William Jones 1670

NLW Ref: LL/1670/51

Noverint universi per presents nos   William Jones cler   pochi de Goitre & Hugh Waters of the parish of Pantegge in Comitatu Monmoth yeoman       teneri et firmiter obligari       de pocha et Comit predicta         bone et Legalis monete Anglie solvendis eidem       aut certo attornato executorbus administrators vel assign suis ad quam quidem solutionem bene et fideliter faciendam obligamus nos et utrumque nostrum per se pro toto et in solidum heredes, executors et administrators nostros firmiter per presents per presentes sigillis nostris sigillatas Date 1670

The condition of this obligation is such that whereas Letters of Administration of all the goods cattles & debts of Wm Jones, Minister, late of Goitre deceased were granted &……… Reverend Father in God, W.. Jones his…. if … doe pay all ye debts of the sayd deceased soe farr forth as the sayd goods will there unto extend and ye law him binde and moreover yeald and render as well a true and pfect inventory as alsoe a faithfull and just accompt of and upon the sayd goods and the administration thereof at such time and when as he shall bee there unto lawfully required. And lastly defend and save harmeles the above named Reverend Father in God and all and every his officers whomesoever in all co’ts ands ag’ all psons for touching and concerning the granting of the sayd adm’con that then this pr’sent obligacon to be voyd and of non effect or els the same to be & remaine in full force & vertue. William Jones; Hugh Waters

Sealed and delivered in the presence of Thos Prichard?


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