Indian Grant 1784 & 1805

Aug 25 1784

We the proprietors of an Indian grant made in the month of June 1784 by the several Indian Nations in and about Detroit in favour of Mr Mcfee, Wm Caldwick, Mathew Elliot and Henry Bird esq., Mr Anthony St Martin Mr Chas McCormack, Mr Robin Surphleet, Mr Thos Mcfee and Mr Simon Girty, do herby consent and agree that the tract of land directly opposite the island of Bois Blane be divided into four parts and that the upper or north division be allotted to the above mentioned Henry Bird as his share and that the said fourth part allotted to the said Henry Bird shall run back as far as the small river or creek which empties itself into the lake, seven miles more or less, coating from the lower end of Bois Blane, or, as much more on the other side of the land as the majority of the proprietors make consent to, or allow to as much as a mark of our consent we hereunto set our hands this twenty fifth day of August in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty dour in presence of each other.

A Mcfee; Mathew Elliot; Anthony St Martin


Sept 11th 1805

Made copy for Major Bird

One side bookhouses

Second Doc as first then continues:

Be it known to all whom it may concern that Henry Bird late Capt in the Kings Regiment of Foot do give unto Agnes Hazel of Detroit and unto Judith Hicks, sisters the southernmost of my two houses and the lot of land situate between the two runs or creeks on the east side of the river of Detroit opposite the isle of Bois Blane which they may cultivate of themselves or their assigns. I do give the said house and land aforesaid Agnes Hazel and Judith Hicks until such land and house be reclaimed and demanded by me the said Henry Bird, or my heirs executors or assigns on which claim or demand the aforesaid house and land is to Be delivered and given up as property appertaining to Henry Bird or his heirs – and it is to be delivered, that is the house and lot given for a term as above premised and mentioned) is to be redelivered free from all charges for buildings, labour or costs of any kind that may have been erected or furnished by the aforesaid Agnes Hazel or Judith Hicks or their assigns, but they may remove any such buildings at the delivery of the lot that may have been erected after the date of this deed. And if they or their assigns should have a crop of the land when it is redeemable and claimed they are to have the advantage of such crops further the said house and lot is not to be suddenly abandoned or left without proper persons to take care that the house be not damaged or destroyed.

In witness that this is my free will and deed I thereunto set my hand and seal in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty four and on the 31st day of August in presence of

Barnaby M Eudding – X

Henry Bird

We Agnes Hazel and Judith Hicks do consent to receive the house and lot mentioned and described in the premises on the conditions therein proposed and do mean God willing ti conform to the above spirit and meaning of this deed.


Agnes Hazel; Judith Hicks


Alex McCormick


I Edward Hazel do agree that my wife Agnes Hazel shall receive her part of the house and lot on the conditions proposed in the deed contained in this paper: signed Edward Hicks


Barnaby Mc Edding

W Powlett


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