Walton, Mr G – 1959

The funeral took place at St Iltyd’s Churchyard, Mamhilad of Mr George Walton, 63, of 77 Coldstone Cross, Kingston, Hereford.

Born at Langstone, Mr Walton lived for a short time at Goytre. He was a veteran of the first World War.

Mourners were:
Ron, son; John, Sidney and Herbert, brothers; George, Reg, Granville, Charles and Trevor, nephews; Iris and Joyce, daughters; Gladys, Lucy and Rose, sisters; June, Brenda and Doreen, nieces; Cliff and Don, sons-in-law; Harry and Percy, brothers-in-law; Daph, daughter-in-law; Vi, sister-in-law; Betty, Ernie Morris and grandchildren.


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