Oak Beerhouse – Transfer of License 1876

 1st April 1876 – Transfer of License

Mr Greenway made application for transfer of license of the Oak beerhouse, Goytre, from Thomas Smith to Thomas Arthur.

The applicants not giving notice to the superintendent and overseers, the application was not granted.

10th June

Mr Greenway made application for the transfer of a license of the Oak public house at Goytrey.

Supt. M’Intosh said that a former application had been made, and he then made an objection to the transfer on the grounds that the applicant was not a sober man; and he was still of the same opinion.

Mr Greenway said that the applicant had bought the license from Smith and all he required was to sell until the license be out; and if he did not prove himself worthy of his position, then the license need not be renewed.

Col. Byrde said that the magistrates would incur a grave responsibility if they gave a license to a man against the advice of the superintendent.

Rev T. Evans, (rector of Goytre) had known the man for many years and there had been a growing improvement in his conduct for some time.

The application was again refused.


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