John Jeremiah Morgan

John Jeremiah Morgan.

John Jeremiah Morgan was born in Goytrey about 1782, he enlisted in the Monmouthshire Militia and later joined the Royal Welch Fusiliers.

He spent time with Wellington in the Peninsula Campaign; alongside him were three of his cousins, (one of which would have been Thomas Jeremiah, also from Goytrey.)

He visited Paris and was finally discharged in Limerick, southern Ireland where he met and married Catherine. Due to their different religions they were married in both the Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches.

They did return to Goytrey as their first child John was baptised at St Peter’s, on the 6thJuly 1823, their parish being Goytrey. They later moved to Garndiffaith where John worked as an agricultural labourer and a quarryman.

On the day of his funeral they were crowds of people lining the streets to his burial in St Thomas’s Church yard, Talywain.


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