Margaret Andrew 1665

Memorandum that Margaret Andrew of the pishe of Goytry in the Countie of Monmoth and diocs of Landaff spinster did make and declare her nuncupative will and Testament the sixt daie of July in the yere of our Lord 1665 in maner and forme folowinge (that is to saie) Shee did give and bequeath all her goods cattle houshould stuff ympeaments and all her moveables whatsoever unto William Andrew, her brother Howell Andrew and Francis John William to be equally devided betweene them in three parts (excepting one cow and one weaninge callff wch shee did give and bequeath to the psons heare after named. And shee did alsoe except out of the legacies given to [page damaged) Andrew and [page damaged.] dischardge all her debts and funerall expences and that to be fully dischardged by her executor William Andrew. Item shee did give and bequeath to Gwenllian the daughter of Francis John Wm the cowe before excepted. Item shee did give to Ann Jenkine the weaninge callff before excepted. And shee did nominat and appoynt William Andrew her brother sole executor


Wittnesses: John Richard; Margaret

A true inventorie of all the goods cattle corne houshould stuffe ymplements and moveables of Margaret Andrew of Goytre in the Countie of Monmoth spinster late deceased taken and prised by John Andrew of Goytre y’man in the Cou’ aforesaid and John Richard of Lanov’ in the said Cou’ yoman the eleaventh daie of July in the yere of our Lord 1665 as foloweth


£            s            d

Inpr all the deceedent wearinge appell prised att                    0            10            0

Item one brasse kittle and 2 brasen panns prised att              1            10            0

Item 4 brasen crocks prised att                                                    0            15            0

Item 2 brasen candle sticks prised att                                         0            2            6

Item all the deceedent pewter prised att                                     0            10            0

Item 3 bedds and theire covrings and thappurtences att        2            0            0

Item other sheets and linen prised att                                         0            10            0

Item one ould vaut and the rest of the wooden vessells           0            3            0

Item six coffers prised att                                                                0            5            0

Item 7 covers of wheat growinge prised att                                 2            13            4

Item 2 covers of barlei and ii of oates att                                      4            13            4

Item all the corne remaininge in the house prised att               0            15            0

Item 4 steers prised att                                                                     5            0            0

Item 2 bulls of 3 yere ould and thother of 4 yere ould att         2            0            0

Item 4 milch kine prised att                                                            4            0            0

The yonge beasts prised att                                                              1            0            0

Item 2 weaninge callffs att                                                               0            5            0

Item one mayre                                                                                   1            0            0

Item 3 sheepe and 3 lambes att                                                       0            10            0

Item all the deceedent ymplements for oxen and horses & bulls             0            10            0

Item one yron barr 2 wedges and one saw att                                               0            10            0

Item one yron to bake and all the formes? belonginge to ye house          0            2            0

Item six smale piggs prised att                                                                        0            15            0


The sume tot is £29-15s-2d


John Andrew (J); John Richard


Inventory exhibited at Landaff 12 July 1665 by William Andrew the brother & executor &c. Ebang? Griffith, Deputy Registrar


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