T16 – Goytre House Estate Book 1895


Goytre House Estate Book

Inventory of Stock, Implements, etc at Pentre Farm in October 18th 1895

3 horses 46

3calves 25

4 milch cows 40

One 2 year old heifer 7

One 3 year old heifer 6

4 yearlings 20

5 calves 15

3 rams 5

18 lambs 16

81 ewes 81

1 sow and 7 pigs 3 15s 9d

1 sow in farrow 3

1 fat pig 4

2 store pigs 3


Page 2

2 carts 11

1 spring 1 10s

1 waggon 3

1 plough 2 15s

1 bouting plough 3

1 cuffler 3

2 horse hoes 5s

1 pair of harrows 15s

1 chain harrow 2 10s

1 wooden rollers 2

1 sheep rack 1 10s

3 sheep troughs 15s

1 bambry 15s

1 pulper 3

1 mowing machine 10s

1 horse rake 1

1 chaff machine horse

Gear 3 10s

1 dipping machine 3

1 horse hoe sent to sale

1 chain harrow sent to sale


A letter from Dr Berney dated May 3rd 1895 it appears that Col. Byrde owes Dr Berney £100 and that the interest was paid March 16th 1895.


Valuation of Ricks and Corn:

In Rick at Goytrey House Farm

  1. Oat rick 4 yards x 3, nearest bailiffs cottage £19
  2. Oat rick 6 yards x 4 adjoining no.1 distance apart 11/2 yards £30
  3. Wheat rick on stand round adjoining no.2 west side£32
  4. Hay rick 7 yards x 31/2 7 tons at £3 10s adj no.3 west side £24 10s
  5. Clover rick 4 yards x 4 10 tons at £4 – £40. £145 10s
  6. Aftermath clover 6 yards x 3 – 8 tons at £3 10s end nearest farm yard £28
  7. Stumps of old hay 6 tons at £3 10s opposite no 5. Other side of roadway to farm yard. £21


£194 0 0


Corn in barn at Church farm 5 loads oats/black £14

8 loads barley £24


£232 10s


Pentre Farm – ricks in rick field

  1. 5 tons of clover in bottom of road at £4 and 5 tons of hay in top of same at £3 10s – £37
  2. Rick of second crop of clover 5 tons at £3 10s – £17 10s – 1 rick of oat straw in barn 4 tons – £12


Llwyn Celyn

In rick opposite side of road to Pentre House

1 rick of hay 6 tons – £21

1 tump of old hay 11/2 tons £5 5s

£26 5s


Memorandum of deeds &c contained in Oak Box


  1. Draft agreement Mrs Elizabeth Bird & trustees of Major Bird for sale of real estate
  2. Bond of H.C. Byrde to Trevor Fielden. Cancelled
  3. Lease Earl Abergavy of Gwellian Jenkins
  4. Plans of leasehold property of Elias Bird etc
  5. In chancery Bird v Lefroy?
  6. In chancery Waddington v Mais
  7. Will 1888 – draft will HCB
  8. Letters on poor rates etc
  9. Lease of Craig-yr-Alt 1782
  10. Lease Joseph Lewis & HCB 1863 cancelled lease of 21 years
  11. Sundry leases Earl Abergavenny to Wm Williams &c probate of will of Mary Williams
  12. Lease Lewis Edmunds to HCB 1863 cancelled lease to HBC 1870
  13. Maes y beryn mortgage to Mackintosh 1882
  14. Old lease John Jeremiah x Walter Williams
  15. Deed of declaration on change of name
  16. Probate of will of Henry Bird 1799 and sundry deeds relating to Goytrey
  17. Sundry papers including copy letter HCB to Henry Nesbit explaining land at Goytrey
  18. Sundry papers &c Williams estate
  19. Mr Wyllies papers
  20. Commission of H Bird 1763 and various papers
  21. Old pocket book of sundry papers left, belonging to Mr Cullis with copy of probate of H Bird
  22. Byrde x Reid Lampola
  23. Will of H Bird. Sale of £200 consoles
  24. Bird to John Jenkins paid 1889. Draft will of HCB never signed
  25. Copy letter to Charles Wyllie
  26. Vicar &c churchwardens of Trevethin. Release to Exor’s of Thos Davies
  27. Estate of late William Davies
  28. The American claim
  29. Estate of the late LGM Byrde
  30. Wyllie
  31. Mines
  32. Mining &c
  33. Settlement to secure £3000 to children of Charles Mais
  34. Lease of a house in the Horsefair Bristol
  35. Marriage settlement of Richard Colston and Rebecca Maunder
  36. Probate of will of Richard Colston


Memorandum of unexpired leases:

Estate map 2,3,& 4


Lease granted March 25th 1820 to Philip Jenkins for lives of lessee 1 dead. John s/o Wm Jeremiah of Goytrey aged about 20 years and John Stephens son of Wm Stephens then aged about 8 years still living.

Reserved rent 1/6

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-



37 £46 on estate map & 39. (Maes y beryn)

Granted March 25th 1860 to John Gwynn Herbert Owen Sol.r of Goytrey for lives of Clara Stockwell, James Stockwell, late of Dimmock Co., of Gloster, then aged 20 and John David Robert Owen sons of the lessee then aged 12 and 8.

All lives in being.

Reserved rent 12/-

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-


House and lands no 715, 717, 725, 727, 728, 730, 732, parish map containing 10a 2r 34p. Maes y beryn transferred to F G Chalken Esq.- HCB



57, 58, 74 on estate map.

Lease dated 29th September 1818 to Thomas Williams for lives of lessee (dead). Ruth his daughter then aged 8 and Abraham Morgan now of Govilon, miller, then aged 10.

Reserved rent 1/-

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-

Cottage and lands no; 441, 442, 446 and 667 (part) 2a 2r 30p. Fields between bailiff’s cottage and Abergavenny road and front of 667 opposite Haymeadow. (Missing on main road towards Abergavenny on left before Maes y beryn and below Goytre House farm)



59 & 60 on estate map.

Granted September 21st 1861 to HCB for lives of Prince of Wales; Prince Alfred and Prince Arthur. All lives in being.

Rent 2/-

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-


House and land; 443, 444, 445, on parish map. Bailiffs cottage land 3a 1r 3p. HCB (Goytrey House Farm)



61 & 62; for same lives and date.

Rent 1/6

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-


No 448 on parish map; 3a 1r 35p; HCB



Estate map; 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 75 – Purcas, on lives of Royal family.

Rent 10/6

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-

Parish map; 455, 456, 668, 668A – 24a 1r 6p (now missing, below Logan’s re Richard Proger)


Estate map 76 to 83 inc; Cottage and land late widow Lewis; same date as 4,5,6, on same lives; nos on parish map 462, 469. 5a 0r 11p

(Below Common Bach re Margaret James)

Rent 4/-

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-



March 25th Ty Twmpin – no 89-93 on estate map; 494, 495, 496 & 500 on parish map. Same as 4 to 7

2a 0r 21p

Rent 2/6

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-



96 on estate map; Cae Sanna; same lives as 4-8 and same date. Parish map; 661, 663, 663A, 665.

Rent 4/-

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-



Estate map; 190 to 112 & 112A to 119 inc; under the canal, late Rosannah Watkins same lives and dates as 4 to 9. Parish map; 472, 476, 477, 487 & 488. 11a 3r 17p (land only)

Rent 2/-

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-



84 & 85 – Haymeadow. Parish map 491, 492, 493 & 665A. Lease granted September 29th 1832 to William Williams.

Lives of lessee (dead); Rees David son of Rees David Hendreglyn Llanover, then aged 13 and William son of James Cobner shoemaker Goytrey aged 5.

Rees David and Cobner alive.

Rent 2/-

Alienation 2/-

Herriot 2/-

2a 3r 18p



Estate map; 123-128 inc

Parish map 394, 395, 396, 412, 414 – cottage and land (Little Castle)

Lease 29th September 1838 to William Phillips for lives of lessee aged 41

William son of Thomas Newman of Goytre, carpenter aged 6 and John son of Paul Hughes of Lanvair Kilgedin labourer aged 10 months.


Rent 1/3

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-



Estate map; 187, 203,204,205,206. Parish map; 131, 241, 242, 244, 244A, 381

Bryn near Groesoped with Ton field near Foesybwch.

11a 2r 36p

Lease granted May 24th 1859 to William Morgan of Llanfoist for the lives of William, son of Morgan Williams of Pont las Caer aged 7, Abraham, son of John Davies of Trevethin aged 10. Danzy son of James Shean of Llandilo Pertholey then aged 11 years.

Rent 5/-

Alienation 5/-

Herriot 5/-


26th May 1925

Lease of Goytre House shooting rights to D F Pritchard Goytre. Dated 26th May 1911 for 7 years from 1st July 1911 for £180 by quarterly payment of 1st day of October, January, April and July.

The trustees, on written request of tenant six calendar moths before fixing of lease grant the tenant a further term of 7 years at £200.

For a loss of sporting rights the trustees to allow a deduction of 1/6 for any areas taken away.

Estate area of 577a 1r 3p by letter agreement in lieu £1 of shooting rights.


June 1919

Sundries deposited in Mrs F W Byrde of Pentre.

2 books of Chinese furniture

Burks landed gentry (2 vols)


Garden vols and ?

1 tin box of ? (Goytre House)

1 small fromister

4 boxes of family papers


7 Victoria Park

Goods from Saxonhurst drawing room;

1 writing table and ornaments

1 flowered jamarind table


1 black wood chair

1 nest of tables

1 black pot stand and pot

1 oak pot and palm

2 brass (?)

1 chrome clock

7 photos and frames

2 cushions

1 eider down


Dining Room

1 Ivory ebony chair

1 rug

4 boxes of papers

1 clock

1 oval box

1 cushion


Furniture at the house Goytre and belonging to Miss A E Byrde.

Dining Rom

1 harmonium

1 armchair


Drawing Room

1 ebony table

1 carved table

1 tall table

2 worked stools

1 small Ceylon chair

1 whatnot

Cnterbury for music




1 folding chair

1 table (Sheraton)

1 sewing machine


Spare Room

Bow fronted chest of drawers

Small round table


Miss Byrde’s Room

2 worked chairs

Bedstead (oak) and mattress



Small round work table

Small ebony chair


Box Room

2 chapherwood boxes


Family furniture at the house in Goytre


Drawing Room

1 sofa

1 cabiet

2 Bombay wood chairs

2 Bombay work tables

2 Bombay flower stand

2 Bombay chairs

2 Bombay footstools

Olive wood tables


Dining Room

1 table

1 do small


5 Chippendale chairs

1 sofa

1 roll top desk

1 arm chair



1 bookcase

2 walnut chairs

1 small Ceylon chair


Spare Bedroom

2 bedsteads

1 wardrobe

1 work stand

1 dining table

2 chairs (walnut)


Maid’s Room

1 bedstead

1 chair

2 chests of drawers

2 tables – dressing

1 wash stand


Miss Byrde’s Room

1 chest of drawers

1 wash stand

1 dressing table

1 small chair

1 olive wood table



1 small table


Box Room

1 book case

1 wash stand

1 gentleman’s wardrobe

1 chest of drawers

1 chair, walnut



1 table

4 chairs



1 hat and umbrella stand

1 half table

2 old chairs

1 gun stand



1921 – Mrs R A Byrde, widow of the Rev’d R A Byrde Widworthy Rectory House, died at Exeter 9 November 1921.


1922 – Col. Arthur N. Burne died at the Ham Thorne Hotel, Bournemouth on 18th February 1922, was buried in the cemetery at Richmond Hill.

He was one of the trustees of the late Rev. R A Byrde’s estate with his sister Mrs R A Byrde.


June 16th 1920

M/s Atkinson & Sons, solicitors, 19, Priory Place Doncaster, forward letters and administration to the estate of Ethel Grace Aldernon of Brickhill House, Brickhill, Yorkshire, wife of Jonathan George Aldernon.

She died 28th July 1920 intestate at Larkhill. Her estate is given at £233 10 0.

Letters dated 14th June 1920. Letters of administration granted to her husband by District Registrar of Wakefield.


June 1920

On the application of Miss C A Byrde by the Justice have agreed to pay an income of rent on the house at Goytre where Miss AEJ Byrde lives, so now the rent will be £50 a year instead of £40.


July 1920

Miss Louisa Marriott formerly of Old Gun House Hotel died on 22nd July 1920 at 5 Argyle Terrace Plymouth, the residence. Miss Cordelia J Marriott funeral to be 27th July.



Miss A E j Byrde the only daughter of the late Col. H C Byrde of Goytre House died o 15th June 1922 at Penybryn Weston-Super-Mare and buried in Goytre Churchyard 17th June.

She was the eldest trustee of the Goytre House Estate.

Owen RA Byrde and Evan Maberly Byrde are the executors of the will.


Goytre House

The trustees agreed to sell Goytre House and the land round about 23a to RW Byrde of Ceylon and son of the late Col. H Byrde of Kandy Ceylon for £5305 and the money was duly paid, but owing to a nervous breakdown in Ceylo RW Byrde asked to have the sale cancelled and this the trustees consented to.

At this sale of freehold land by the committee of management of the Marquis of Abergavenny’s estate RW Byrde bought several lots in Goytre parish. At the sale of Pantysgarn Farm and the money paid for loans of the farm of the property held by the trustees, RW Byrde sold his right as well.

The freehold portion of Goytre House Farm was then sold by the trustees so all that was remaining is Goytre House and the freehold around it while at the sale did yet find any bidders.

The lawyer M/s Gardener, Hayward and Fry of Abergavenny has been paid up, all costs paid up to June 1922.

Evan M Byrde June 1922


October 1922

Family property in safe keeping of ORA Byrde, Heath School, Halifax, Yorkshire.

  1. Silhouette of Elizabeth Hicks
  2. Miniature of great grandmother
  3. Miniature of great grandfather
  4. Oval portrait of great grandmother 18”
  5. Miniature do 5” square
  6. Pencil sketch of great grandfather (from his portrait)
  7. Small square water colour of an unknown child
  8. Miniature of grandfather
  9. Do of grandfather
  10. Do of grandmother
  11. Pencil sketch (Reynold and aunt Winstone
  12. Pencil portrait R C Mais
  13. Water colour of Goytre Church by C Dix
  14. Pencil sketch of Goytrey

Miniature no. (9 & 10) may have been Miss AEJ Byrde by property.



Picture in safe custody of Rev. HW Byrde at Ilam Vicarage Derbyshire;

4 large pictures

8 about ½” the size of the large ones

Family pictures




Goytre House Estate

Heirs of Col. Henry Byrde of Ceylon, eldest son of the late HC Byrde of Goytre;



Mrs David Serimgson

10 Richmond Terrace

Magdalene Green




Miss K C Byrde

Sion Mansions

26, Sion Hill





Rev’d H C Byrde

Ilm Vicarage

Nr. Ashbourne




RWL Byrde

Bracken House

1 Bracken Road

West Southbourne


Date of death in Ceylon 10th July 1907.

Date of probate in Ceylon 9th August.


Heirs of Charles Byrde – No. 2

2nd son of HC Byrde



Charles H Byrde

34 Hogarth Road

Earls Court

London SW 5



Ethel Grace Alderson

Died 28th February 1920 – intestate, husband (heir)

MJ Anderson

Jukhill House

Nr. Rotherham




WL Byrde

Les Villets





Arthur Byrde

Slepher Syndicate


Ceylon – (may be incorrect, difficult to read)


Heirs of Frederick Louis Byrde;



Ethel Byrde





Fred. Byrde – deceased



Lillian Hutchinson

Lynton House

Abbots Ham Road


  1. Devon



Evan Wm Byrde

Cross Lanes Bungalow





Rev. Louis Byrde – deceased

Date of death 3-6-1905

Date of probate 15th July 1905


Heirs of Richard Augustus Byrde no. 4



Gladys Frazer Smith


Linden Gardens





ORA Byrde

Heath School



Evelyn Byrde

Ridge Cottage





Herbert W Byrde


Katugaslotu (?)

Central Province



Will dated 21st December 1887

1st codicil 3rd Jan 1890

2nd codicil 7th Dec 1894

3rd codicil 5th May 1906

Died 20th October 1906

Probate 13th December 1906


Heirs of Francis William McAlpine Byrde;



Frances Byrde


13 Cecil Rd




Constance Byrde

As above



Prideaux Byrde






Edwin A Byrde

Adra Membhoor District

Behar India


Died 24th February 1919

Probate 15th July 1920


Heirs of Annie Elizabeth Frances Byrde;



Charles Byrde

34 Hogarth Road

Earls Court

London SW5



Gladys Fraser Smith

(under Rev. RA Byrde)



Guy Davies c/o Mrs Davies

The H ?

Colley Road





Miss Margaret Clougher

c/o M/s Grey & Co., solicitors



  1. Edwin A Byrde (under JWB)



Mrs Goddard

1 Inboor Rd

Earls Court





Ethel Byrde


13 Cecil rd

Weston Super Mare



Edwin Hutchinson

Lynton House




Miss Basil C Larke






William L Byrde’s 3 children

Lucia Byrde

Aileen ( Mrs Guy Hutchinson



Robin Justice

The Uplands

Ganges Britannia



Died 15th January 1922 at Weston Super Mare

Probate October 6th 1922


February 26th 1925

Goytre School trust fund granted by Col. H Byrde of Goytre House Mon is sent to the National Provincial Bank in Abergavenny for safe custody by the trustees.

Evan M Byrde

John Weeks of Penpellenny Goytre

Drawing Room

1 sofa 4/-



Umbrella stand 10/-

1 set pegs – fixture

Boot cupboard £1


Dining Room

1 writing table £2

Sheraton bookcase and secretare office £4

Writing desk chair 7/6

Ceylon wood chair (Alice)


Spare bedroom

Double walnut bedstead £2 and small mat

Mahogany table £1

2 ebony brackets £1


Spare bedroom no 2

1 maple chest of drawers £1

? 4/-

1 easy chair, leather 15/-

2 Windsor chair 10/-

2 Chippendale chairs £2


Aunt Louisa’s room

1 Almirah £1

1 chair (Sheraton) £2 10s

2 Chippendale chairs £2


Coach house

1 old table

1 ladder

1 rake


At Pentre

2 Chippendale chairs


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