 6th January 1878 Cottages to be Let

Two Cottages with gardens & c. at Nantyderry with an extra blacksmiths shop with the one cottage and all conveniences.

Also [after Xmas] a portion of land for a coal wharf with part of a good shed.

Rent moderate apply William Williams refreshment rooms, Nantyderry

Carpenters Arms 1899

29th September 1899 – Extension

An extension of one hour was granted for the Carpenters Arms, Penpwellenny on the 28th inst., on the occasion of a ploughing match dinner to be held at the Goytrey Farmers Club.