Margaret Charles 1708

Margaret Charles – Goytrey


The condition of this obligation is such that if ye above bounden Ffrancis Williams ye administrator ye will annex’d of all and singular ye goods, chattels and credits of Margarett Charles late of ye pish of Goytre afores’d widd. Dec’d to ye use and during ye minor of Mary Charles a minor, ye executrix of ye sd will do make or cause to be made a true and p’fect inventory of all and singular the sd goods & credits and the same etc., etc

A true and p’fect Inventory of all the goods and chattels of Margaret Charles of the parish of Goytre in the County of Monmouth and Diocese of Landaffe, spinster lately deceased made and valued and appraised by us whose names are hereto under subscribed the second day of June Anno Domini 1707


£ s d

Imp: Her wearing apparel 01 00 00

It: one bedstead one old feather bed with

its appurtences 02 00 00

It: one bedstead more and one chaff bed

with its appurtences 00 05 00

It: two fine and two course sheets, six

napkins & one table cloth 00 10 00

It: one brass pot, two iron pots two small

kettles & one skillet 01 00 00

It: one spit, one dripping pan, one brand

iron, one bake iron, one frying pan, one

small pewter platter, one small candlestick 00 04 00

It: one small old table, one small old

dresser, one chest, two coffers, two chairs,

two firkins, two pails and one stand 00 15 00

It: two old hinds, one small bruing vessel

two old pitchers, one old bushel vessel,

one old pock, one friar shieve & one bench 00 02 00


It: money separate 11 00 00

It: money desperate through pte thereof

be due by bonds 18 08 00

 35 01 00

William Mathews

Andrew Parry X by mark

John William X by mark

Whereof the funeral expenses is to be deducted out of the said sume of £35 1s


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